China groaned after struck by the tariffs of the US


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The potential damages of enemy measure the reaction after the battle. Normally, the enemy always conceals the damages, but when the enemy exposes the woe, it means they couldn’t suffer the peril. In the Vietnam War, Vietcong propagated the “great victory” over Australian army at Long Tan’s battle, therefore, behind the line, Vietcong couldn’t conceal the woe, they called “Úc Đại Hại” means “Australia big damages” while the Vietnamese people call “Úc Đại Lợi” means” Australia great benefit”(*). The reason humiliates Vietcong after the propaganda unmasked, so Vietcong blocked the Long Tan day in 2016 then 2017, the Cross repatriated Australia.


After President Nixon visited Beijing in 1972, China exploited the negligent policy of the US Presidents and the national leaders in the Western to carry out the global hegemony. Actually, the global economic terror is the dangerous form of terror, although it doesn’t create the bloodshed but the economic terror gently has destroyed the national economy and transforming the counterparts to be the economic vassals, further, China will control the politics.


There was more than a half-century, China communist has struck the Western by the economic terror, it is the form of terror covers under the Trade Shield, unfortunately, the world has not recognized the most dangerous enemy destroying the native economy, the cause of jobless, actually the China made is poisonous and contamination that cost more the health budget of the counterparts.


Nowadays, President Donald Trump has launched the war against the Den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of a hacker with the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile has struck over the pocket of China. The fair tariffs adjust the balance on trade, therefore, in the passage of time, the most national leaders in the world put the trade ties and free trade agreement above the fair trade and now, the time to fix the problem and also hampering the rapacious ambition of China communist into the global hegemony.


The unbalanced trade has occurred between China and the other countries have remained in the Western countries including the US. China exported a lot the goods but less imported, nevertheless, the product made in China killed the native manufacture. As the record marked from 2001 to 2017, China exported to the US increased 577% while the US exported to China was not equal. If Hillary Clinton or any Democratic president elected, China will gain the export facility and the US market will submerge the China product that will cause of more factories shut down plus the ghost towns will increase as the era of President Barrack Obama.


The war fighting against the global economic terror has started after President Donald Trump getting the office, in 2017, the US imposed the tariffs on China’s products were worth $USD 583.7 billion. In the record marks, from 2000 when China joined the World Trade Organization until nowadays, the massive product made in China overwhelmed the US market is more than 7 times.


The new tariffs of the US radically affected the economy and currency Yuan, that causes China exposes the weak reaction, mostly Beijing just responded after the damages with $USD 50 billion’s retaliatory tariffs. Therefore, China needs the US as the US’s Ministry of Commerce reviewed in 2017, Chinese people spent more than $USD 51 billion for the travel study and medical treatment. China communist is keen to steal the Intellectual Property, it is the vital condition for China’s development as a Vietnamese proverb:” Borrow the pig’s head to cook soup”. Nevertheless, China’s medical still traces behind the US and Western anything, including the medical field, so when a wealthy person gets sick, they seek the” counter-revolutionary doctor” to treat, instead, the communist noble class has never trusted the capacity of” socialism doctor”. The other weak sign of China to be exposed after the tariffs imposed, Beijing lodged the complaint to WTO, but China has never respected the International law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and recently, Beijing ignored the International Court’s decision to disqualify the ownership of the illegally artificial islands built and militarized into the disputed waters. Certainly, the US knew when China communist faces the difficulty, they pretend to negotiate for buying time. It is the key policy of communist often applies to the common case, it is talking while fighting. When China wants to negotiate and willing to deal, the world could recognize China communist is suffering the potential damages.


The mid-term Congressional election will be held on November 6, 2018, that is the new hope for China communist. If” comrade” Democrats control the Senate and Congress, the war fighting against the global economic terror of President Donald Trump will be hampered, so in the election, China could finance the Democratic candidates and Beijing also collaborates with the left media’s terrorists in the US, the psychological warfare carries out the anti-Trump’s propaganda that supports the Democrats. It is the hard evidence of China communist intervenes the mid-term Congressional election has found at Iowa, the Des Moines Register, the media terror firm often published the articles smear President Donald Trump, praises China and paid by China Daily, it is the propaganda machine of China communist’s regime. The US people and government could recognize any media company releases the anti-Trump and chimes China, they are the lairs of media left terrorists have struck the people’s mind in the US. The presidential election in 2016 and mid-term Congressional elections unmasked the fake news, fabricated story and also realize the left media’s terrorists hide into the mainstream media line./.


Notes (*) the details about Long Tan’s battle wrote in the book” The Dark Journey” of author Hoa Minh Truong, published in the US in 2010:

The dark journey: inside the reeducation camps of Viet Cong / Hoa-Minh-Truong.
238 pages : illustrations ; 23 cm


9781609111618 (pbk)

LC Call Number:

HV9800.5 .T78 2010

Dewey Number:

959.704/37 23

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