Three Global Terror Thugs have attacked the world


Posted on August 28, 2018, Hoa Truong posted in Published Articles



From the Cold War, the world has been attacked by three global terror thugs, the thugs have struck the people into multiple forms:


1- The material terror:


– Vietcong was an early terror in the Cold War, the thug acted cruelly than Islamic State, but the left media and the innocent people in Western blindly supported despite they didn’t know Vietcong’s character. Nevertheless, the anti-war movement to be cornered by the communist undercover activists and the left political party, so Vietcong gained the facilities in the war. Ultimately, South Vietnam lost on April 30, 1975, the genocide regime unmasked, therefore, the prominent Vietcong’s supporters are such as Jane Fonda (Hanoi Jane), John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton and the left media have never shown the remorse.


– Nowadays, the extremist hide in Muslim, they terrorize the Western, including the Muslim countries as Afghanistan, Indonesia, Pakistan…The war fighting against the terror is notorious in the world. Actually, the terror incidents often left the bloodshed and the world condemn.


2- The Global economic terror: China is the perpetrator, the global hegemony urges China communist performs the colonization’s tactic in on the planet. After the first visit of the US President Richard Nixon in 1972, China communist had an opportunity of joining the free market, Beijing exploits the trade ties, the free trade agreement, and the naïve national leaders plus the corrupted leaders to develop the rapacious ambition, moreover, China has deceived the Western by the economic pattern:” free market is led by socialism”, it is the lizard changes color skin’s tactic but it cheated the Western more than a half-century. The counterparts gently fell into China’s trap and the countries to be colonized or become the economic vassal, but they couldn’t recognize the malicious conspiracy of China. The global economic terror is dangerous than the material terror of extremist because the global economic terror could destroy the national economy, it attacks the people life, job, and the other national interest.


3- The media terror: the terror form has appeared everywhere on the planet including the democratic country:


– In the communist regime: the propaganda machine is the base of terror, the communist regime poisons the people mind and transforming the people become the robot, so the propaganda is the vital weapon of communist to remain the inhumane regime. When the thinking is controlled by the communist, the victims enslaved.


– In the Western countries: the left media’s terror has struck its society by the fake news, fabricated story. The media terror exploits the communication’s implements as newspaper, online news, radio, television, they have attacked the people’s mind.


The fakes news concealed the truth to be carried out by the thug being hidden into the communication. The consequence is public to be misled and the right turns wrong, the good becomes bad. When the media terror thug succeeded to control the people’s mind, the media terror thug could conduct the victims following their conduct, actually, in the election, the media thug driving the innocent people to vote as they want to support a candidate or a political party.


The media terror thug succeeded the psychological warfare in the Vietnam War, they struck the Western people mind and driving them to support Vietcong’s terrorist as French saying” Les moutons de Panurge”. In the Cold War, the media left terror thug dominated the communication, they recruited the media terrorists covered under the title of journalists, reporters, columnists, T.V hosts. The media terror bases are CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post…and offshore US had ABC, Channel Seven in Australia. The media terrorists plus the media terror bases have continued to attack the people mind. The effect complicates the society, the rallies added riot and the anti-social behavior come from the media terror.


After the US presidential election 2016, the media terror thug to be unmasked by President Donald Trump. The golden time of media terror thug is over when the people have no trust, actually, the fake news, a fabricated story to be recognized.


President Donald Trump pushed Islamic State lost the territory in the Middle East. The fighting against global economic terror launches the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump ruins and eradicates the media terror thug in the US and the world, so they lost the people trust, actually the advertising.


Nowadays, the battles have fought against three terror thugs continue, the thugs react as all kind of insect being struck by the pesticide’s stuff. The Extremist lost the ground and shrinking into the mountain. The global economic terror has been suffered the Continental Ballistic Tariffs Missile and in the media terror, thug has been cracked down the fake news and fabricated story. ./.






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