There is only the thugs want to impeach President Donald Trump


Posted on August 24, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



In the battlefield, the enemies always aim to shoot the main target is a commander. In the US, the domestic thugs want to remove President Donald Trump by any cunning tactics. The thugs have appeared from the forms:


- Democrats: Hillary Clinton, the high profiles in Congress and the other former henchman of President Barrack Obama.


- The left media: the prominent media of fake news and the fabricated story is such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC… and offshore media as ABC, Channel Seven in Australia. The reporters without a brain, the columnist without heart and the left media companies without the conscience are the thugs of the mainstream, they transform the communication to propaganda as the communist regime.


- The Democratic academics are some Psychiatrists in Yale and Harvard University, a Law professor at Harvard. They extorted the career that smears the high education and the university.


- The Vanguards are James Comey, Robert Mueller and former CIA boss John Brennan, former Nation Intelligence Agency James Clapper…


President Donald Trump sacrifices his wealthy life for the country, he volunteers to serve the US without salary, his patriotic heart rewarded the great achievements from:


1- Domestic fields:


- The economy: jobless hit the lowest record, the people are happy with individual income tax cut, company tax cut, the jobs created, the ghost towns revived after 8 years ruled by President Barrack Obama who destroyed the US from A to Z. The Dow Jones increased from 17,000 under Obama and now it reached nearly 27,000


- The border protect has affected, the illegal migrant with the criminal, terrorist, drug trafficker, people smuggling reduced while Democrats want to unleash the border. The Obama scare needs to clean up, President Donald Trump does it.


- The national security with travel ban’s order that reduces the terrorists enter under the immigration policy of Obama left over, but some judges acted as the legal thugs to issue the court order against the Presidential order.


2- The international solution: now North Korea volunteered to suspend the missile launch and the bomb test, it is the great effort has got from the end of Korea war in 1953. NATO must pay their defense cost, the hoax of climate change scrapped the Paris Agreement, Iran nuclear deal eliminated, the Islamic State lost the territory and shrinking in the mountain. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump launches the war against the global economic terror comes from China, it wakes the world about the dangerous enemy on the planet. China communist has aimed to colonize the world by the economy and the other battlefields.


The enemy always hates the patriot and the great achievements of President Donald Trump become the hatred of the domestic thugs. The malicious conspiracy uses the fake dossiers created by a former British intelligence agent Christopher Steele that paid by Hillary Clinton to be unmasked.


The ugly Special Council of Robert Mueller has never found a clue of Russia meddled the US presidential election in 2016, certainly, the fake facts conflict against the investigation and Robert Mueller’s career is the former FBI director. The Special Council abuses President Donald Trump, terrorizes the US government and attacks the national interest. The bullshit investigation cost the taxpayers more than $USD 17 million. Nevertheless, Mr. Robert Mueller becomes the henchman of Democrats, he bullies the White House by the taxpayers. The investigation has strayed into the wrong direction, the Special Council investigates lawyers for Donald Trump about the personal issues as tax evasion, the pornstar Stormy Daniels…those are not Russia meddled the election.


President Donald Trump makes America great again that the thugs hate, so they have tried to snipe the commander in chief and also applying the guerilla’s tactic to snoop and attack. However, the impeachment is impossible while the major Congress is Republic, but the thugs try to do in the hopelessness. The left media launches the propaganda, the fake news and fabricated story about President Donald Trump and family members. Therefore, the high technology of communication has not allowed the left media to mislead the public as the Vietnam War, the media thug faces the peril of the people trust.


The US people recognize the domestic thugs disguise into multiple forms as the left media, Democrats and whoever conspires to impeach President Donald Trump. The mid- term congressional election will answer the thugs and the presidential election in 2020 will tell the thugs failed again, all the conspiracies are vain. The US people love Donald Trump but the thugs hate ./.






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