There is only an animal praise Barack Obama


Posted on October 6, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Nowadays, every time, the people catch up the photos or speech of former President Barrack Obama, the victims of jobless could deserve for him a single word” BULLSHIT” while hearing the worst US president talking garbage as a kid licks ice cream. Actually, almost the themes of Obama depicts are not fit the US’s interest, he is the grumpy fetch talking on the left media terror’s lairs, the cesspool of human shit.


In the God, we trust- The thug, we fight- in Donald Trump, we believe- but in Obama, we vomit-The Democrats, we oppose… The people automatically confirm former President Barrack Obama is the brave man, despite he knew the major population hates him, but Obama doesn’t care, his face is thick as crocodile’s skin. Therefore, he is the think tank of the taxpayer worm, he presents a form of a big mouth but a small mind. Former Presiden Barrack Obama destroyed the US from:


- The society shattered by the racial war digging up between the Black an White. The Black Lives Matter’s movement appears under the era of Barrack Obama.


- The Gender War struggles between the major natural couple and minor homosexual couple. Nevertheless, Mr. Barrack Obama was the first US President made the great achievement of the toilet for transgender.


- The US government rotten by corruption, illegal migrant and Obama was the first” commander in chief” consented the homosexuality in the US army.


- The mountain debt was nearly $USD 20 trillion is the outstanding’s economic record of the worst president in the US history. He is the president of the food stamp, jobless, ghost towns and many factories shut down.


- President Barrack Obama raised the mouthful fighting against the terrorist, indeed, he created an opportunity for Islamic State founded after withdrew the US troop from Iraq, that also responded the willing of Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Obama used $USD 400 million taxpayers to provide the terrorist under the form of ransom to exchange the hostages. After Obama left the office, the Islamic State ruined and lost the territory.


The worst record of President Barrack Obama is a sage, certainly, Wikileaks is the place could provide full information on Obama’s life. Everyone recognized the terrible destruction of Obama who made the US worst off ever. However, Barrack Obama is shameless, he attributes the economy, jobless recovery come from his legacy then there are some stupid persons, their brain is like an animal, they claim the great achievements of President Donald Trump that comes from the legacy of Obama. The concerned people don’t know where are they come from? They are human being or animal?


Former President Barrack Obama is the professional tax worm, during serving in White House, he and family misused more than $USD 100 million for vacation and every time he played Golf that cost $USD 2.7 million. If Hillary Clinton becomes the first female president, she will repay the privileges for former President Barrack Obama. Actually, Hillary Clinton will waive the investigations on 34,000 emails, Clinton Foundation, multiple billion dollars of Haiti earthquake relief find missing under the era of President Bill Clinton, 4 death in Benghazi, 20% US’s Uranium sold to Russia…So Democrats and the felons always hamper any change of Supreme Court’s nomination or they conspire the impeach President Donald Trump by the cunning conspiracy including the Special Counsel of Robert Mueller. Certainly, Democrats hope the last change of mid-term Congressional election, if the Donkey Party controls Congress and Senate, the investigation and the war fighting against the global economic terror of China will be prevented.


Before leaving the office on January 20, 2017, President Barrack Obama arranged with State Department for the series of official visits overseas in next 20 years, the vacation will cost the taxpayers more than $USD 2.1 billion for 24 family members, staff and the dog keeper to 2036, not including the spending for his office that is like the illegal government or the Black House confronting White House. President Donald Trump cancels the vacation’s schedule of Obama. On the other hand, Barrack Obama did nothing, even destroyed the US, but he and family got anything from the taxpayer. The Congress needs to overhaul and review the claim of Obama of finance, it is fair and possible, the lawmakers should cut the pension of Obama because his asset estimates $USD 40 million after retiring, the FBI may investigate the monetary sources of Obama.


The stupid supporters of Barrack Obama ignore their great icon Obama is the great tax worm in the US. Whoever believes the great achievements of President Donald Trump that inherited from Obama’s legacy, they are not a human being./.






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