The US people vote for Job but not for Cheat


Posted on September 16, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The successful leader based on economic growth, the low unemployment rate, national security, and the international solutions. It is clear to trust President Donald Trump who did the great achievements just nearly a half term. The US people knew who serves without the salary for the country and who made the US worst off ever, nevertheless, they are the worm of the taxpayers, the hub of scandals, the center of corruption, who sold the country for individual interest.


The mid-term Congressional election will be held on Tuesday, November 6, 2018, that is the crucial hope of Democrats, the enemies, and the thugs. The people recognize Democrats launch the campaign on the total battle, they exhaust the icons as the political fetch Barrack Obama boasted and lied his achievements and attacks President Donald Trump, The New York Times abused White House by the fabricated story about the opponents in Administration. Special Counsel of the long face man Robert Mueller has never found a clue of Russia meddle the US election in 2016 because the investigation based on the fabricated dossiers, so Mr. Robert Mueller attempts to find the Trump’s campaigners as coffee boy George Papadopoulos and recently, former Trump campaigner Paul Manafort, he was manager campaign from June 2016 to August 2016 (about 2 months). His conviction is tax fraud, bank account’s fraud, those personal problem has not linked to Russia meddled the US election, therefore, Mr, Robert Mueller attributes in the investigation, the taxpayer wasted for the political gamble of Democrats.


The situation of the mid-term Congressional election in 2018 is quite different from the presidential election in 2016. President Donald Trump did the major promises in the election as border protection, national security, economic growth…actually, the historic tax cut on worker and company excite the economic development. Nevertheless, President Donald Trump solved North Korea’s tension that couldn’t solve from the Korea war ended in 1953, the Islamic State wiped out from the territory and the other international issues are on the table as Iran, Syria, actually, the war fight against the global economic terror comes from China is the Den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the central hacker.


However, Democrats destroyed the country, they made America worst off ever. Actually, President Barrack Obama shattered the US from A to Z in 8 years that overturned the bullshit motto” yes we can”, he is a man of the cheat but talking as a kid. The mid-term Congressional election in 2018, the people vote for job, security and the other national issues. Nevertheless, the jobless returned the working place has not voted for Democrats, because the Donkey party pushed them to the food stamp, even homeless. The people rebuilt the ghost towns of Barrack Obama abandoned, they will vote for Democrats. Whatever, Democrats couldn’t be trusted, the terrible record couldn’t convince the people to vote for Donkey Party.


President Donald Trump makes America great again, therefore, Democrats made America worst off ever. The demagogic tactic couldn’t compare the job, better living’s condition. The US people know how to vote for Republic candidates, they will help President Donald Trump thrives on the economy and security. The cheat of Democrats and the psychological warfare of the left media are useless, the people vote for the job, not for a cheat. The actual hand of Democrats is the left media rushes to launch the propaganda campaign, the obsolete tactic is the False polls as the presidential election in 2016, the left media always deserve Democrats lead the opinion poll, but the outcome will answer the thug of people, the foe of the mainstream./.








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