The U.S. legal thug attacks the border protection


Posted on November 21, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



During President Donald Trump protects the country from the domestic security by the border protection’s order and the national security’s policy carried out by the travel ban’s executive order applying into the countries have terrorist activating. Democratic politicians, the fan, actually, the Democratic judges are the legal thug act as the domestic enemy, they attack the border protection’s order of Commander in Chief Donald Trump. In the law and Constitution, whoever acts against the national interest, national security, they are treason.


Previously, the travel ban’s order blocked by some Democratic judges, therefore, they couldn’t use the personal order labels the judge to scrap the order of the US President. The illegal migrant comes from the South America countries invade the US. The human wave’s tactic repeats in the US after the asylum seeker shattered Europe in  2017 to 2018. The unknown people could cause the national security and threatening the society, harming the economy, actually, the felon, drug syndicates, and the gangs enter the country.


President Donald Trump who takes the full responsibility the national security and the social safety. The Constitution mandates President rules the country, certainly, President Donald Trump has the rights to protect the nation is endangered. The Democratic politicians silently support the asylum seeker, but they are coward, mostly the Democratic Congress has not introduced a bill to unleash the border while the illegal migrant caravan is forwarding the US border since the midterm election 2018. The must know the dangerous alien, felons, gangs, drug syndicated and terrorists could attack anytime in the US’ soil. Nevertheless, the lesson of Democratic Senator Chuck Schumer who succeeded the bill” Diversity Lottery Program” helped the terrorist Sayfullo Habibullaevic Saipov, 29 years old, October 13, 2017, he rammed the truck into the pedestrian at Manhattan, New York City, 8 innocent people killed and a dozen injured.


The human wave’s tactic has been carried out by the migrant caravan is the well-organized invasion, behind the illegal migrant is Democrats and the left media launching the propaganda, they exploit the label of Human Rights turn Human Wrong to help the illegal migrant invade as Europe faced the disaster. The Children shield’s tactic was vain, the woman shield’s tactic didn’t work. Eventually, Democrats flag some legal thugs, they are the judges to thwart the border protection’s order of President Donald Trump. Once again, Democrats proved the cowardice character, the apply the guerrilla’s tactic, the legal thugs are the henchmen to terrorize the national security.


The so-called US district Judge Jone Tigar in San Francisco issued the temporary restraining order after hearing the arguments by the group is Civil Rights. Who is the Civil Rights group? A day, the judge Jone Tigar will block the presidential order as the complaint of drug syndicate or a group of a felon, a group of Al Qaeda…what does the district judge Jon Tigar do? Certainly, he must know the role of judge serves for the justice, the people, not a group. It is the negative reason of district judge Jon Tigar raises to block the order of President Donald Trump that couldn’t convince the public, so the court order unmasked itself the uncertain reason. The Democratic Judge Jon Tigar needs to return a law school to learn more, despite, he is a judge but he doesn’t understand the law as a medical doctor doesn’t know the pathology and virus. Certainly, a Civil Rights group could not represent the country, actually 50 states. Nevertheless, San Francisco is the stronghold of Democrats, the judge Jon Tigar ignores the Constitution or he doesn’t know the law? Actually, the national security risks that cause the US president responds. The national security law putting above the court order, the national security law is the backbone of the Constitution.


There is not only a few district Judge as Jon Tigar who has issued the court order against the presidential order. According to the information released on May 2012, in the US has total 3,294 individuals had been appointed to federal judgeships, including 2,758 district judges and 714 courts of appeals judges, 95 judges at Circuit Courts. Nowadays, there are 9 justices on the Supreme Court.

The District Judge Jon Tigar doesn’t represent all the judges in the US, moreover, he doesn’t serve in the higher level in Circuit Courts and the Supreme Justices. Judge Jon Tigar seems not to understand the authority of a district Juge, so he is courage and dares to issue to a court order to block the US presidential order. Why does the US legal system expel this judge out from the court?. The dishonest judge is like a robber or a legal terrorist with the wooden hammer. The rotten judges drive the justice in politics and individual favor, so the Justice Department and the concerned lawmakers need to reform the legal system.


The Constitution consents only the US President rules the country, but the judges are the legal servants, the US people have never elected any judge, instead, the selection comes from the high officials in government, actually, President could nominate the Justice of Supreme Court. The frog’s judge Jon Tigar promotes himself as the most powerful person in the US, so he can issue the court order to lock the Presidential order. The judge Jon Tigar acts as the thug to attack the national security, he tries to open the border for the illegal migrant invade and shattering the country like Europe.  Who does the district Judge Jon Tigar represent? What does he do for the country?. The judge’s authority limited in the courtroom only, the court order could apply the warrant, bail, court appearance, the sentence’s statement for a conviction. His authority issues a court order to arrest Hillary Clinton when the crimes founded as 20% national Uranium sold to Russia or order former President Barrack Obama must repay $USD 100 million of taxpayers used for his family enjoyed the luxury vacation, therefore, the judge Jon Tigar has shunned, ever covered up his comrades.


However, the court order couldn’t apply the nationwide, it is the function of the Supreme Court, actually, any final decision of the Supreme Court has to reach the majority justices approved. While the justice of Supreme Court has not issued a court order to block the presidential order, although in this highest court level has some Democratic Justices, therefore, the solo court order of a district judge Jon Tigar means nothing, but the left media bubble the frog judge to a dinosaur. The justice department, a lawmaker and the Supreme Court may have the law to stop the bullshit judges who jumped over the authority of a legal servant. The arrogant judges breach the law and ignore the Constitution.


President Donald Trump authorizes to issue a national security, border protection’s order. The Constitution consents and mandates, the human wave’s tactic threatens the US border, even the people of town Tijuana in Mexico city protested against the illegal migrant on Sunday, November 18, 2018, when 2,000 aliens invade. The protestors claim the most asylum seekers from Honduras are criminals and freeloaders. Unfortunately, some bullshit judges have tried to hamper the border protection’s order of President Donald Trump ./.







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