The US export has risen while China continues to decline


Posted on October 9, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The war fight against the global economic terror has launched after President Donald Trump wakes up the world about the dangerous enemy comes from the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit. The global economic terrorism has struck the world more than a half-century but most nations didn’t realize the thug, instead, they invited the enemy to enter under the trade ties, free trade agreement. The silent enemy entered the country without mention, actually, the innocent national leaders plus the limited term of president and prime minister created an opportunity for China communist carries out the global hegemonic strategy, it is the China dream. Indeed, China has not enough the capacity to develop, China’s growth based on foreign consumption and stolen technology, therefore, China often bullies, menaces the counterparts by the brazen attitude as the Empire treated the vassal in the days of yore, indeed China’s economic strength comes from the foreign. The better way to stop China’s threat by boycotting China’s product that is the vulnerability of the global thug. China created from nothing to make something, so the money, technology, and the consumption decide the fate of China.


The tariffs imposed on China’s product in the US market radically has affected the China’s growth, actually, the labor market in China becomes the vital fact helped Beijing employed more than 120 million people in the export sector. China’s history repeated the most dynasties collapsed that caused by the high unemployment rate, the corruption and the people disbelieved the incumbent government. Nowadays, the Red dynasty in China meets the collapsed conditions, so the economy and job have threatened the regime’s existence.


In the passage of time, the US ruled by Democratic Presidents like Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, China gained the massive profit when the US consumption is the wonderful export’s place and China product overwhelmed the supermarket, instead, the US people lost the job and gently has become the economic vassal of China. If Hillary Clinton elected in 2016, China will dominate the US economy. Nevertheless, the high tide of foreign company boomed in the mainland, there were more than 250,000,000 Chinese peasants left the countryside to the cities looking for the job and now, the massive numerous peasant returning to the farmland after the foreign factories closed or repatriated to its countries to avoid the lost profit. Certainly, China communist government has to solve hundred million jobless, it is the big problem, although China temporarily employs the people into infrastructure, indeed, the government does need the US dollars for the debt and interest’s repayment, actually, the offshore oil companies favor the US dollars than Yuan.


There is just a year after President Donald Trump wakes up the world and unmasked the global economic terrorism of China. The tariffs cause China has engaged in the peril, actually, the US market and Western cause China declined in the export sector, it conducts the jobless in the mainland. There is just in August 2018, China export reduced 10%, comparing figure of export’s last month, the export in August downed more 12%. China export decreased in the US and also Japan, the European Union staying away from China’s product. Moreover, the giant telecommunication companies are Huawei and ZTE ousted from the US, Australia, India and somewhere else. Recently, President Donald Trump has revived NAFTA with Canada and Mexico, it means China will lose the trade. Certainly, the US tariffs imposed the product of China and the allies follow the US, so China has to face the disaster.


The nations made the mistake during China boomed, actually, under the Democratic presidents like Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama. The trade ties and free trade agreement put behind the fair trade. It created an opportunity for China carried out the global hegemony, so the counterparts deeply involved the economy and currency with China. The critical mistake urgently needs to fix, actually, the countries are finding the way to get out China as soon as possible if they don’t want the country follows the disaster when China downturned the economy and the currency Yuan lost the valuation.


The phenomenon has occurred in the mainland when China lost many contracts and orders that conducts the massive jobless is inevitable. The fate of the Red Empire is uncertain, the war fighting the global economic terror carries out with the war against the extremist and the media’s terrorist in the Western countries, actually, the media’s terrorists launch the fake news and fabricated story to terrorize the people’s mind. The world will win over the global terrorism./.







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