The tourist could eat human meat in China


Posted on October 15, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The human eater has become the manner in the mainland, its impact has occurred from multiple thousand years of history. In the days of yore, the wars happened between the states, while an army unit was sieged by the enemy, the defensive soldier in citadel ran out the food,  they must eat the dead bodies for survival and the human bone fired for warming in the winter. Nevertheless, the Confucius couraged the good person to pay the loyalty to the king, so a servant cut his hand meat to feed the deposed prince while they faced the feminine, the filial repayment for a parent described a story of a filial woman who fed her mother in law by her arm’s meat while they were seeking her husband.


In 1949, the communist occupied the government in China, Mao Ste Tung applied the socialism, obviously, the Landlord Reform campaign raised the bloodshed throughout the mainland, there were million people executed, somewhere, the illiterate or low educated peasant proved the loyalty with Chairman Mao by eating the meat of landlord or intellectual people.


The one-child policy applied the gender discrimination, it causes of multiple million baby girls killed and the human eaters have used the unborn baby for the highly sexed medicine, they cook the unborn baby’s carcass with the herbs. On May 7, 2012, South Korean officials seized 17,000 tablets contained 99.7% human meat that comes from the baby meat made under the powder.  Moreover, Chinese medicine favors the wild animal like a tiger, rhino, bear and the other wild animal. So, the medicine export from China has no safety, even a medical company in the Western but linking to China communist party being doubted.


The world fears Chinese product, actually, the food, fruit, vegetable, including the seafood, mostly the China products meet the poison, contamination and the unhygienic process. The food exported from China contributed to the cause of strange illness and cancer in the world. Nevertheless, the tourist and the Western people have the business in China must alert the meat.


As the report of French journalist Jeane David Dreyfus of the Nord Press, a Chinese restaurant used the human meat of the illegal migrants from Sudan, Eritrea, Afghanistan. On July 23, 2017, the local police discovered the human meat store. This restaurant has operated the business since 2016. Sometimes, in the mainland, police discovered the butchers sold the human meat with the pork, beef…In the monarchical era, the Black Hotel ran by the gang, they killed the tourists and using the meat for food.


The dead body of this restaurant used to make the” delicious dishes” are spring roll, meat stew, stir-fried…as the beef, chicken or pork. The world couldn’t know how many China Restaurant used human meat to serve the client, so the foreign tourist and foreign business must alert when they come and stay in China, the communist paradise and also the place for human eating. There were many times, Australian government alerted the virus and contamination, it comes from the berries exported from China.


The Western people hate whoever eats dog, cat meat, so human meat eating is the extreme cruelty, therefore, it has happened in the mainland. Nevertheless, the socialism worsens the society, the rapacious ambition of China communist regime excites China involved in the arms, the space race. The industrial rush causes the worst pollution, nevertheless, China spread the cancerous villages, now the mainland has more than 450 villages being struck by cancer. The human-eating adds more doubt the communist regime, actually, the tourist and investor in China caution when they enjoy the Chinese dishes in the restaurants./.








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