The tiny Muslim nations silently grew up in the Western


Posted on January 7, 2019 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The silent invasion of Muslim has thriven into the Western countries that become the real threat of the adopted countries and the social valuation. The negligent immigration policy and the ill-religious freedom’s concern of the innocent Western people plus the hypocritical components bringing the bight to kill the countries and destroy the society. The Muslim changes Western society, deeply affects the government, courtesy. The people have never heard the terms are the insult Catholic Christian..or religious blasphemy. But Muslim labels to the non-Muslim people, some adherent condemn whoever eats the bacon at their front, it is the insult Muslim, some Western countries applied the blasphemy law.


Nowadays, there are many unofficial tiny Muslim nations presented and have grown into the soil of Western. The crowded Muslim population in a region influences, the original electorates are no longer reflect the voice of people. The Muslim resident affects the politics, actually, the ballot lover’s politicians follow the demand of Muslim to carry out the policies if they want to elect or retain the seats. Nevertheless, the left parties in the Western are the wonderful places for Muslim politicians recruited and influenced the Muslim cultures as the Sharia law, the Allah certified food. The Government shield’s tactic has become the essential method to expand the tiny nations into the Western countries. The Muslim representatives in parliament drive the nation into the wrong direction, mostly the Muslim representatives serve for its religion than the electorates and the adopted country’s interest. The government shield’s tactic has applied into multiple government’s levels, the Muslim politicians have joined the federal, states and local governments. They have exploited democracy and the authority to develop the tiny Muslim nations. Actually, the Muslim politicians are keen to deserve the priority and privileges for the Allah adherent, so the Mosques flourished despite the local resident strongly oppose and protest. Moreover, the Muslim’s worship army has become the problem when they gathered on the streets, the traffic congested. The hard-line culture of Muslim being controversial on Burqa, Allah certified food, the Sharia law, all are allergy with the society into the adopted countries. While the other religions respect the Muslim’s culture, but they want to impose their way to everyone, there is no pork, but Allah.


The tiny Muslim nation represented in Victoria state, Labor Party’s Premier one belt-on road Daniel Andrews who puts the national interest and national security for the ballot of ethnic, so the Sudanese in Melbourne snub the anti-terrorist law of federal government while Premier Daniel Andrews flagged on October 2015, he officially announced to accept the violent extremism is part of contemporary Australia. Melbourne considers the commercial center of Australia, therefore the heart of business unofficially became the Muslim’s tiny nation running by the Sudanese under the silent endorsement of Labor’s state government, actually, the gangs currently threaten the Victorian’s resident and the business including the tourist.


In the US, Democrats favor the faction and the party’s interest, they recruited the Muslim representatives in the House, after the midterm election, two female Muslim politicians join new force in the Congress. The first day of new faces in Congress, Palestinian representative of Michigan is Rashida Harbi Tlaib exposed the aggressive attitude by the coarse language to the US President Donald Trump, she terrorizes the US president by the lawmaker’s weapon. The Muslim politicians in Democrats influenced the new budget, the wall deleted but the foreign aid increase, mostly, the Muslim countries as Palestine, Syria, Pakistan will get the aid from the US taxpayers while the wall’s fund hampered the border’s protection abandons.


In Minnesota, Ms. Ihan Omar became the Representative of Democrats, she exited the Amazon’s Muslim workers strike to demand the time for its religious worship at least 5 times a day. The Muslim cornered the working place in the Western country, there is the job, not Allah. Democrats strongly endorse the Muslim in the US, actually, Minnesota state crowded the Somali, they established the” tiny nation’s cabinet” names Confederation of Somali Community. Nevertheless, the local government in this state promoted the Muslim police, the Somali police officer Mohamed Noor shot dead the Australian woman Justin Damond, despite the murder incident is clear, the motive comes from racist of Black against the White, but the Muslim community pressures the state government, so the justice has delayed while the public and the victim’s family are waiting for the verdict.


The heart of Great Britain is London became the tiny nation of an unofficial president is the first Muslim Mayer Sadiq Khan, he behaves as the national leader in the United Kingdom. The situation worsens in Europe, the crowded Muslim resident became the tiny nations boomed in the land of the wealthy continent. The Muslim politicians of the left parties, the Muslim representatives are going to Allah certified the parliament, so the phenomenon of the Muslim politicians sworn in with Koran’s bible, the traditional Constitution of Western lost when the democracy turned the trash. Nevertheless, the Allah certified the Justice, the courts accepted Sharia law that alarms the legal system being driven to the Muslim law.


Belgium clearly appeared a Muslim’s tiny nation, Belgium’s Islam Party activates transforming Belgium to the Muslim State in 2030, they call” Islamist democracy”. The negligent immigration’s policy, actually, when the left party rules Belgium, the Muslim migrant throve and now, the consequence to be paid. The French magazine Causeur believes the next twenty years, the European capital Brussels will be the Muslim land. The growth of the Muslim party in Belgium alerts the Western countries while the Muslim exploits the so-called Islamicphobia to protect their invasion. In Australia, the Australian Muslim Party founded, they aim to contest the federal and states in the elections. Certainly, the Australian Muslim Party should have some seats in the Muslim’s crowded resident, they have the power in parliament, actually, the Australian Muslim Party has the allies are Labor Party and Greens Party, the reference ballot could have Muslim gains the seats and Labor, Greens have more votes.


The socialism Pope Francis is generous, he is keen to integrate with Muslim, but they want to remove the Cross and Father Christmas. In the United Kingdom, the well-known preacher Anjem Choudary called the Buckingham Palace renames Buckingham Masjid, the Arabic World for the mosque and the Mall approaches the Palace would become Masjid Road.


The left media often stand alongside with the Muslim, almost the left media certified Hallah, so the newspapers, online, radio, and Television deserve the Muslim leaders appear, they speak as the national leaders. Actually, the Muslim leaders promote the Sharia Law and trying to demote after the terror occurred.


The local people stand up to protect the country and society while the silent enemy gently has invaded under the religious shield and the religious freedom’s weapon. However, the left parties including the Muslim communities label the concerned citizen is racist or far-right…the patriots protect the country they are not the racist or far-right. The people must remove the title of the enemy and the hypocritical components colluded with the enemy to demote the patriotic spirit. The Western people and government wake up before too late.


The Muslim tiny nations develop, the hard-line culture of Allah adherent causes the non-Muslim resident moving out the region, so the Muslim tiny nations expand. Nevertheless, the Muslim politicians in federal, states and local governments always deserve the priority for them, a day, the Western countries will be the Muslim, it is possible while the threat appeared clearly./.







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