The thugs anger President Donald Trump because the lost the treason

Posted on August 25, 2018,  Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



When someone lost something, actually the interest, they anger and react. The job makes good money is bribery, actually, the treason. The rapacious person’s ambition is the negative face of a nation, so the enemy could exploit to corner the country, so the hostile foreign is keen to spend broadly money to buy a traitor, if they sell the national interest, the traitor could earn a lot of money. The treasonous component doesn’t care the country, they just want to make the money.


President Donald Trump hampers whoever serves for the enemy or selling the national interest. The domestic thugs to be crushed down after President Donald Trump accomplished the great achievements of border protection, national security, and the other international solutions.


The cunning conspiracy to impeach President Donald Trump is impossible and the attempts are vain when the people knew so-called Russia meddled the US election in 2016 based on the created dossiers by a former British Intelligence agency Christopher Steel that couldn’t seal the truth, Hillary Clinton paid for the fake dossiers.


Democrats and the thugs of people born the legal monstrosity is the Special Council to take the clueless investigation, but its real function abuses the US government and prevents President Donald Trump protects the country.


The bullshit investigation conflicts against the career of the former director FBI Robert Mueller and insults the legal system, actually, Mr. Robert Mueller becomes the vanguard of Democrats, they snub and mislead the public. The garbage investigation straying into the unrelated investigation of the persons who are former campaigners of the US election, but it is the individual issues as tax evasion, therefore, the investigation has derailed by the malicious conspiracy, it wasted the taxpayers more than $17 million. Nevertheless, the bullshit investigation went to the wrong direction, the false accusation of pornstar Stormy Daniels has no linking to Russia intervened in the US election.


The Special Council of Robert Mueller terrorizes the national interest, snipe commander in chief and attacks the US government. Behind Robert Mueller are the Democrats and its fan plus the left media, all launch the crazy battle to impeach President Donald Trump during the major representatives in the Congress are Republic. Nevertheless, the major population support President Donald Trump who makes America great again while the Democrats deal with the foreigners to sell the national interest as Hillary Clinton sold 20% Uranium to Russia for the Clinton Foundation collected money. The Iran deal that helped Iran develops the nuclear weapon and the other harmfully national interest did by Democrats as President Barrack Obama flagged China colonizes the US by the China export to the US market.


All kind of insect fears the pesticide’s stuff as the domestic thugs lost the treason and they crazily react, but the situation has not changed while the major population support President Donald Trump after his major promises to be done before the mid-term Congressional election in 2018. How could Democrats impeach President Donald Trump?. Certainly, Robert Mueller could be fired anytime and the audit will investigate the taxpayers misused./.







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