The three forms of Global Terrorism have struck The World


Posted on September 28, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



In the Cold War, the world was attacked by the Global Communist Bloc led by Soviet-Union and China. Therefore, in the early 1990’s the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc including the cradle of communist is Soviet-Union collapsed, but the communist threat is not over yet. In Asia, the inhumane regimes still remain in China, Vietnam, Laos, North Korea, and Cuba in South America. Almost, the vestiges of the communist line up behind China, the communist have never given up the character, therefore when communist being engaged into the low tide of revolution, they apply the lizard changes the skin’s color for survival and buying time and waiting for the high tide of revolution, the communist will stand up and destroy the enemy without pity. The anti-communist experts warn” Do not trust communist talk, let’s review they did”. The communist is the most deception among the social dregs and the most dangerous thug on the planet. The Cold War transforms into the Cool War and China has tried to restore the socialism after bluffing the innocent leaders in Western about the economic cheat reform:” free market is led by socialism”. Nowadays, the world has been struck by the three forms of terrorism, every form of terrorism has to use the SHIELD to protect and carry out the action.


1-The material terrorism: in the Cold War, Vietcong applied the hoax Revolution Shield to carry out the killing, robbery and enslave people’s mission to disguise under the title” socialism”. Nowadays, the extremist uses the RELIGIOUS SHIELD of Muslim to raise the terror. The terrorist attacks the Western including the Muslim countries as Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Syria…so the extremist is the common enemy of the world, even Muslim to be targeted. The material terror creates the bloodshed and damaged the materials and appall the people in the incident.


2-The global economic terrorism: China has launched the global economic terrorism worldwide from a half-century, but the world didn’t mention, instead, the major countries invited the economic terrorists to enter. China has used the TRADE SHIELD cheated the counterparts by the trade ties, free trade agreement. The global economic terrorism could wipe out the economy of the nations, China gently transforms the counterpart to be an economic vassal and colonizes when China controls the economy. The global economic terror killed the native economy and destroyed the job, ruined the world market for the cheap product made in China. Moreover, China’s economic terror has poisoned the counterparts by the poisonous, contaminated product and also the local business damaged, mostly the supermarket lost the people trust after using the short life’s product of the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit.


2-The left media’s terror: It is the high level of terrorism, the most people have not recognized the danger of media’s terror while the left media terror attack the people’s mind under the cover of COMMUNICATION SHIELD. The thug of people hide inside the mainstream media and terrorize the mind of people. The left media terror has struck the mind and transformed the public following their instruction. It is the causes of the social complication, the society divided, the racial war, the gender war…actually, the left media’s terror has affected the Western since the Cold War. Nevertheless, the left media’s terror chimed the propaganda from China and the other communist regimes, so the Western people believe China will control the world, destroy the US, China’s weapon, technology win over the US. Certainly, China couldn’t propagate to the Western, but the left media’s terror could cheat their own country.


President Donald Trump launches the campaign to fight three terrorism’s forms, obviously, the extremist declined after Islamic State to be pushed to the mountains. The global economic terrorism has been fought, the den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit has been struck by the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile and China faces the problem, Beijing weakly retaliates. The left media’s terror has been eradicated after President Donald Trump granted the DEATH CERTIFICATE for the fake news, a fabricated story, then the dens of lie are The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, MS NBC CBS, ABC…lost the audience and reader, they have faced the financial disaster, so CNN placed for sale and the fake news commits suicide.


The world unify to fight three kinds of terrorism, the global thugs appeared the faces and now, the enemies of the people have been pushing back, they are losing the fields as Islamic State’s situation./.








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