The strategy of Mao hits Xi Jinping


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After the collaboration between China Nationalist and communist broke, following the war occurred in the mainland. Obviously, the Nationalist wiped out China communist and Mao’s troops ran away, the hard time of China communist noted the Long March carried out from Jiangxi to Shaanxi with 8,000 men, they traveled about 9,000 kilometers in the period from October 1934 to October 1935, there were many communists killed while the Long March, Therefore, the communist applied successfully the psychological warfare, the lying propaganda attracted the rural people and they volunteered to join the force fighting against the Nationalist government. Actually, Chairman Mao Tse Tung devised the strategy was” the countryside sieges the cities”. It isolated the major population lived in the rural area and the cities. Moreover, China communist developed the guerrilla’s tactic plus the economic siege, the situation worsened, it forced Chiang Kai Shek’s government shrank.


The countryside was the strong base to provide unlimited food and also the military human resources. The strategy used the countryside sieges the cities succeeded, the arms forces of Chiang Kai Shek to be circled in the cities, surrounding was the force of Mao. Eventually, the Chinese Nationalist government lost and Chiang Kai Shek fled to Taiwan in 1949. Nowadays, the strategy of Mao Tse Tung has been reversed, it hits back China communist government. Although the battle has no bloodshed, neither border, therefore, the Red dynasty has been sieged by the countryside, the economic battle could decide the fate of the inhumane regime in Beijing.


Mostly, the red dynasty used the cities to develop the economy and the countryside abandoned from a half-century. After the first visit of the US President Donald Trump in 1972, China communist regime pretended to open the bamboo curtain with the cheat economy pattern” the free market is led by socialism”. When the largest population’s communist country opened the door, the Western and the other democratic states came to the mainland established the factories, actually, China also developed the product to respond to the global hegemonic rapaciousness. The massive numerous worker needed, mostly, the hub of industry gathered at the cities while the major population in the countryside has been suffered the poverty, the poor people must move to the cities to find the job. The industry boomed excited more than 250 million peasants left the villages, it was the greatest migration occurred in China history. There is just the export sector employed more than 120 million people, so the labor market in China developed from the industry. The China owned companies and foreign factories are the backbone of China’s economy. When China’s product declined in the global market and the foreign companies leave the mainland, the economy of China faces the difficulty.


The thriving era is gone after White House changed the leadership, certainly, the golden time of the Most Favored Nation’s policy and the economic priority of President Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama was no longer exist. President Donald Trump wakes the world about the global economic terror comes from China, the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit has used multiple economic forms to terrorize the world by the trade ties, free trade agreement, bribery, political donation, the stolen intellectual property, spy networks, actually, the debt trap forced the poor countries falling into China’s hand and becomes the unofficial colonies. The Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of President Donald Trump has struck over the economy and finance of the Red Dynasty from the grassroots. The tariffs imposed into China’s products cost the potential damages, it is the vulnerability of Beijing, it causes the Red Emperor Xi Jinping fears the regime being risked. The common collapsed formula threatens to repeat from multiple thousand years of Chinese history that obsesses the communist party.


Since the war occurred between Chinese Nationalist and communist, the countryside was the most important compass of China. Unfortunately, the Mao’s revolutionary stronghold was forgotten after China communist controlled the mainland in 1949, nevertheless, the period of industry boomed was the same after China opened the door. Nowadays, hundred million peasants repatriated the villages while the massive factories shut down and the foreign companies left the mainland that is due to the war fighting against the global economic terror effects.


The high unemployment rate really threatens the Red Dynasty, actually, the poor peasant is a major population in the mainland. In the passage of time, the poor peasant helped Mao Tse Tung won the war against the Chiang Kai Shek’s government and nowadays, the poor peasant should remove the red capitalist class in the cities.


The jobless without the government support plus the corruption being appeared all the government’s system. The poverty becomes the danger of China communist regime, mostly, a peasant earns less than $USD 2.00 a day during the cost of living hikes. After attending G20, China communist government has a plan to help the peasant taking over the poverty. Therefore, it is too late when the situation worsened, it causes China government ignored the majority and also the cradle of the communist movement in the mainland. The bonanza cities represent the face of fake development, but the reality is the major population is poverty in China. When the countryside ruined, the cities declined, how will China communist survive?. The strategy of Mao Tse Tung hit back Xi Jinping, the countryside sieges the cities and isolate the inhumane regime.


The long distance gap between rich and poor people is the crucial battle of China communist, the massive jobless is like cancer, but China communist uses the common cold tablet to cure, the promise to solve the poverty in the countryside couldn’t carry out by propaganda during the mountain debt plus the failure of one belt and one road that aggravates the worst situation. The battle fighting against the global economy terror of President Donald Trump that works. China will be defeated by its poor people army, the peasant helped Mao succeeded and the poor peasant will eliminate the ungrateful regime./.








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