The spy of Huawei really threatens the World


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No one is keen to keep a tiger snake or Cobra like a pet as a python in the home, even the Zoo always places the dangerous animal into the special cage. It is the strong message warns whoever interests the telecommunication product made in China. It is like the tiger snake an python, they are the reptiles but tiger snake could kill everyone by deadly venom. In the formality, Huawei’s mobile phone is the same size and programs as the democratic companies, but Huawei owned by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), the center of cyberspy, it is the tool of the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit.


Huawei Technologies Co.Ltd has the factories located in Shenzhen, Guangdong (South China), the fund comes from China communist regime and running by the actual hand of the regime, it is the People’s Liberation Army. This company operates and services more than 170 countries and employed more than 170,000 people. The Huawei established in 1987, the founder is a military engineer Ren Zhengfei.

Huawei is the outcome of the stolen technology, the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit introduced their product and sold the smartphone. Nevertheless, modern technology comes from invented countries. The smartphone or any technology devices made in China that is like the stolen goods sold to the owner. Therefore, the cyberspy is the most fear the world when Huawei exploits the cellphone and the telecommunication’s equipment to install the spyware, actually, the company ZTE owned by China government.


The People’s Liberation Army founded the cyber-spying Unit 61389 has become the cyber threat to the world. The cyber spy of China present everywhere, certainly, the Western countries are considering carefully any telecommunication’s devices made in China, the government and military companies couldn’t trust.


The positive tactic of China is stealing the technology, the telecommunication’s product, and equipment development for the strategic purpose to carry out the global hegemony of China’s dream. The national security risk, it causes the US, Canada, Australia, the United Kingdom alerted China exploited the trade ties to sell the telecommunication’s smartphone then the spyware installed. China made the profit and also performing the spy- mission into the counterparts. The poor countries easily fall into the trap of China, in 2018, according to the report warns 35 underdeveloped countries received free the computers and Information Technology (I.T) from China, those poor countries welcomed the Cobra lives with them.


Everyone uses a Huawei smartphone or any computer made in China, the personal details could ooze to China’s intelligence and Beijing would use it for their purpose. Nevertheless, important firms are such as defense, business, technology…China intelligence agencies could access from the personal users of the smartphone. Whatever every Huawei user is an espionage cell of China, it is the malicious conspiracy of Beijing to set up the global espionage’s system, China also makes the profit, collect the information and spying on the non-Chinese citizen.


From many decades, China exploited the trade ties, free trade agreement plus the negligent policy of the Western. Moreover, when the left party rules the government, it is a good time for China developed the hegemonic strategy. The influence of China’s telecommunication spreading worldwide that becomes the national security fear. China has carried out the cunning tactic in the business, so Huawei used the label of Hong Kong company Skycom has linked to Iran to avoid the sanction imposed from 2009 to 2014.


Recently, Canadian government arrested the important official of Huawei is Ms. Meng Wanzhou, daughter of Huawei founder and she hold the financial section plus the technology. The incident becomes the hot news, China reacted after a few days, Being intimidates and requires Canada immediately releases Meng Wanzhou. She has 7 passports, Canadia alleges Meng Wanzhou manages the business network linking to Iran, this country being sanctioned by the US and allies, she should face 30 years in prison. Lawyer David Martin represents for Meng Wanzhou applied for the bail with 750,000 Canada Dollars plus two houses at Vancouver. On December 12, 2018, the Canadian court accepted the bail with the conditions follow and Ms. Meng Wanzhou is waiting for the extradition to the US. Remembering, nevertheless, CFO Meng Wanzhou’s position is very important of Huawei and also the global spy-networks of China, so she is detaining strictly in Canada, China communist should apply the rule of spy quotes” when a hunter recognizes a dog couldn’t do the job, a hunter has to know how to eat the dog meat”. So China should send the agents to kill Meng Wanzhou to destroy the spy-sources.


The arrest Meng Wanzhou raises tension between China, Canada, and the US. China retaliates to arrest the North-East Asia Adviser Michael Kovrig and the US warns its citizen about travel to China. It doesn’t affect the case of Meng Wanzhou but the world has no doubt China communist is cunning. Nevertheless, the Canadian citizen’s arrest could harm China on the tourist and the foreign’s business coming to the mainland. Once again, China made a critical mistake during the regime does need the money to pay the debt and interest.


The cyber spy of China is a real threat, in 2014, a Canadian couple are Kevin and Julia Garratt accused China hacked into the national computer system, China charged the spy conviction, they spent two years into China’s detention camp and deported after the jail term. From China and Australia have the trade ties, annually, Australian government must spend a hundred million dollars for the cyberspy, China is the culprit. While the federal government prevents the spy, but the state government in Western Australia is led by Labor Premier Mark McGowan helped Huawei $AUS 136 million contracts on the train’s system. If the next federal election, Australian Labor Party wins, China will have the facilities to corner and control the Down Under country and Huawei will set up the spy-network in Australia ./.







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