The Red Empire has fought for survival


Posted on October 17, 2018 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



After the Second World War, China and the Soviet Union led the Global Communist Bloc to create the Cold War. The Vietnam Communist Party was the actual hand of China and the Soviet Union. Actually, Vietcong was the early terror’s organization, so the allies came to South Vietnam to fight the communist terrorism, it is like the US and allies fight the Islamic State and the terrorist.


The Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990’s, mostly the Eastern Europe Communist Bloc changed to democratic government. Therefore, in Asia, China communist still remains the manner of the inhumane regime, nevertheless, Beijing gathered the communist vestiges as Vietnam, North Korea, Laos, it considers as the Asia Communist Bloc, the Cold War changed to COOL WAR as the lizard changes the color’s skin, indeed the threat of communist is not over yet. The fake peace plus the pretending’s collaboration with the” capitalist” that is just a temporary tactic of communist for buying the time while the communist face the low tide of revolution. On the other hand, the tiger snake has never changed to python, The Evil has never become the angel. Therefore, China succeeded into the bluffing tactic, they exploited the innocent leaders in the Western and developed the global hegemonic strategy.


In reality, China has no capacity to carry out the global hegemony, but the rapaciousness urged Beijing involved into the arms, space race with the US. However, China must solve the lacking development by stolen technology, exploited the free market and currency by the cheating label:” the free market is led by socialism”.


The global hegemonic strategy has carried out more than a half-century, unfortunately, the world seemed not to recognize the dangerous enemy covered under the label of trade ties, a free trade agreement. Indeed, the innocent leaders invited the enemy entering and colonizing the country, China communist has launched the silent army invaded the world.


Nowadays, President Donald Trump wakes up the world in the war against the Den of thieves, the hub of the counterfeit. The fair tariffs adjustment becomes the vulnerability of China. The physical reaction is the natural attitude, so China vowed to retaliate by the responded tariffs on agriculture products of the US, therefore, Beijing has been suffered the potential damages, the retaliatory tariffs of China imposed the US agricultural products harm China’s consumer because most Chinese people live in the mainland fear the” socialism food” and they favor the” capitalist” food, they have to pay more. The weak signal exposes the willing to negotiate and complained WTO, therefore, the Den of global economic terror ruined from the domestic problem when the export sector declined, it threatens the Red dynasty when the high unemployment rate will cost the regime as the collapse of the dynasties in Chinese history.


The China’s products lost the credit in the global consumer and now, China has burdened the tariffs that aggravate the situation. The US gathered the allies in Europe, Japan, South Korea, Australia and recently the NAFTA causes the loss of China in Canada and Mexico. China has been sieged by the US and allies, mostly, those countries deeply helped China’s growth in the trade ties have to find the way out from China.


China has been pushing back from the global market, the giant telecommunication companies are Huawei and ZTE face the difficulty when the US, Australia, India and somewhere else denied, actually, the national security plus the cyberspy threat with the spyware installed in the telecommunication’s product warning the counterparts.


During the domestic problem is the silent cancer of the inhumane regime, the occupied territories in Sinkiang Uighur and Tibet always want to escape from China’s rule. The corruption and the power struggle in central communist party raise the grave concern for Red Emperor Xi Jinping, so President Interpol Meng Hongwei vanished and later on China confirmed that man being detained in China. It proves China communist party faces the opponents and the throne of Xi Jinping to be threatened.


China’s economy is the most important for the regime’s existence. It conducts too many consequences then the Red dynasty will collapse as the history repeats. Nevertheless, Red Emperor Xi Jimping should be dethroned when the economy jeopardizes then his comrades will use the only Congress to disqualify the life president of Xi Jinping and the other communist will replace. Therefore, Chinese people upset the communist regime, it is possible the changing regime as Eastern Europe Communist Bloc and the Soviet-Union should repeat in China./.








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