The Red empire China inspires to colonize the World

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Chinese history spent many wars occurred between the ethnic, among the conflicts, Han was the strong one, they built the dynasties by annexation the other countries. Thousand historic years, Chinese was prominent in the fighting, so the wars were the most important culture in China, even though, the acupuncture came from the war (the arrows took out from the wounded soldiers, the chronicle illness disappeared that excited the ancient Chinese studied the nervous system and the acupuncture born) (*). Han has expected as the most aggressive ethnic in the region.

The long history that proves Chinese people didn’t have much democracy from the monarchy to communist, so Chinese people have acquainted the dictatorial regime. The Mainland lived into the first democracy under Chiang Kai Shek, therefore, the time didn’t enough to build the democratic fundament. Taiwanese is lucky Chinese and Hong Kong, Macau knew the freedom after nearly 100 years of British and Portuguese ruled. Unfortunately, the major Chinese people in the mainland have not decided the future, although they realized the democracy. Nevertheless, the obscurantism has applied since Mao Tse Tung reigned the mainland from 1949, the propaganda plus the terror’s policy that brainwashed Chinese people.

China communist regime is a form of the dynasty, the Red Empire built on violence and terrorizing the people, the Red Empire is crueler than the most dynasties in history. The Red Empire has the untold policy to advocate the corruption, therefore, the incumbent leader often raises the mouthful transparency to fight the corruption.

The communist’s aggressive character has never stopped, although China is not strong enough and the technology still traces behind the Western, China challenges the arms, space race with the US. Nevertheless, the rapacious ambition grows over the capacity, so the plan of one belt and one road has been facing the peril. Actually, China communist debted up to $USD 23.6 trillion while the spending couldn’t cease. China communist has launched multiple battles

1-The military battlefields:

China has been sunk down into the quagmire of the illegally artificial islands built into the disputed waters, nevertheless, the most hopeful aircraft carrier thrashed. But China doesn’t want to lose the honor, so Beijing couldn’t withdraw the piratical stations in Southern Pacific ( or Indo-Pacific) despite China’s Navy couldn’t menace the neighbor, the US and the other countries sharing the maritime road entering Asia, the annual goods transport estimates $USD 5 trillion.

2-The espionage battle: China communist has deployed the worldwide spy network, actually aiming the Western countries. Nevertheless, the cyber spy snoops the defense, important firms of the counterparts. The offshore spy-network support China into the stolen technology and intellectual property.

3-The arms race: recently, China communist has failed the most hopeful aircraft carrier that means the stolen technology from Ukraine failed.

4-Space race: China lost the moon mission after Jade Rabbit died when it just touched the moon. The space station Tiangong-1 showed the fireballs in the sky, the nuclear test site built by China’s scientists collapsed in North Korea.

5-The global economic terror: it is the essential battles of China communist.

-The trade ties, the free trade agreement plus the financial espionage agents camouflaged under the business person, club to corner the domestic politics of the counterparts. The political donations and the corrupted politicians could create the good policies for China.

-China exports and sells the cheap prices could kill the native economy and increasing the jobless in the Western. China could solve the high unemployment rate and gained the profit. When China made dominated a nation, its country becomes the economic vassal.

China Communist’s ambition to colonize the world as their ancestors annexed the neighbors in the days of yore. The global hegemonic strategy has attempted from the US president Richard Nixon who visited Beijing in 1972. It is more than a half-century, China spread the hand everywhere and now the Western wake up, actually, the US couldn’t allow China performs the hegemonic dream transforming the planet to be China’s vassal.

The war fighting against the global economic terror has launched by President Donald Trump that could ruin the Chinese Dream carries out by China communist regime. The fair tariffs imposed on the steel, aluminum, and the other items could cripple China’s economy and erode the financial sector, nevertheless, the currency Yuan devaluation becomes the problem. The ambition to colonize the world has been hampered when the money has not enough to cover the massive budget spending on the arms, space race and repay the debt. The Chinese dream to be able to collapse from the domestic when the unemployment rate hike and the government couldn’t control./.


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