The Rap lyrics pick former President Barack Obama


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The rap lyrics depict former President Barack Obama who made America worst off ever in the US history. His life’s record contains the saga, actually, he helped China colonizes the USA. The lyrics offer the professional rappers and amateurs, the copyright is absolutely free, let’s sing with me please, it is funny.

Hoa Minh Truong

(Author of 5 books)


Barrack Obama could not be trusted

Big mouth” yes we can” that is the trash

The US president follows Karl Marx

During 8 years the US people to be brainwashed

The top adviser was Valerie Jarrett

She comes from the family’s hardcore communist

The life of Barrack Obama is recorded by Wikileaks

Former President Barrack Obama has two faces.

Formally, he told to fight the terrorist

But in the shadow, Barrack Obama silently supports the Isis

The ransom’s payment that he did.

The 400 million dollars’ taxpayers provided terrorist

America becomes the terrible disaster

The most peril comes from the presidents of Democrats

As President Barrack Obama is a rhetoric

He does love to speak

Appears the public

With the bullshit and garbage speech

On the media of leftist

The cesspool of human shit

Barrack Obama acts like a kid

The commander in chief that didn’t fit

Indeed, the consequence that he did

He activates the black racist

The White is hatred

Barrack Obama is the commander in cheat

And also the commander in thieves

With more than hundred million dollars misused for the family trips

The deception tipped

America shattered

The consequence of Democrats

Barrack Obama acted like a thug

Many factories shut

The ghost towns and mountain debt

The US lost but China made the massive profit

The jobless and illegal migrant was his job

He made the US worst off

His mouthful speech must stop

The worst consequence of Obama needs to mop.

But Democrats want to protect

The consequence of Obama made

Someone has not wakened up

Mostly the fan of Democrats

They still sleep

So don’t know the great achievements of President Donald Trump did.

He kept the election’s promises.

To make America great.

President Donald Trump is a patriot.

Whoever tells the successes of Donald Trump comes from the Obama’s heritage.

They are stupid and bullshit.

The mind couldn’t compare a kid.

The adult behavior doesn’t fit.

Barrack Obama is king of deceit

He made America thrashed

Do not trust Democrats./.







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