The politics has dyed ABC since the Vietnam War


Posted on September 27, 2018 Hoa TruongPosted in Published Articles



Nowadays, any media company propagates to support Al Qaeda, the Islamic State or a terrorist organization, they would face the criminal charge, actually, the law anti-terrorism deserves the heavy sentence. Therefore, in the Vietnam War, the left media in the Western strongly supported Vietcong, the super terror organization, Vietcong killed the innocent people, beheaded by the machete, broke the skull by the sledgehammer, kidnapped… moreover, the countries were sending the troop fighting against Vietcong’s terror to be protested with the violence by the anti-war movement, the backstage was the leftist. But the government and the law ignored, when the government involved in the battle, whoever stands with the enemy, they are the traitors. The Vietcong’s supporters escaped the treasonous crime.


In the Vietnam War, the most media companies in Western were left, they endorsed Vietcong terror with the propaganda. In the US, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CNN, CBS…poisoned the people and misled the public. In Australia, the private television networks are left companies, the prominences are such as Channel Seven propagated for Vietcong, therefore, Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) is the national media, the taxpayers funded, but ABC supported Vietcong while the government was sending the troop to fight Vietcong’s terror in Vietnam’s battlefield. On the other hand, ABC stabbed in back the country, actually, the Australian Army. They betrayed 521 soldiers sacrificed and over 3,000 wounded for the freedom, more than 60,000 troops. The Vietnam War is like the two world wars and Korea war. But ABC and the left media companies have misled the Australian people, so the Vietnam veteran has been treated badly after coming home and nowadays, the propaganda still intoxicates in the society. However, the left media in Australia, including ABC have never vindicated the Vietnam veteran, but sometimes they released the documentaries made by the anti-war component, so the mental wound of Vietnam veteran to be dug up.


ABC must serve for the national interest and the taxpayers, therefore, since the Vietnam War, the ABC has strayed the services to left, indeed, the ABC has to broadcast impartially. In the US presidential election 2016, ABC was among the left media supported” comrade” Hillary Clinton. They often released the biased news, actually, the show America Planet with two disgraced clowns are John Barron and Licciardello often mocked President Donald Trump, they often used the documents of Democrats and anti-Trump to raise the hatred.


The Australian government has the trade ties and sharing the security and the other issues with the US, therefore, the National media ABC attacks the President of United States of America. Nevertheless, ABC favors inviting the high profiles of Democrats like Hillary Clinton, turncoat Republican John McCain, former CIA boss John Brennan…mostly, they attacked President Donald Trump into every policy. So the Australian government needs to overhaul the programs of ABC and advises ABC must serve the country, not using the taxpayers serve for the political purpose.


Recently, ABC sacked managing director Michelle Guthrie while the contract 5 years was just two and a half year, her annual salary is $AUD 891,000 and there are more than 100 employees protest with the banners” hands off ABC” and” No political interference”. However, the politics have dyed ABC since the Vietnam War, nevertheless, ABC is the place of the leftists, they often deserved for Senator Penny Wong, boxing Kangaroo opposition Bill Shorten…ABC has derailed the national media to serve for the left, actually, ABC used the taxpayers to support Vietcong, the terror organization in the Cold War. ABC belongs to the country, not a group of staff or any leftist controls the national media. Nevertheless, ABC is not the propaganda machine in China, North Korea, Vietnam, and Cuba. Therefore, since the Vietnam War, ABC has transformed the communication to propaganda and distorted the free speech to serve for the leftist and communist./.








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