The piratical stations of China are uesless


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Under the era of President Barrack Obama, Asia abandoned, the first US black President and also the first pupil of Karl Marx in White House helped China expanded the power, threatening the neighbor countries by arms force. On the other hand, President Barrack Obama flagged China to take the control into the region, but in the formality, he often raised the mouthful accusation” comrade” China when the tension occurred. President Barack Obama is like President Bill Clinton, he often accused China about the human rights violation, but Bill Clinton sold the national interest to China.


The US ruled by President Barrack Obama in 8 years, China had an opportunity to carry out the global hegemonic strategy, Beijing re-mapped the waters and also illegally built the artificial islands into the disputed waters, nevertheless, the sand provided by Vietnam, the close vassal of China communist since the Cold War.


Despite China has no ownership in the international waters, therefore, the left media and the innocent media plus the academics called” China Sea”. Indeed, the international waters belong to no one, but the owner could base on a nation links the marine platform. Among the nations in the era, Vietnam has the marine platform linked the Spratly archipelago, unfortunately, Hanoi regime illegally offered for great master China by the diplomatic statement of Vietcong Prime Minister Phạm Văn Đồng signed on September 14, 1958. The waters could call Indochina-Pacific, the world needs to correct the title and avoid to call China Sea. China is happy with the name of China Sea.


China threatens the national security in the region when China militarized the illegally artificial islands. Those become the piratical stations, so China aims to control the maritime waterway entering Asia, the annual goods transport is worth more than $USD 5 trillion. The countries in the region reacted, actually, Philipines won the case at International Court, it dismissed China ownership. Therefore, China ignored and Beijing often exposed the brazen attitude when the neighbor nations accuse and China threatens the navy of the US, Australia, and the other countries patrol in the era.


However, the China dream turned the nightmare, the developed aircraft carriers trashed after launching the operation. Nevertheless, White House is led by the potential commander in chief Donald Trump who fights against three global thugs are:


1-The Extremist terror: the thug exploits Muslim to terror the world, the terror occurred in the Western countries, including the Muslim nations as Pakistan, Iraq, Indonesia…


2-The global economic terror: the Den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the center of hacker China has been struck by the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile of President Donald Trump, so China faces the economy and finance disaster, moreover, currency Yuan devalued that affected deeply the global hegemony and influencing the nations involved with China.


3-The left media terror: the enemy of people, the thug of communication, the left media exploits the media to terror the people mind in Western, actually in the US. The media terrorists have used the fake news, fabricated story and the false poll to complicate the society, the government and rigged election. The left media terror is the high level of terrorism in Western. The media terror’s formula is 3F =3 Frauds=False poll +Fake news +Fabricated story.


China made the terrible mistake when they invested too much money into the piratical stations in the waters. Obviously, Beijing completely believed in the strength of the People Liberation’s Army, the stolen technology and the convenient time of Barrack Obama. Nowadays, China faces the peril when the US developed weapon could ruin the missile of the enemy. Nevertheless, China failed into the arms, space and economic race with the US. President Donald Trump will send the space army to patrol.


On September 18, 2018, suddenly, China announces the Australia navy freely patrols into the area. Before Beijing accused Australia and the US breached their waters and threatened to act. The piratical stations are useless, so Beijing has exposed the declination’s attitude.


China has been met with the peril and dilemma, Beijing couldn’t withdraw the piratical stations, but keeping those, it cost too much money. Moreover, the illegally artificial islands cause of the hostility in the region. China is swimming into the quagmire of rapacious ambition. Beijing sowed the wind and reap the whirlwind, it is the bad time for Red dynasty and Red Emperor Xi Jinping./.







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