The phony tactic of Democrats apply the fake bombs


Posted on October 28, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The midterm congressional election’s day is closer, therefore, Democrats panic in the campaign, almost, they seem not convince the US people to believe the Donkey party on the border protection, national security, economy, and international issues, actually, some Democratic icons as Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, and the others have not solved yet the wrongdoings as 34,000 emails, Clinton Foundation, 20% Uranium sold to Russia, 4 deaths of Benghazi…. Nevertheless, the” terrible legacy” that former President Barrack Obama left over the US and Democrats after 8 years” yes we can” for nothing, even he made the US worsened ever. Those are the reasons that Democrats worry, but they couldn’t tell the people vote for the Democratic candidates when the worst record and no policy have no interest the US people. Therefore, Democrats, the domestic thugs, and offshore enemies, actually China being faced the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile of President Donald Trump, so all opponents consider the midterm election is the crucial battle. If Democrats control the Senate and Congress, China will reduce the economic disaster, the illegal migrant will have an opportunity to invade the US and the other wrongdoings of Democrats will be sunk in the shadow.


After the Human wave’s tactic failed on the migrant caravan, Democrats launch the smear campaign, but everyone could see the disgraced conspiracy and also the phony tactic applies when a 56-year-old man at Florida is Cesar Altieri Sayoc being suspected the culprit of at least 12 explosive devices posted by mail to the high profiles of Democrats in the midterm congressional election. There is just a day after the fake bombs have sent, Mr. Cesar Altieri Sayoc has been arrested at Florida. During the Police and FBI are investigating the incident, therefore, the left media as The Washington Post, CNN, the others and in Australia, ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten and the others released news and attaching the old film’s scenes of the presidential election campaign in 2016 and they implicated the culprit Cesar Altieri Sayoc is the Donald Trump’s support. The dirty campaign is a drama turns comedy of the disgraced sitcom on the politics, the left media also emphasized the most Democratic icons are the Donald Trump’s opponents. The left media hints a Trump’s supporter acts like a terrorist, they label the bad images to the voters in the midterm election. Once again, the left media applies the psychological warfare as they did in the Vietnam War.


However, the left media entirely concealed Mr. Cesar Altieri Sayoc who has a good position at the Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Florida, this company strongly supported and financed for Democrats, moreover, the company is the Democratic loyalty. A specialist of Marketing of Hard Rock Casino could be a tool of Democrats in the midterm congressional election. He acted in the right time of Democrats need to gain the ballot.


The people question why didn’t Mr. Cesar Altieri Sayoc send the explosive devices before and he acted on the right time of the midterm congressional election campaign?. Nevertheless, the Post Office in Florida, actually in Washington D.C didn’t examine and discover the explosive devices delivered to the high profiles of Democrats?. Moreover, the explosive devices marked the sender’s address comes from Debbie Wasserman Schultz who is former Democratic National Committee Chair from 2011. Why didn’t the Post Office discover the sender’s address after a first package has sent and they delivered to at least 12 Democratic high profiles?


The left media uses the incident to propagate, therefore, the suspect Cesar Altieri Sayoc should be a decoy of Democrats, the last punter of Donkey Party, he should pretend to support President Donald Trump, actually, he made the signs as the slogan” make America great again” then his nickname is MAGA.


   The left media just released a half story about Mr. Cesar Altieri Sayoc who support Donald Trump in the formality, but the left media conceals Mr. Cesar Altieri Sayoc works for Seminole Hard Rock Casino, the strong support company of Democrats. Whatever, the malicious tactics couldn’t convince the US people to vote for Democrats, the best policies of President Donald Trump and Republic could protect the national interest and national security. The demagogic policies plus the cunning tactics of Democrats failed, so the US people will tell Democrats on November 6, 2018./.







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