The people could decide the fate of left media


Posted on September 26, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles      



The internet’s revolution changed the world, actually the communication eradicated the fake news, conceal the truth, and fabricated story. The left media terror has been lost the position in the mainstream when everyone could verify the information from multiple sources. Before in the Cold War, the left media dominated in Western and the communication transformed into propaganda. The left media exploited the communication’s implements to cheat the public. The left media publicizes, the journalist, reporter, T.V host, radio operator become the public figure, so the left media is arrogant, they promote themselves as the noble class in society and snub the people. Its manner becomes the habit of the left media.


Nowadays, the left media is no longer the political guru or the kingmaker and the election’s instruction. The false poll couldn’t convince the people to trust after many times the polls exposed the deception and the political conspiracy. Before, the left media affected and influenced the public. However, in the reality, the people’s power could decide the fate of the left media including the private companies and government media firms. The media is like any business as the supermarket, services as a lawyer, a medical doctor. The client, the customer decide the existence, even the region needs the follower, so the media does need the audience, reader, and viewer as the fish needs water.


The finance is the vital fact of any business actually the media. The advertising belongs to the numerous audience, some televisions or newspaper quote the high price for advertising while the unpopular newspaper, television, and radio have the cheaper. The role of the public is the crucial condition of any media company.


The business, company, and services have to know the quantity of the audience, the viewer, and reader before pay for advertising. It is the prime condition to promote the business to the people. The high technology could measure the numerous audience, actually, the business could know how many copies that newspaper published every time and they should pay the advertising.


In the US presidential election 2016, President Donald Trump unmasked the left media, the Death Certificate granted the fake news and fabricated story as the New York Times, the Washington Post, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and the other well-known left media’s companies lost the audience, reader and the viewer. It means the company, business could pay less and even they find the other popular media’s company to advertise, its reason causes the Fox News attracts the advertising when the audience increased. When the left media declined the profit, as CNN has been faced with the financial problem.


In Australia, the situation is the same, almost the left media are such as Channel Ten, Channel Seven and Channel Nine are struggling for survival. The journalists, reporters, columnists have to compete for their career, mostly, the controversial articles, untrue report, the disgraced television shows that cause the media companies sacked the media’s workers. The ABC is a national television network in Australia, therefore, the government could overhaul the unpopular programs or the controversial shows, it should cause the fund cut and reduces the running cost to save the taxpayers.


The people have the power to change the left media, including the government media. The people’s power could affect the existence of the left media. If the people boycott, the left media will lose the audience then following the left media lose the advertising. The left media has the implements as newspaper, online, radio, television…but the people have the strength, the invincible weapon to be held in everyone. When the people develop the boycotting weapon, the left media to be ruined, even close down or for sale as CNN. Nevertheless, the internet companies are such as Google, Facebook…are the good places for information and business’s advertising. Even the Yellow Page stopped to publish the paper and no they use the Yellow Page on the internet.


The left media lost the people trust, actually, the ugly faces of the fake news and fabricated story are the journalist without a brain, the reporters without heart, the T.V hosts without mind become the public hatred after many times told a lie. They contribute to the lost audience and less advertising. If the media companies want to restore the public credibility, it is a better way to sack the liars./.








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