The New York Times should face the Treasonous Crime


Posted on September 12, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



In the war, whatever, both sides could use any weapon and tactic to win or dominate in the battlefield. Besides the military battle, the psychological warfare is the important field, the propaganda attacks the mind behind the enemy line.


The psychological warfare applied in the Second World, actually, in the Cold War, the hottest spot of Vietnam War recognized the effect happening of the propaganda in the Western, nevertheless, the countries were sending the troop to fight against the Red wave in Asia and threatening the security in the region. The left media Stood alongside with Vietcong, they helped the early terror organization at Hanoi to mislead the public. Indeed, Vietcong couldn’t fight with the knife, machete or the bamboo cutting sharp head, but Ho Chi Minh received the heavy military provision from the Global Communist Bloc, the Soviet Union and China were the keys of military supply. Therefore, the left media just broadcast the US and allies and concealed the involvement of the Global Communist Bloc. Nowadays, the Extremist applies the psychological warfare to appall the people by the terror’s scene. Generally, the psychological warfare purposes on the targets:


- Creating the panic and fright in enemy line and the people


- Division the enemy line by the propaganda, the target makes the headquarter separates from the fake news.


- The fake news and fabricated story develop to humiliate the enemy’s spirit.


- Mixing the true and fake news or conceal the truth.


- Making the complication into the enemy’s society.


In the Vietnam War, the left media and the prominent leftists were Jane Fonda, Walter Cronkite, John Kerry, Bill-Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden…succeeded the psychological warfare, they stood alongside with Vietcong terror to confront the nation and allies were fighting for freedom and protected the democracy in South Vietnam and the security of the allies in the region. Therefore, the traitors have never paid the consequence, almost, they keep quiet as a stone. As the law, when the country being fought against the enemy, whoever helps enemy’s facilities in the finance, espionage mission, including the propaganda…they are the treason. The war fighting against the terror, whoever propagates for the Islamic State or any terror organization, they would face the anti-terrorist law.


The New York Times was among the left media since the Cold War, the media terror’s lair has never changed the character, the thug of people always attacks the US government with the fake news, fabricated stories, those have released from the presidential election in 2016, the main target aims to the potential commander in chief Donald Trump and the White House. Almost, the old tactics of fake news fabricated a story to be cracked down, but The New York Times often launches the psychological terror of the White House. Recently, The New York Times has applied the old tactic to divide the White House’s administration, they created the fake news about the opponents in Donald Trump’s administration. The New York Times seem not smart enough to carry out the offensive to support the mid-term Congressional election, they used the label” OPINION” without the author, but this article published on The New York Times, so they couldn’t escape the responsibility.


The divisive article just used an anonymous, it is like a terrorist covers the face with the black cloth. President Donald Trump wants The New York Times provides the list of the opponents in White House and he also asks the Justice Department investigates the incident. Nevertheless, Vice President Mike Pence confirmed no one opponent in administration.


The New York Times couldn’t provide the list, it is the fake news, therefore, it is the terror attacks the White House. The treason has to face the law when they attack the US government, national interest and the commander in chief. The article aims to separate the administration, complicate the public and abuse the government raises the grave concern about the left media. It is not the free speech, but the media terrorist strikes the US government.


The US government and the democratic country need to issue the law to punish any media company, journalist, reporter, columnist releases the fake new and fabricated story, actually, the fake news aiming to confuse the government. Certainly, any solution to stop the fake news doesn’t work, but the left media just fears the license revoked and heavy fine. The left media propagates against the national interest and destroys the government, terrorizes the President, they should face the treason crime./.







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