The New York Times emerges the prominent liar of media terror


Posted on October 4, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Among the lairs of media terror as NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC, The Washington Post… recently, The New York Times has become the prominent lair of the media terror in the US. The media lair has struck White House and the potential commander in chief Donald Trump who makes America great against, so the media terrorists have tried to snipe a man who volunteers to serve the country without salary. It is like the extremist hide into the Muslim community and the mosque, The New York Times reflects the domestic thug, they exploit the free speech to terrorize White House, President, and the national interest.


When all kind of insect struck by the pesticide’s stuff, certainly, the insects killed immediately. The others physically react before falling into the motionless stage, it is the situation of The New York Times and the lairs of media terror after President Donald Trump granted the Death Certificate” Fake News”. This left media is The New York Times established since 1851, the newspaper won 125 Pulitzer Prize, it ranked 17th in the world media firm and second in the US. Therefore, The New York Times has to pay the consequence of the left media stabbed in back the US and democratic countries from the Cold War, actually, the Vietnam War, The New York Times was among the propaganda machine of Vietcong’s terror in the US. Actually, The New York Times has never removed the title” fake news” except they shut down and The New York Times disappear into the mainstream as the dead people left behind the assets and anything. On the other hand, The New York Times built the media empire more than 167 years that collapsed and waiting for the disaster will come as CNN and the other left media terror’s companies.


The New York Times outrage as the insect struggles into the last stage. The people understood The New York Times react without the mind involves but the instinct. Since The New York Times received the Death Certificate” fake news”, the reader reduced, that conducts the lost advertising and the profit. Actually, after the US presidential election in 2016, The New York Times was among the cheat poll’s company, the election’s outcome overturned the left media terror’s propaganda, so The New York Times lost more than 18% reader that causes the editorial executor released the apology letter on November 13, 2016, the opening wrote:” When the biggest political story of the year reached a dramatic and unexpected climax late Tuesday night, our newsroom turned on a dime and did what it has done for nearly two years —cover the 2016 election with agility and creativity.” Then the concluded paragraph:” We cannot deliver the independent, original journalism for which we are known without the loyalty of our readers. We want to take this opportunity, on behalf of all Times journalists, to thank you for that loyalty”


    The New York Times has swum into the quagmire without exit, so any move causes more the worst. The New York Times has committed suicide by the fake news and the fabricated stories, actually, they terrorize President Donald Trump and support Democrats into the smear campaign against the US government.


The New York Times attacked White House by the fake news released about the administrative staff lining up to oppose President Donald Trump. Therefore, The New York Times couldn’t release the opponent list because it is the fake news. The FBI needs to investigate the fake news terrorizes the public and the US government. Once again, The New York Times admitted making the mistake that based on the report of a Yale Law lecturer is Emely Bazelon who told about Supreme judge’s nominee Brett Kavanaugh fighting at a bar 1985.


On October 2nd, 2018, The New York Times terrorized President Donald Trump by the obsolete tactic, they accuse Donald Trump helped his father evaded the tax. However, Trump’s father died, the false accusation aims to defame President Donald Trump and humiliates the family plus the Republic to gain the ballot into the mid- term Congressional election will be held on November 6, 2016. Whatever, the deceased person couldn’t be charged, even pay the debt, so the accusation raises Donald Trump’s tax evasion that is s farce as Democrats did after losing the presidential election in 2016. The New York Times apply the communist policy, the regime based on three generation’s record for employment, education and the social treatment. The school policy based on the family record wins over the talent and in the government, job respects the criteria” the Red is rather than the capacity”…So the New York Times based on the three- generation to accuse the father of President Donald Trump. Who will authorize to investigate, actually, FBI rejects and the Police stay away. The New York Times carries out the media as the kid with the bullshit accusation, a day, The New York Times will accuse the last son of President is Barron Trump will evade the tax…


The New York Times failed into the media terror with the fake news and fabricated story. Nowadays, everyone recognizes the lairs of media terror in the US and somewhere else. The left media terrorists lost the fundament is the people trust, the fake news conceal the truth, the thug of people.


The US and democratic government, actually the lawmakers need to create the law to stop the media terrorism. The media terror is the high level’s form of terrorism, the left media terror attack the people’s mind and leaving the wrong information in the long term as the left media terrorists did in the Vietnam War, so the misunderstanding about the war fighting against the Vietcong’s terror that has affected since the Cold War. It causes the society badly treat the Vietnam veteran and family during the war an after coming home. The lawmakers need to make the law to stop the media terror on:


- The opinion poll: the pollsters must have the license or the poll’s company to be granted the authority to poll. The democratic country respects the professional and license, so the poll must comply the rule. Not anyone could poll including a primary school’s student. Nevertheless, the criteria’s poll strictly confirms the numerous person’s involvement that protects the prestige of the poll. The left media terror has exploited the cheat poll to conduct the voter, it is the rigged election.


- The news must meet the truth and respect the national interest: the fake news and fabricated story mislead the public that cause of the social complication. Any media company releases the fake news and transforming the communication to propaganda, the government fine or revoke the license.


- The fake news’s reporter, a journalist must face the criminal charge as the terrorist. The free speech doesn’t free misleading the public, defamation, and propaganda. The extremist terrorizes the people, instead, the media terror attacks the mind of people, so the left media terror is dangerous than the extremists ./.







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