The Monstrosity special counsel aborted


Posted on September 15, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Democrats and form FBI boss Robert Mueller fell in love, they secretly practiced the political intercourse in the shadow, Democrats need to impeach President Donald Trump and Robert Mueller wants to make a profit from the US taxpayer. Eventually, Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein signed the” marriage certificate” for Democrats and Former FBI boss Robert Mueller who is pregnant the Special Counsel in 19 months and now it aborted.


The monstrosity’s pregnancy cost the US taxpayers more than $USD 20 million. The cunning investigation carries out about Russia meddled the US presidential election is just the malicious conspiracy of Democrats. The created dossiers made by a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele that couldn’t seal the secret, Hillary Clinton is the culprit to create the fake documents then also Democrats plus the turncoat Republicans as Senator John McCain to activate the investigation of the fake facts with the left media support. The thugs of people show the evil face, therefore, Mr. long face man Robert Mueller has no shame, he has tried to remain the aborted monstrosity as long as he can. He becomes the most hated person in America.


However, Democrats still want to use Special Counsel to terrorize the potential commander in chief Donald Trump and also lingering the time while the mid-term Congressional election is campaigning. The Special Counsel abuses White House, attack the national interest and contributes the campaign to control the Capitol Hill. Therefore, the monstrosity has to abort after the malicious conspiracy failed, the impeachment’s attempt self-destroyed. Senator Intelligence Committee Chairman Richard Burr said with the Fox News on Wednesday, September 12, 2018:” I can say as it relates to the Senate Intelligence Committee investigation that we have no hard evidence of collusion. Now, we’re not over. That leaves the opportunity that we might find something that we don’t have today”. Despite the impact is clear, but Democrats have not given up yet the investigation without a clue. President Donald Trump twittered: ”I can say, as it relates to the Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation, that we have NO hard evidence of Collusion”


What does Mr. Robert Mueller investigate for? How long will the Special Counsel still remain? The US people and the world feel so tire and boring when Mr. Robert Mueller gives a new witness, mostly, the bullshit investigation has never concluded but the taxpayer wasted for the gamble of Democrats and its henchman Robert Mueller.


The Special Counsel has tried to keep the tax’s worm job, so Mr. Robert Mueller strays the investigation to Donald Trump’s campaigners as a” coffee boy” George Papadopoulos, Mr. Paul John Manafort, lawyer of Donald Trump is Michael Cohen…the investigation takes over the authority to pornstar Stormy Daniels. Nevertheless, Robert Mueller applies the malicious tactic of a senior lawyer, he set up the immunity witnesses, it is the bullshit legal practice and turns garbage, the people feel vomit for every legal process of a long face man.

The Special Counsel’s monstrosity aborted, but Mr. Robert Mueller tries to revive and Democrats exploit the carcass of monstrosity for the mid-term Congressional election. The cheat investigation is over, therefore, Democrats still use Special Counsel to terrorize the White House and national interest, his patriotic heart placed for sale ./.









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