The midterm election responds the people want


Posted on November 7, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The midterm Congressional election is crucial, Democrats hope the situation will change and they will control the House of  Representatives plus the Senate that will conduct the impeachment of president if they reach 2/3 members. It means, Democrats have to have at least 218 seats among 435 and control the Senate with 100 Senators. However, Democrats have lost the people trust on their demagogic policies in the fields:

– Immigration policy became the disaster of border protection and national security, actually, the migrant caravan is vain, it counteracts the cunning conspiracy to use the human wave tactic which covers under the human rights, but it turns the human wrong.

– The economy failed, the mountain debt left by President Barrack Obama that obsesses the voter.

-The massive jobless caused the food stamp recipients under Barrack Obama turning the ballot to Republicans

– The scandals of Hillary Clinton and her husband have not solved yet.

– Former President Barrack Obama lost the people sympathy, he is the super liar and snubs the public when he stole the great achievements of President Donald Trump that comes from Obama’s legacy.


There is still a much worst consequence of Democrats have not listed yet, but the problems above could cause the US people to stay away from Democrats. The midterm election is a vital opportunity for Democrats illegal migrant, China, Iran, terrorist, the corrupted persons. So Democrats and its fan strongly campaigned, they exhausted launching the icons as former President Barrack Obama, former Vice President Joe Biden…deposed T.V host Oprah Winfrey. Therefore, the best campaign and money couldn’t change the mind of the US people.


In the US presidential election 2016, there was 9% Democratic voters turned to President Donald Trump, it proves the face of Barrack Obama was obsolete. So it was nearly 6 million ballots voted for Barrack Obama in 2012 switched to Donald Trump in 2016. Certainly, Democrats have made the critical mistake again when the campaign presented the ill ghost of Barrack Obama.


Nowadays, after nearly 2 years getting the office, President Donald Trump made great achievements in the economy, border protection and solved the tension in Korea peninsula. Nevertheless, the massive numerous food stamp recipients got a job, they have not voted for Democrats. How could Democrats get back 6 million voters? Moreover, the 6 million voters are enough for President Donald Trump to win at least 5 states of Obama in 2012. There is just Barrack Obama lost the trust that is enough for Republican wins the midterm Congressional election in 2018.


Democrats have struggled too hard for obtaining 10 seats of Senate and they must need at least 23 seats to control the House Representative. November 6, 2018, while 36 million people voted, the early outcome shows Democrats is going to face the worst than the prediction. Actually, on the polling day, almost, the left media in Australia as ABC, Channel Seven, Channel Ten…just release the news from the election, they have not enhanced the happiness, it is a sign of the loss. The false polls and cheat pollsters will learn the other lesson when the outcome is going to release soon./.








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