The malicious tactics of left media launch in the midterm


Posted on November 5, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The midterm Congressional election becomes the crucial battle of Republicans and Democrats. Nevertheless, Democrats conspire to impeach President Donald Trump if the Donkey’s Head Party reach a two-thirds majority n the Senate. Mostly, the cunning tactics failed with the henchmen as James Comey, Robert Muller, actually, 27 academics of Harvard and Yale University distorted the career for politics and they have been unmasked the garbage medical assessments by Rear Admiral Dr. Ronny Jackson. Democrats completely failed and following the failure after President Donald Trump elected, so the midterm Congressional election is the hope. Actually, the offshore enemies as extremist and China stand with Democrats which will help China to avoid the tariffs if Democrats control the Senate and Congress.


The left media has tried to launch the psychological warfare into the campaign as they did in the presidential election 2016. The global left media exhaust the propaganda campaign, actually in the US, there are the lairs of fake news CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post and others, even in Australia, the left ABC (Australia-Broadcast-Communist) wrote:” Unfortunately for Mr. Trump, the party of the sitting President almost loses congressional seats in midterm elections”. The politics have no firmed rule as algebra, the situation belongs to the people and the time. Once again, the national media of Australia’s staff snubs the public. The left media propagates and mislead the public with the formula is 3F = 3 Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story that is the possible rule applies to the enemy of the people, the thug of mainstream media.


In the election, the False poll is the sharp tactic of the left media. A cheat poll is a form of the rigged election, the left party colludes with the left media using the fabricated polls to convince the undecided voters, mostly, the silent voters could help a party gain more ballot and possibly to win the election.


However, the people doubt the opinion polls after many times the polls went wrong as the US presidential election in 2016, Hillary Clinton lost the dream despite, all time during the campaign, the left media confirmed she led Donald Trump from 4 to 12 points. The authority to poll has not set yet by law, so everyone, including a primary school’s student who could make a poll, so the people don’t need the pollsters.


The poll is statistic science, it requires the numerous joining person and the pollsters must have the license as a plumber, electrician…even a brothel has to have the license, the pollster needs the license too. Nevertheless, the pollster has to receive the full responsibility if they cheat the public. The poll takes a lot of time and spending a lot of money while the media companies being engaged in a hard time. Therefore, the left parties as in the US, Donkey’s Head Party could hire the journalists to create the polls for the rigged election. The lawmaker may have the law for the pollster, if not, they exploit the free speech to cheat and rig the election by the false polls. Whatever, the pollster steals the job of the psychic and fortune teller, moreover, no one can tell the election outcome, let’s wait after the polling day.


The midterm Congressional election is going to poll on November 6, 2018, as the routine, the left media confirmed Democrats will control the Congress, although the Donkey’s Head Party need 23 seats to control the House of Representatives. The Five Thirty-Eight labels as a leading American politics and Data Journalism site knew Democrats have around 85 percent chance to succeed. How did this poll group know exactly 85% Democratic win? The people question what is the Five Thirty-Eight? Are they the professional journalists or fake journalists? How could the people trust them?


Besides the false polls, the propaganda misleads the public has launched. The Donkey’s Head Party launches the smear campaign with the obsolete themes, those are the country divided, hatred, violence, and rhetoric to be labeled Donald Trump and his major population supporters. The most people favor the economy, border protection, national security, job, international solution…therefore, the left media conceals the most favorite subjects, instead, they propagate the Democratic policies are the same-sex marriage, the hoax climate change to appall the public, the immigration applies the Human Wave’s tactic on the Migrant Caravan that exploits the human rights, but it turns Human Wrong when the major population recognize the migrant caravan is the cunning conspiracy of Democrats and some Democratic billionaires should stand behind and financed. In history, the US army has fought overseas to protect the freedom, so President Donald Trump must send the troop to prevent the illegal migrant and keep out the thug infiltrating under the human rights label. Therefore, the Donkey’s Head Party slam President Donald Trump protects the country and the national security. Where does the Donkey’s Head Party stand?


The panic of Democrats expose on the carcasses political icons or the ill ghosts as the mouthful Barrack Obama, his face reflects the jobless, food stamps, the ghost towns, the Black racist, the gender war. Former President Barrack Obama is the arts of a mess, he made the massive mess in the US and the world, so his campaign harms the Democratic candidates. The last effort of the Donkey’s Head Party launches into the midterm Congressional election will be counteracted while the major population in the US vote for a job, security and the national interest, therefore, vote Democrats vote for a mob and the domestic thugs plus the offshore enemies./.








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