The malicious tactics have applied in the Western


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The left parties and terrorists have used malicious tactics into multiple purposes. Those are the main tactics have applied from the Vietnam War and nowadays, those tactics still use in many forms and those are variable.


The racial shield becomes the almighty weapon of the black candidates in the US elections. President Barrack Obama succeeded the racial shield’s tactic in the presidential elections 2008 and 2012, the Republican candidate gagged in the debates and limited campaign while the black candidate attacked the opponent, it was unfair. In the midterm Congressional election 2018, the black candidates of Democrats claimed the loss of election causes the racist, the untrue accusation aiming whoever doesn’t vote for them, the racist is it?. Therefore, the Black discriminates the White to be ignored, the White farmer killed and robbed in Africa waived, Ms. Yassmin Abdel Magied showed the racist against the White after the leadership spill in Australia…the so-called human rights firms and the activists shut the mouth as a stone.


The Muslim leaders could use the racist to slam whoever opposes the Sharia Law, the Allah certified food and the terrorists. The racist’s title inflates in the democratic countries as the epidemic’s outbreak without treatment. The people protect the country to be labeled racist if the targets are the extremists hide into the Muslim community and the people rally against the illegal migrant to be labeled racist, even the African gangs currently rioted in Melbourne CBD of Victoria state, Australia. When the media released the news about the violence occurred with the scenes of robbery, fighting with the police…and the federal government condemn the gangs, therefore, state and local government don’t want to lose the African voters and the racist’s labeled the media and the federal government. The ballot of African in Melbourne and the other ethnic could change the democracy and the national security, actually, state Labor government in Victoria is led by Premier Daniel Andrews of “ one belt and one road of China” who accepted the violent extremisms is a part of Australia. The wrong concern and individual interest of some politicians conduct the nation losing the democracy, cover the criminals. The negative aspect of multiple cultures have destroyed the democratic election, the ethnic could exploit the ballot to pressure the politicians following their requirements, so the democratic countries shattered by the ethnic groups. The democracy is killed by the ballot of ethnic, the multiple cultures failed badly when the political parties and the ill-concerned politicians want to get more seat in the parliament and control the government.


The fallen policy’s politicians could stray the target to a woman, it is the woman shield’s tactic becomes the strategy of the boxing kangaroo opposition leader of Australian Labor Party is former Union boss Bill Shorten and its Labor party have used the numerous female in the parliament houses as the key policy. Whatever, the potential politician is the priority of national services, it doesn’t matter about the male and female politicians. Australian people saw the female politicians like Prime Minister Julia Gillard of Labor, Liberals Foreign Minister Julie Bishop and recently Representative Julie Banks…the three amigos make trouble in Australia.


In the US, Democrats applied the woman shield’s tactic in the election, candidate Hillary Clinton exploited gender to convince the innocent female’s voter. After Democrats lost the election, the woman shield’s tactic applied by pornstar Stormy Daniels made the false accusation to President Donald Trump, the woman shield’s tactic aims to impeach the US president but it failed and the Supreme Justice’s nomination to be abused by the woman shield of Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the false accusation unmasked and Judge Brett Kavanaugh became the Supreme Court Justice. If the Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh applies the lawsuit against Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, she will be troubled as the lawyers of President Donald Trump seeking $USD 20 million compensation that fears pornstar Stormy Daniels.


The children shield was the important tactic of Vietcong in the Vietnam war, Vietcong was keen to use children to bar South Vietnam and allies army in the stronghold as Mỹ Lai’s village (after April 30, 1975, the major villagers of Mỹ Lai were Vietcong) Nowadays, Democrats and illegal migrant have used the children into the political purpose. Nevertheless, the human wave’s tactic devised by Mao Tse Tung in Korea and Vietnam War has been recycled, it is the human wave torn Europe and the migrant Caravan threatens the US. In Australia, Labor Party and Greens entice the student to rally nationwide about the climate change. Children have never known the hoax climate change is the business of the leftist, they don’t know the icon of climate change is Vice President Al Gore, after winning the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007, he became the climate change’s millionaire, the student becomes the tool of the leftist, it is the coward of adult and the left parties. Nevertheless, the boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten and Greens Party (Garbage Party) want to reduce the age to vote is 16, certainly, the children and teenager could be seduced easily and vote for Labor. In common sense, the Human Shield consists of the woman shield, children shield to apply.


The religious shield’s tactic applied successfully in the Vietnam war, the South Vietnam government faced the Ấn Quang Buddhist Temple, the Vietcong undercover activists monks and nuns used the religion as the inviolable base. During the Catholic had the same situation. Almost, Vietcong infiltrated into the main religions in South Vietnam while the government respected the religion. After Saigon failed on April 30, 1975, the Vietcong undercover activists were Senior Venerable Thich Trí Quang, Thích Minh Châu, Thích Hộ Giá Paris had Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh, Mr. Võ Văn Ái..…and Catholic had Priest Chân Tín, Nguyễn Ngọc Lan, Phan Khắc Từ and the others appeared to claim the victory with Vietcong. Nowadays, the religious shield’s tactic applies, the terrorists hide into the Muslim communities, the mosques…the Muslim leaders often use the religious shield’s tactic to reject the government claim and also cover up the terrorists.


The important tactic applies, it is the government shield’s tactic. The Muslim politicians present in parliament houses and government that is the problem, they could exploit the pose of a political party to support or downgrade the extremists, activating the Sharia Law, even demote the terrorist after the attack. The wonderful place applies the government shield’s tactic is the left parties as Labor Party in the United Kingdom, Australian Labor Party. The Government shield’s tactic could apply in the brain of the nation when the government shield’s tactic succeeded, the minor Muslim could impose the inhumane way is Sharia Law into the adopted country. In the US, the first Muslim and communist President Barrack Obama succeeded the government shield’s tactic, he used the Supreme Court imposed the same-sex-marriage legalization to 50 states and he used the government shield tactic to brainwash the US people in 8 years.


Recently, climate change’s tactic globalizes, the unpopulated politicians and the left parties couldn’t convince the people with the demagogic policies and the lying promises, so they cover the fallen policies by the climate change’s tactic. Unfortunately, the wrong predictions about the ice meltdown at the poles and the temperature increases, so the US withdrew from the Paris Agreement.


The democratic government may watch out the cunning tactics of the thugs being stayed in the countries, they could exploit the democratic policy to develop the tactics./.







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