The mainstream media needs to protect the prestige


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The US people mandated President Donald Trump who takes care of the country in four years and it is possible the second term. President Donald Trump accomplished the major promises with two years, the unemployment rate hit low record since 1969, the national security and border protection help the people safe, actually, the international conflicts as North Korea, Syria have been solved. President Donald Trump makes America great again (MAGA). His success becomes the hatred of Democrats, extremist, the left media terror and the other enemies.


The left media represent no one, except represent themselves. Nevertheless, the journalist, reporter, columnist, and T.V host are the jobs like a plumber, electrician…and the media company is like a business. Therefore, the media field relates to the public and the media job allows meeting the government officials, the politicians, and the national leaders as president, the prime minister. So, the media worker believes itself as the most powerful component in the country. The days of yore, a Vietnamese poet called” living near the temple, calling Buddha is a brother”. The arrogance becomes the habit of the journalist and in the media’s line has the haughty journalist, the snooty reporter.


The most left media are conceited, they think the media power could remove and create a president or prime minister. The arrogant habit conducts the left media went too far, recently, the CNN’s reporter Jm Acosta abused President Donald Trump in White House’s press conference after the midterm election. The security agent expelled and after then, the haughty journalist Jim Acosta to be revoked the entry’s White House permission. However, CNN applies the lawsuit against White House. Certainly, the lawyer does love the new job, but CNN does nothing to force White House changes the mind.


The arrogant media snubs the public, they cheat the people by releasing the fake news and fabricated story plus the cunning technics of the dishonest journalist, reporter. The concealment, mixing between the true and fake news, skewing the themes. Those are the careers the left media have applied since the Vietnam War. The left media makes the fake news cheating the public again …nowadays, every time a news released from the well-known left media’s companies like CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, CBS, NBC, MSNBC…the first question doubts the truth. The left media conceals the truth, the thug of people, the foe of mainstream media and the enemy of the public. They do the bullshit communication as the propaganda machine of the communist states.


In democratic countries, every job, career must be trained carefully and granted the license, nevertheless, the ethics consider honest people that need for any job, so the media needs to apply the ethics. The media has the Committee to Protection Journalists (CPJ), it is the international body established in 1981 to protect the journalists and media workers. Therefore, the media’s prestige is the most important fact to protect the credibility of the mainstream media. Why didn’t the honest journalists establish the COMMITTEE TO PROTECTION JOURNALISTS PRESTIGE (CPJP)?


The anti-terror experts and the world recognize the terrorists hide inside the Muslim communities and the mosques, the thugs use the religious shield to terrorize the people. The terrorists are the virus of Muslim, they have not exempted the Muslim countries like Indonesia, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq…so the extremists are the common enemy. The Muslim countries and offshore communities need to eliminate the extremists to protect Allah adherent, so any Muslim leader protect the terrorists, they are an accomplice or the mastermind. In the media field, the vital career of the mainstream media is the truth, therefore, the thug of media is the left media has exploited the mainstream to mislead the public for making the profit and the political purpose, the left media destroyed the mainstream prestige.


The Committee to Protection Journalists Prestige (CPJP) needs to establish for the protection of the mainstream media staying away from the fake news and the distorting media career to make the profit and serving for the political conspiracy. If the CPJP body founded, its function reports the journalists to breach the ethics code by releasing the fake news and fabricated story. The CPJP will warn the media company and expels the media virus out from the mainstream.


Besides the CPJP, the lawmakers need to make the law to prevent the dishonest journalists, reporters, columnists, the T.V hosts, and the media companies exploit the communication for propaganda, misleading the public. The left media is like the high level of terror, they terrorize the people mind and creating the unstable society, exciting the violence and the criminal, actually, the left media is the culprit of the rigged election by publicizing the false polls, the proposals should apply to the media:

- The journalist, reporter, columnist, and have to receive the full responsibility of the news and story. If whoever released the fake news, they will be charged as the criminal and license revoked.


- The media company share the responsibility, the government will fine or scrap the license.


The mainstream media and the democratic country need to protect the free speech’s valuation and the media’s prestige. The left media is the hight level of terror, the dangerous enemy is no longer to hide after the lying record plus the fake news and the fabricated story released. The thug of people must be ousted from the public. The concerned journalists may act as soon as possible, the CPJP body needs to establish, it will restore the mainstream and the prestige of media’s workers./.








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