The left media terrorist has attacked the people mind


Posted on December 17, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The extremist and left media terrorist originally come from the psychological warfare, the propaganda of hatred and the misleading public are the causes of the human disaster, actually, the terrorism is the global thug, the people have to fight against the evils. Despite, the terror appears into the multiple forms, but every kind of terror has different consequences, therefore, both forms of terror have harmed the human being, the world considers the terror is the enemy of people.


The extremist to attack the people and the society by multiple tactics are bombings, commit suicide, stabbing and car ramming into the crowd, shooting. The extremist appalls the people by creating material damages including the people’s life, it cost too much money from the national security’s spending. The Muslim communities and the mosques are the wonderful places of the extremists, bigot clerics, and the arrogant preachers develop the psychological warfare. The masterminds of terrorist urge the innocent Muslim, actually, the young Muslim to join the terrorist organizations and attack the people. The extremism has no boundary, the terrorist has no exempted the Muslim countries like Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Turkey…certainly, the extremism is the global enemy.


The left media terrorist also has come from the psychological warfare, but this high level of terrorist attack the people mind. Despite the media terrorist has created no bloodshed, therefore, its consequence left the long term’s spiritual damages more than the nuclear radioactivity.


The brain is the most important part of the human body, the brain is the center of the body, it is like the commander in chief’s headquarter of everyone. If brain damaged that means the body affected. The stroke patient being damaged the brain, it causes some parts of the body as the limb disabled or couldn’t speak, even the body falls into the motionless state. Nevertheless, when the brain is controlled by someone, the victim blindly acts without mind and becomes the human robot.


The left media has applied the psychological warfare into the democratic countries, the left media terrorists have carried out the propaganda labeled under the title of communication. The terror’s target is the mind of the people. The fake news, fabricated stories, the false polls are the forms of the mind’s terror. The left media’s terrorism has misled the public, it causes the disaster on the planet since the Cold War. On the other hand, the left media terrorists are the dangerous enemy of the people, the thugs officially appear to the public without charge instead, they make a good profit from brain terror. The media terror could enter freely into the most important government firms as White House, Parliament without warning, but after then, the media terrorists release the fake news, fabricated stories concealed the truth or cutting off the important incident’s information. Do not trust the left media terrorists release the news, let’s check the fact into the other sources.


In the Vietnam War, the left media misled the public about the war fighting against the Vietcong’s terror and preventing the Red wave spreading in the region. The global inhumane regimes killed more than 100 million people and enslaved a billion people. Therefore, the left media distorted the communication by concealing the genocide of the communists in Soviet-Union, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, and Eastern Europe Communist Bloc. The left media in the Western misled the people, the propaganda affected the brain of the innocent component, they became the human robot, so the victims of media terror rallied with the violence to protest the countries were sending the troop to help the Vietnamese people fighting for the freedom and democracy. Instead, the human robots praised the inhumane regimes, actually, they adored the genocide Ho Chi Minh as the hero, indeed, he killed at least 1,700,000 people and Ho Chi Minh he raped a 15 years old girl named Tuyet Lan in 1929 at Thailand, nevertheless, Ho Chi Minh was the famous pedophile in Vietnam. The left media’s terror also supported by the pro-communists as Jane Fonda, John Kerry, Joe Biden, Bill-Hillary Clinton, and the other icons, actually, the movie stars in Hollywood. The people question the reason why did the left media propagate for the inhuman regime in Vietnam? In the Vietnam War, the communist undercover activists, spy-networks silently paid the money for the profit’s lovers worked in the media’s field. The dishonest journalists, reporters, T.V hosts concern the communication career is like the business, so whoever pays money, they have to work for the customer.


After the outcome of the US presidential election in 2016, once again, the left media terror has attacked the mind of the innocent component, actually the young people, they involved into the rallies to protect the US president and national interest. The human robots lost the mind, they did as the left media terror commands, the remote controls being held in the bases on the left media terror’s companies.


Nowadays, the left media exposes the dishonest component in the communication field, they currently apply the formula 3F =3FRAUDS=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated story into the media. The false polls have applied as a form of the rigged election, it aims to conduct the undecided voters and the outcome could change to win for the left party. The fake news has become the outbreak as flu bird pandemic, but the fabricated stories have not to interest into the high technology of communication, the internet’s era killed the propaganda. The media terrorists are the journalists, reporters, columnists, T.V hosts…they come from the terror’s bases as CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, The New York Times, The Washington Post and the other left media companies in the world…the people recognized the left media terrorists and their den, so the media terror is alerting into the international community. President Donald Trump declares the war fighting against the media terrorism, he granted the death certificate for the left media with the fake news that killed the media terror in the US and the world.


The major population in the world has no trust any news, story or the T.V show come from the left media terror’s bases. The war fighting against the media terrorist being held in the hand of the people. The boycotting weapon could disable the finance of the media terror’s bases and follows the business reduces or gives up the advertising when the audience and reader declined. It is the worst time of the left media terrorists, the honest and concerned media let’s unite to fight the thugs infiltrated into the mainstream media since the Vietnam War, let’s establish the Committee to Protect Journalist Prestige./.







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