The Left media terror has stuck White House


Posted on September 6, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The left media is the enemy of the people, the thug of the truth. The media terrorists always snoop and waiting for an opportunity to attack. The media terror has activated from the Cold War, actually, in the Vietnam War, the left terror bases were the New York Times, The Washington Post, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, ABC…The thugs have applied the terror formula is 3F=3 Frauds= False Poll+Fake news+Fabricated story.


The left media terror failed in the presidential election of 2016 and they are facing the disaster of the people trust and to be unasked the liars have deceived the communication by the psychological warfare. The loss of reader, viewer plus advertising those eradicated the thugs of the mainstream. As all kind of insect to be struck by the insecticide stuff, the left media crazily react before falling into the motionless state, the hopeless action turns nasty for every smear campaign of Democrats and its fan.


Once again, on September 5, 2018, a firm of media is The New York Times has struck White house by the bullshit created stories, mostly, the main target aims to the Commander in Chief Donald Trump who denies the salary to serve the country, actually, President Donald Trump makes America great again. He sacrifices the wealthy life for the country, therefore, the treason sacrifices the country for the money and individual interest. Moreover, the great achievements of President Donald Trump did from domestic to international issues those become the woe of the thugs and the treasonous component in the United States of America.


There are nobody trusts who has no name, nor address, as a terrorist covers the face by the black cloth, appears on a videotape to threaten the people, but the media thugs use to attack as the same tactic. The New York Times creates an anonymous broadside, a senior Trump administration official leaked to the New York Times about a group of people” working diligently from within to impede President Donald Trump’s worst inclinations and ill-conceived parts of his agenda.

The New York Times has struck White House by the” fake news weapon”, but who is the hidden official in Donald Trump’s administration leak?. The left media terrorists continue to attack the White House, the national interest by the fake news, fabricated story, the domestic thugs appeared the real faces, they are the reporters without a brain, the columnists without mind and the media companies without the patriotic concern, the biased T.V hosts.


The left media terrorists have tried to attempt the attack President Donald Trump and White House to prepare the mid-term congressional election. Nowadays, the left media lost the position in the communication field, the election guru is no longer conduct the people vote for their instruction, the people fight against the fake news, it seals the truth that carries out by the thug of the public with the created stories.


The people feel so sick when seeing the bullshit news as 62,000,000 people in the US voted for Donald Trump, they are Russia agents. The fakes news released about the first lady Melania Trump wants to divorce, even she wore a jacket that to be the distortion of the thug of media. The people trust President Donald Trump after he did the great achievements, instead, the people recognize the left media is the mind terrorist, they become the garbage in the mainstream, the phony psychological warfare failed./.







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