The left media terror has struck the mind of people since the Cold War


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- Not of all Muslim are the terrorists but every Muslim could be a terrorist when the mind is struck by the propaganda of the extremists, the bigot preachers, clerics, they are the masterminds of terrorism. The terrorists are the common enemies including the Muslim countries, so the security agencies may eye on the mosques and Muslim communities to prevent the thugs of people hidden inside.


- Not of all Chinese people are the economic terrorist, but there is only China communist party wants to colonize the world and among the key strategy, the global economic terrorism has applied from more than a half-century. The Chinese dream doesn’t carry out by the stolen technology, the global hegemony, invasion…Taiwan is the sample of the true Chinese dream, the Taiwanese built the country from the hard work and honesty while China communist advocates the cunning tactics, so China communist.


- Not of all media’s workers are the media terrorists, but inside the media line, there are the left media terrorists hidden into the communication to terror the mind of people.


This article below raises the track of the left media terror has struck the Australian people’s mind since the Cold War.


The Australian Broadcasting Corporation funded by the taxpayers, it established in 1929. Unfortunately, the Australian national media’s firm has served for the inhumane communist since the Cold War. As the Vietnamese anti-communist expert’s saying:” eating the nationalist rice but serve for evil communist”. The ABC in Australia has funded by the taxpayers, therefore, the national broadcasting firm has propagated for communist.


The radical function of ABC is independent of government and the politics in Commonwealth, therefore, ABC has biased the left or pro-communist, the ABC stabbed in back the Australia army and government in the Vietnam War, the war fighting against Vietcong’s terror. The ABC has snubbed the public and abandoned the national interest from a long time. Nowadays, the ABC couldn’t remove the” LEFF MEDIA”’s title because the administrations have never changed the manner despite the time passed over from the staff to staff. Nevertheless, the ABC doesn’t belong anyone, but the most staff considered it is their own.


The time has come, the cancerous cells in ABC must treat, obviously, managing director Michelle Guthrie sacked and the domestic conflicts exposed. ABC chairman Justin Milne has stepped down and a hundred employees protested. Eventually, Prime Minister Scott Morrison pointed Dr. Kristin Ferguson to be ABC’s acting chairwoman. After the change, Dr. Kristin Ferguson confirmed:” I am some different from them” and she said:” I like to think I’m someone who is really genuine, what you see is what you get”.


Dr. Kristin Ferguson joined Royal Australian Airforce since she was 17-year-old, graduated from Australian Defense Force Academy and late she studied law at the Queensland University of Technology. After leaving the army, she worked at the law firm. In 2015, she served on the broadcaster’s board. And now she has become the acting chairwoman of ABC after the shaking of the staff.


Despite the fresh change but ABC will take the time to get back the independent function of the national media’s firm. The left media terror has dyed the ABC since the Cold War. As the extremists hide inside the Muslim, the left media terrorists label under the journalists, reporters, T.V hosts…the thugs of people have exploited the taxpayers and the media firm to terrorize the mind of people. The terrorists created the bloodshed, but the left media’s terrorists in Australia terrorized the mind of people, the victims are more than 60,000 Vietnam veterans and family has been received the bad treatment during the Vietnam War and after coming home. The left media terror created the long-term’s damage in society, the poison of left media terror has affected tens of million Vietnam veteran around the world after the war was over on April 30, 1975. The toxic propaganda of the left media terror is like the radioactivity, the mind nuclear bomb silently ruined the victims and lingering from the generation to the late generations.


The change in ABC is the hope, Dr. Christin Ferguson may overhaul the programs being controversial as America Planet, Q&A…actually the left media terrorists used the taxpayers and exploited the national broadcasting firm into the psychological warfare against the national interest and straying the radical function of national media firm to serve for the communist or the other political purposes. On the other hand, ABC needs to reform and getting back the people trust. Despite the ABC is independent, therefore, the Australian government could consider the programs harm the national interest and opposing the public, so the fund could grant or cut the inappropriate programs to save the taxpayers./.







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