The left media terror has propagated for China in Western


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In the Tet Offensive battle 1968, Vietcong launched the total attack all the cities and villages of South Vietnam. Aftermatch, Vietcong received the potential damages with more than 100 thousand troopers killed and tens of thousand injuries. Therefore, the left media in the Western as CNN, CBS, the New York Times, The Washington…and in Australia, ABC, Channel Seven concealed the massive loss of Vietcong, almost the North Vietnam communist troop and guerrilla at South Vietnam disabled. Instead, the left media propagated the deaths of the US soldiers and allies, so the innocent people to be excited, they blindly protested against the democratic government were sending the troop to help South Vietnam’s government fighting against the Vietcong terror.


In the Cold War, the left media always propagated for the Vietcong, the most left journalists, reporters, T.V host, columnists should be paid by the communist undercover activists in the Western. Nowadays, the US has launched the campaign fighting against the global economic terror comes from China communist where is the den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit. The left media is a close comrade with communist, the sibling with China communist, so the left media always stands with the Karl Marx’s brotherhood. They eat the democratic bread but adore communist, so the left media is the domestic thug to terrorize the mind of people.


The left media is the high level of terrorism, they terrorize the people mind by the fake news, fabricated story, the target is misleading the public. During the war fighting against the global economic terror is occurring, China has received the potential damages by the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile of commander in chief Donald Trump, the left media terror has tried to attack President Donald Trump and the US government, they support comrade China and to launch the propaganda in America. The war fighting against the global economic terror could shake the world economy, actually, the nations being involved with China since a half-century ago, the mistake made that paid the consequence.


On October 11, 2018, the stock market has shaken in the Wall Street and the world, Dow Jones lost 800 points but it still remains 25,598, it is higher than under the era of Barrack Obama struggled 17,000. The loss of global stock market recognized the countries deeply involved with China as Australia, the share market lost 2.8% or $AUD 50 billion. The investors and the monetary firms being nervous, mostly, the economic officials have not told the truth to the Australian people about  China’s currency Yuan is worth $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan stored in Reserve Bank of Australia by the currency swap agreement with the People’s Bank of China in 2012. Therefore, Governor of RBA Philip Lowe didn’t tell the truth to the people, instead he shifted the loss of Australia dollar to President Donald Trump. The dishonest regime in Beijing unstabilizes the global economy, actually, China’s currency Yuan appraises the valuation by the communist regime, so the economic adjustment re-values Yuan as the global market respects the fair trade. Before one USD equaled 5 Yuan and now one USD values nearly 7 Yuan, certainly, China lost the currency’s valuation and Australia dollar follows. It is the consequence of the previous Labor government and the Reserve Bank of Australia made the terrible mistake. Moreover, China communists companies have operated in Australia’s soil and infiltrated deeply the economy. The stock market’s shaking on October 11, 2018, it comes from many reasons, nevertheless, the Federal Reverse is independent of White House, so the loss of stock market at the Wall Street belongs to the monetary technic and the market respond, not White House nor President Donald Trump.


However, the left media strays the loss of stock market to President Donald Trump as they propagated in the Vietnam War. Indeed, the nations are affected by the stock market crash cause doesn’t come from President Donald Trump, but they must review the countries did the business with China. Nevertheless, the left media conceals the potential damages of China after the world stock market crashed, but they couldn’t hide, the world could measure the damaged of China by the effect of the nations deeply traded with China. When someone fired their own house, they have to review the cause of catching fire, do not slam the damages of furniture for a firefighter. In the Second World War, French people didn’t condemn the US army destroyed the buildings while pushing out Nazi army. A cancerous patient couldn’t claim a doctor given the medical causes of the side effect. So the adjust tariffs of President Donald Trump imposed in China’s products that based on the fair trade and also stopping the global economic terrorism. It is a form of dangerous terrorists.


Beijing has been faced the economic, financial battles, so China does want to remove President Donald Trump out from White House, Democrats are the close comrade of China. The impeachment’s campaign has launched from January 20, 2017, should link with China, actually, the espionage agents, the economic espionage agents (covered under the label of business persons) and China’s undercover activists could hire the left journalist and pay the left media companies to propagate against the incumbent government in the US.


The mid term’s Congressional election will be held on November 6, 2018, that is the new hope of China, if the Senate and Congress are controlled by Democrats, the war fighting against the global economic terror will ease or hamper, so China could funnel the finance for the Democratic candidates and also hiring the left media support and smearing Republic. The people could recognize any journalist, reporter, columnist or T. V host attacking President Donald Trump, they are the left media terrorists propagate for China the get pay./.







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