The left media have terrorized the people mind


Posted on November 28, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The fake news and fabricated story are no longer to mislead the public and poison the people by bullshit left media’s terror to use the communication for propaganda. The left media is the actual tool of Democrats, the machine of propaganda’s system has carried out the psychological warfare to terrorize the people mind since the Vietnam War. Nowadays, the trust in left media hit the lowest record after the false polls went wrong 100% about the outcome of the US presidential election in 2016. The imaginary President of the left media was Hillary Clinton, unfortunately, she lost the most wonderful dream after the first female president of US is gone, certainly, it is impossible to return the US politics, except the next life as the Buddhist believes on the reincarnation. Nevertheless, the left media’s polls couldn’t hide the cunning cheat, some media companies set up the safety net, the polls show their favored party leading the opinion polls, but the leader of the unpopulated party advanced. Whatever, if the polls went wrong, the left media could defend the false polls. On the other hand, the left media has played the double-cross’s game in polls.


The dream completely went to the nightmare but Democrats and the left media don’t care about the wrongdoing. The efforts to impeach President Donald Trump by 25th Amendment is vain. The most key vanguards as James Comey, Robert Mueller failed the cunning conspiracy. The left media terror has been faced the credit’s disaster, the thug of people have been pushed out from the public after the bullshit polls, garbage news and the trashed report that caused the lost reader, audience, and advertising.


It is like the Islamic State lost the territory after President Donald Trump getting the office then the Islamic State returns to guerrilla’s tactic by the terror attempted somewhere else, including the Muslim’s countries as Iraq, Indonesia, Pakistan…the left media terror snoops as the media guerrilla, they snipe every word, move of commander in chief Donald Trump and the White House’s staffs. The most cesspool of human shit’s left media is such as The New York Times has tried to terrorize the US government by the fake news. The media terrorists struck White House by the fabricated story with the list of the opponent President Donald Trump in White House, therefore, the terror news self-destroyed after released because the New York Times could prove the list.


The Supreme Court Justice’s nomination became the target of terror to raid the new attack, the most left media supported the false sexual assault’s claim of Dogtor Christine Blasey Ford, although they knew the claim was fake. Eventually, Mr. Brett Kavanaugh to be confirmed by the Senate.


The left media terror lost the people trust, the false polls, fake news, and fabricated story become the suicide missions, those exploded and killed the media terrorist for every time releasing the fake news. Nowadays, the left media terror couldn’t make the profit as the Cold War’s period, the reader, audience reduced that follows the lost advertising. It is the peril of the left media, actually, the high technology of communication killed the fake news. The left media declined when the articles are written shorter as a comment in the media, the left journalists, the left columnists blunted the mind and lost the idea, it is like the insect has been struck by the strong pesticide stuff.


In Australia, the famous left media is ABC has been shaken after Managing Director Michelle Guthrie sacked and chairmen Justine Milne stepped down. Almost, the left media companies couldn’t dominate the media, mislead the public and terrorize the people mind as the Vietnam War, the sharp weapon is the cheat polls, but after the presidential election in 2016, the cheat polls killed the pollsters and the left media’s companies. The ugly faces of left media confirmed Hillary Clinton wins the election are the shame, so every time, the people see their faces or the articles, no one trusts the thug of the public. The bullshit polls couldn’t overturn the election, therefore, in the passage of time, the cheat polls were the rigged election while the undecided voters could influence as France saying” Le Mouton de Panurge”.


The guerrilla’s tactic of the left media terror that shows the thug of people has been losing the ground support and the prestige is gone. As the war fighting against the terrorist hide into the religious Islam, the extremists terrorize the world, including the Muslim countries, so the terrorists are the common enemy of the world. The left media terror hide into the mainstream, they have terrorized the people mind by the fake news, so the media needs to kick out or eliminate the thug.


The extremism recognized after the terrorists struck the US on September 11, 2001, the global economic terror of China alert after President Donald Trump unmasked the malicious tactic of the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit has exploited the trade ties, free trade agreement for the global hegemony and President Donald Trump also launches the campaign fight against the media terror with the fake news, fabricated stories that has attacked the people mind since the Vietnam War.


The concerned journalists must fight for the media career, let’s unite and establish the Committee to Protection Journalist Prestige (CPJP) to respond the war fighting against the media terrorism and the prestige of the mainstream. Nevertheless, the lawmaker may issue the anti-media terror law to eliminate the enemy of people, the thug of media and the people boycott. Moreover, after getting the office, President Donald Trump wants to start the WORLDWIDE NETWORK to put CNN out of business. M. President twittered:” It is MUCH more important in the United States than CNN, but outside of the U.S., CNN International is still a major source of (Fake) news, and they represent our Nation to the WORLD very poorly. The outside world does not see the truth from them!”. /.







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