The left media has terrorized the world since the Cold War


Posted on August 27, 2018, Hoa Truong posted in Published Articles



The terror appeared in multiple forms, mostly, when the people just saw the bloodshed after the terrorists have struck and condemn. Therefore, the other terror’s forms have no bloodshed but those are the most dangerous than the suicide bomb, car ramming into the crowd, shooting, stabbing…and the dangerous terrors could wipe out a nation, leaving the long-term’s consequence in society.


The global economic terror of China has attacked the world, actually the Western since more than a half-century. Unfortunately, almost the world didn’t realize the most dangerous terror, even though inviting the economic terror’s perpetrator to enter the country by the trade ties and free trade agreement, currency swap’s agreement and the other economic facilities for the thug. The global economic terror could destroy the counterpart’s economy, the cause of jobless and the country to be colonized or become the economic vassal. When China controlled the economy and finance Bejing would deeply corner the politic and driving the nation into China’s orbit. Many countries have been attacked by the global economic terror comes from the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit, including the US being ruled under the Democratic presidents as Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama.


The other dangerous terror is the media terror, mostly, in the Western, every left journalist, columnist, T. V host, and reporter are the media terrorist. Every left media company as a newspaper, online news, radio and television channel are the terror base. The media terror hide into the communication’s form, so the government and the people couldn’t recognize or warning. The left media terror has struck the world since the Cold War, actually in the Vietnam War.


The Asian people recognized the importance of the mind that released by the saying:” A doctor wrongly treats, a patient dies-A national leader applies the wrong policy, one generation would be killed-A teacher conducts the wrong lesson, multiple generations will be killed”.


The mind commands the action, it is the essential principle of psychological warfare. So the propaganda has contributed to the terror of Vietcong in the Vietnam War, Hitler excited the racial war that killed more than 6 million Jew. The Global Communist Bloc applied the propaganda since Lenin transformed the crazy theory of Karl Marx to reality in October 1917 and the psychological warfare spread worldwide, the so-called class struggle, socialism, communist paradise killed more than 100 million people in Russia, China, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia, Eastern Europe Communist Bloc…Communist has applied the media terror to social purge and the most genocide on the planet.

In the Vietnam War, in Western countries, the media terror carried out by the left media, they have misled the public, poisoned the people. Despite the Vietnam War was over from April 30, 1975, by the unpredictable victory of Vietcong, but the toxic propaganda still remains. In Australia, when Iraq was occurring, the Labor Party’s opposition leader Simon Crean slammed Iraq as Vietnam War in parliament’s question time. Vietnam was an early fighting against the terror, Vietcong was the terror’s organization, they acted cruelly more than Islamic State, therefore, the left media terrorized the people mind and deceived the public, so Vietcong’s terrorist gained the support from the innocent people in Western.


The media terror has affected the world, including the Western. The left media terror release the fake news, fabricated story, those affect into the people mind and the misunderstanding left long-term into the society and the politics.


The misled information has poisoned from the generation to the late generations. As the Vietnam War, the media terror carried out by the den of terrors as CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post…in Australia had ABC, Channel Seven..they created the hatred into society, it has affected multiple million Vietnam veterans and family in the US, Australia, and the other countries sent the troop to help South Vietnamese people protected the freedom and democracy. The left media terror ruined many generations have misunderstood about the Vietnam War that is like the war fighting the terrorism today. The media terror causes the social complication, the people divided by the misunderstanding causes from the fake news, and the psychological warfare conducts the hatred.


The fake news kills the truth, the left media is the thug of people, they are the media terrorists. Nowadays, President Donald Trump launches the campaign to attack the Extremist terror hides in Muslim, the Global economic terror of China and also the media terror is the left media. The fake news and fabricated story to be unmasked, the left media terrorists to be recognized by the people, so the golden time of the media terror is no longer act as the Cold War. Let’s fight against the media terror that bring the truth to the public and boycott the media terror dens plus the terrorist cells are the reporter with a brain, the columnist without the truth and the T.V hosts have no conscience. The mainstream media has to eliminate the left media’s terrorists out from the communication, the media terrorists cause the lost credit of people, they are the thug of media and the enemy of society ./.






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