The left media has been ruined and self destroyed


Posted on September 25, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The fake news conceals the truth, the thug of people, the foe of communication, the culprit of social complication, the national interest abuse, and the rigged election is the left media has terrorized the mind of people from the Cold War. Actually, during the Vietnam War was occurring, the left media misled the public by the propaganda, so the innocent people in Western misunderstood about the war fighting against the Vietcong’s terror and Global Communist Bloc leading by Soviet-Union and China. The left media has intoxicated the people mind then it conducted the protests plus violence into the Western, nevertheless, the countries sent the troop to help South Vietnam protected the freedom. The left media is the high-level form of terror and it has left the long-term damages of the mind, the victims are public to be affected after the mind struck by psychological warfare weapon that launched from the left media companies and the reporters without a brain, the journalists without heart, they are the Karl Marx’s pupil in the democratic country.


Nowadays, the high technologic communication, actually the internet killed the left media. Everyone could access freely the multiple information’s sources that could testify any news released, so the golden cheating time of left media is gone. Nevertheless, after the US presidential election 2016, President Donald Trump granted the DEATH CERTIFICATE for the left media, the well-known left media’s companies are CNN, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, ABC, and the others. The Death Certificate of the fake news and fabricated story destroyed the credit of the thug of people, the domestic enemy hid under the cover of media, so they have lost the reader, viewer and audience, certainly, the advertising declined badly, mostly, the left media company fears the lost profit. The disaster causes CNN (Communist News Network) must sack three iconic journalists are Thomas Frank, Eric Lichtblau, and lex Haris who was a former journalist of the New York Times and also the winner of Pulitzer Prize.


In Australia, the traditional left media are ABC and the other have occurred the shocking wave. Channel Ten lost the profit and the future is uncertain, actually, the Project Program of Waleed Aly lost the audience. Channel Ten survived by CBS after the financial problem in 2017. Channel Seven is the traditional left from the Cold War, the fake news is no longer exist, Channel Seven has the famous left reporters are Mike Amor and Mark Riley, actually, Mark Riley attacked Mr. Tony Abbott when he was the opposition leader of Liberal. Channel Seven uses the news from CNN is the den of fake news. Channel Seven lost $AUD 745 million in 2017 (after the US presidential election in 2016) and in 2018, Channel Seven lost $ AUD 134.89 million.


The Channel Nine has been affected by the downturn of the media, the left journalists, left reporters and the T.V hosts have been facing the crisis, the well-known face of Today Show is host Karl Stefanovic slumped and he is going to sack. Before Lisa Wilkinson left and she joined Channel Ten but the Project plunged.


ABC is the national television network of Australia, the taxpayers funding, therefore, ABC is the traditional left from the Vietnam War, the victims of Vietcong called ABC is Australia Broadcasting Communist. Despite the presidential election 2016 occurred in the US but ABC in Australia was keen to endorse “ comrade” Hillary Clinton as Channel Seven. The biased news and reporters often downgraded candidate Donald Trump and promoted Hillary Clinton. Nevertheless, after the presidential election’s outcome, ABC and the other left media lost the people trust. But ABC has not given up the manner, so they often invited Hillary Clinton and the former officials of Obama as former CIA boss John Brennan appeared on screen, they attack President Donald Trump about the border protection policy, moreover, the left journalist Chris Uhlmann is chief political editor of the government-funded Australia Broadcasting Corporation attacked President Donald Trump” isolated and friendless” at G20 leaders’ summit while Australia has the trade, security ties with the US and the long-term ally. Nevertheless, the show America Planet performs with two disgraced clown John Barron and Cha Licciardello, they used the documents of the anti-Trump. ABC’s administration has used the taxpayers for propaganda than communication, annual fund is up to a billion dollars to serve for the left stance, indeed, ABC must respect the truth and the national interest.


On September 24, 2018, Managing director Michelle Guthrie has been sacked just two years and a half years early while 5 years contract has not expired yet. ABC’s chairman Justin Milne reveals the decision made a long time. Ms. Michelle Guthrie was former Singapore-based Executive with Google, she is a first female managing director of ABC.


The managing director of ABC sacked that reveals the crisis inside ABC’s staff, actually, ABC lost the people trust with the controversial programmes as Q &A, Ms.Yassmin Abdel Magied is the Black racist against the White, she insulted the Anzac day, she is the Sharia Law activist. Obviously, ABC protected Yassmin Abdel Magied, eventually, under the public pressure, she was sacked. Once again, someone calls ABC is Allah Broadcasting Corporation.


The left media committed suicide by the fake news and fabricated story plus the false poll. The left media has the formula is a 3F=3Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabrciated story. Almost, the well-known left media lost the reader, audience, and viewer. The reasons to cause the advertising to reduce, the profit lost, so the left media try to make the money. Therefore, they do the wrong business, there is some online news in The New York Times, Australia… require the reader pays, so they stay away and access the other sources without cost, but not fake news. Actually, the Australian government may overhaul the program of ABC and the left journalists cause the damages of the national media’s corporation and the national reputation.


The left media has terrorized the people’s mind in a long time, now the people recognized the thug covers under the label of journalists, reporters, columnists. Moreover, the faces of the left media couldn’t convince the people to trust again. Every time when the people sees the faces of the liars appear on television or their name being noted in the newspaper, online news…the people don’t want to watch or access. It is a better way, the left media companies could sack the obsolete reporters, journalists, columnists, T.Hosts as CNN fired three icons, but the left media has to take a very long time to get back the people trust./.







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