The left media get lost the character of human being


Posted on September 22, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The human being’s character exposes the recognition of the wrong and right, hell and heaven, black and white, god and evil. Even, the felon realized the crime and pleads guilty. As the courtesy of social behavior, when someone harms the other without willing, they regret the phrase” I am sorry”. Certainly, every lawyer knows their client as a rapist, terrorist, burglar, robber, fraudster…but a defense lawyer has to stand alongside with the criminals, they must do the best to protect the client or reduce the crime. It is the career of a lawyer, the legal fees win over the concern of wrong and right. It is the lawyer’s job, but the communication respects the truth, so whoever distorts the media career to propagate, they oppose against the mainstream and insult the free speech.


The left media knew well Communist is barbarous, Vietcong is the terrorist, nevertheless, the left media knew the global communist movement killed more than 100,000,000 people and enslaved the other a billion people. They also knew the hell of prison disguised under the title of re-education camp, whatever, the re-education camp of Vietcong or any communist regime is the same with the concentration camp of Hitler in Second World War. Actually, in the Vietnam War, Jane Fonda, John Kerry, and the Vietcong’s supporters are the traitors, therefore, the left media endorsed and praised as the good people, the progressive element. The Vietcong’s supporters have no human being’s character, although they knew Vietcong, they have never shown the remorse, even an apology millions of victims and Vietnam Veteran.


The left media recognize China is the most inhumane regime, the illegal migrant harms the economy, threatening the national security and the social safety…but the left media ignored, instead, they often raised the hypocritical voice about the human rights when President Donald Trump released the order to prevent the undocumented people enter the US soil and the border protection’s policy. The left media knew the drug syndicates, terrorists and criminals, but they oppose the government policy.


The public knew former President Bill Clinton helped China to colonize the US in 8 years, he illegal received the donations of China’s communist espionage agents in the presidential election of 1992 and 1996. However, the left media concealed the wrongdoing of Bill Clinton, instead, they propagate the most cheat investigation of Special Counsel of Mr. Robert Mueller. The hoax and cheat charity Clinton Foundation collected money from the oil moguls in Middle-East and somewhere else as Australia, even the poor country as Bangladesh to be pinched the pocket, but the left media often presented Bill Clinton as the good people. Hillary Clinton sold 20% Uranium of the US to Russia, 34,000 emails, nevertheless, Hillary Clinton’s personality is circled by the scandals. The left media knew former President Barrack Obama destroyed the US from government to society, but the often praised Obama and deserved for the worst president lies the public.


The left media is the people, they are the highly educated people, therefore, the reporters without a brain, the columnists without mind, the media companies have no conscience, all respect the money putting above the truth. The knew the fake news, fabricated story and the false poll are a lie and cheat, therefore, they sold the human being’s character for the profit.


The left media is a form of the high level of terror, they attack the people’s mind and conduct the public following their instruction, actually, the elections are the high tide of propaganda and rigged the election by the fabricated poll, the election’s psychological warfare influences the undecided voters.


The normal people including the felon still recognize the wrong and right, instead, the left media doesn’t, they get lost the human being’s character and following the evil. The left media is the dregs of society, the dishonesty in the mainstream. The left media’s terrorist conceals the truth, they are the thug of people, it exposes the fake news. The left media kills themselves the human being’s character, the brain is like an animal, they are the foe of people./.







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