The law professors of Harvard are disgraced liars


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The top academics are the professors and doctors, if the career distorts, they become the DOGTORS (writer’s word), it means the dishonest academics exploit the university’s degree serves for personal interest and the political purpose. Dishonest academics cause the social disorder by misusing the knowledge and qualification to mislead the public. When an academic cheats, it raises more harm for the people and the country.


The famous universities are Harvard and Yale lost the prestige by the ill- concerned doctors, they distorted the career for politics. There were 27 medical doctors (psychiatrists) of Harvard and Doctor. Bandy X.Lee based on the 25 Amendment of Constitution to release the bullshit medical assessment for presidential impeachment. Despite the DOGTORS have never diagnosed a patient but they dared to confirm President Donald Trump is the mental health illness. Rear Admiral, Dr. Ronny Jackson destroyed the dishonest doctors after released the medical statement.


The law professor is the Guru teaching the lawyers, who could stand alongside with a plaintiff or a defendant. The two faces career is easy to be dishonest than any career. The dishonest lawyers practice the legal service as the robbers with the paper knife.


Harvard University has professor Laurence Henry Larry Tribe who born in China, probably, he should be influenced the bush law of China communist regime. Professor Laurence Henry Larry Tribe hates President Donald Trump because President launches the campaign fighting against the global economic terror of the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit, certainly, the excellent law professor is the comrade with Democrats. He always wants to impeach President Donald Trump by the” Bush law”. Unfortunately, the Congress and Senate should do this job, but the presidential impeachment has to process into the complicated schedule, it is not easy, even a lawsuit’s case has to pass many stages. After the impact, the people recognized law professor Laurence Henry Larry Tribe respects the bush law. He should be illiterate the US law? Certainly, a law professor has no power and authority to impeach president Donald Trump.


In May 2018, Law Professor Laurence Henry Larry Tribe founded a course to impeach President Donald Trump, he had 12 students registered. His faculty is like a prostitute expert and sex activist Carol Leigh who opened the Whore College in San Francisco (the stronghold of Democrats).


Once again, the other law professor of Harvard is Lawrence Lessig turns his law degree to the low gear of the law guru teaching the famous university in the world. During the government is shutting down by the Democrats rejected the national security with the border protection that represents the patriotic wall. He said a respected constitutional law expert has disregarded Donald Trump’s description of a” crisis” at the Mexico border and saying the real emergency is the president himself. In 2017, a time, Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig bragged to impeach President Donald Trump by his legal experts. Therefore, President Donald Trump ran a half-term, but his legal talent seems to blunt. Now, the Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Lessig appears the ugly face, actually, he must tell clearly about who is” constitutional law expert”?. It is the disgraced cheat of the left media and the Democratic fan, they just tell anything without a proof, as ABC is the traditional left media terror company in Australia, despite the wall doesn’t link to Australia, but ABC released the fake news:” Scientists in the US are warning of the potential for serious ecological consequences if Donald Trump’s proposed border wall between the US and Mexico goes ahead.” But ABC didn’t tell the names of scientists and the institutions to qualify the report. Some left media terror bases cheated the public, they released the false polls without a proof, everyone including a primary school student could poll the numbers. The unknown source survey propagates 51% of the government’s shutdown by Donald Trump and 32% blame Congressional Democrats…It is the phony propaganda, actually, the poll snubs the US people. (*)


The US has faced the silent war, the enemy is the illegal migrant invade the US under the label of Human Rights. The silent enemy shattered Europe and now they aim to destroy the US. While President Donald Trump protects the country, Democrats become the domestic thug, they attack the national security and back the illegal migrant. The Council on Foreign Relation confirms:” the government shutdown continues over funding for the border wall. Here’s what to know about the current state of U.S. border security.” The wall just cost $USD 5.7 billion, but Democrats deleted instead, they increased $USD 12 billion aid, mostly the Muslim countries as Palestine, Syria, Pakistan…nevertheless, under the era of President Barrack Obama, annually, the US taxpayers spent at least $USD 130 billion for the illegal migrant. Everyone could recognize the real threat of the silent enemy invading, but Democrats and its fan rejected the national security.


Under the era of Democratic President Barrack Obama, the border unleashed and this government flagged the thug entered, so the Home Land Security Department waived the alien entered. Therefore, Vice President Mike Pence warned more than 4,000 terrorists infiltrated and Homeland Security reported 17,000 felons discovered at the border between the US and Mexico. There is just a year, the numerous terrorist and felons infiltrated that equals 3 infantry divisions. Certainly, the Home Land Security Department could provide the proofs of the enemy’s invasion, it is enough for President Donald Trump declares the emergency and builds the wall as soon as possible.


When the country is endangering, actually, the border protection being threatened, President Donald Trump must act, actually, the enemy invades from the border. The wall noticed since the presidential campaign, Democrats must know, but they act as the treason, actually, the lawmaker terrorists Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have attacked the wall and blackmail nearly a million government workers. Democrats have no heart, without patriotic concern, instead of the faction and individual interest. On the other hand, Democrats distance the people and the national interest, instead, the Donkey’s Head Party closes the enemy.


President Donald Trump authorizes to declare the national emergency and he can use the army and the Defense finance to respond a crisis. Nevertheless, the illegal migrant caravan is the hard evidence to build the patriotic wall. Democrats and its fan couldn’t ignore a disable veteran Brain Kolfage raises the wall’s fund, there is a short time, a hundred thousand people responded, he collected more than $USD 18 million. (The former veterans of South Vietnam in the US also appeals to raise the fund to build the wall).


President Donald Trump meets Congress and Senate after the national address, therefore the leader of lawmaker terrorists are Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer show the arrogant attitude and the standoff is not over yet. The wall does need for the national security, unfortunately, Democrats denied the patriotic spirit. The government’s shutdown lingers that spreads more hatred of the people to Democrats and the patriotic heart of President Donald gains more the support including the concerned Democrats wake up, they should walk away. The leaders of lawmaker terrorists Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer bid the future of Democrats into the hostility, they make the critical mistake by attack the national security and nearly a million government workers.


The wall reflects the US people, eventually, the wall has to build although the lawmaker terrorists have attempted to murder the wall and blackmail the government employees. Democrats just control the House of Representatives, but Republicans control the Senate, so the decision of President Donald Trump insures, its reason, Democrats panic, and the left media delayed the presidential speech. Democrats can challenge to Supreme Court, but the overturning is impossible. Whatever, the wall has to carry out by the power of the commander in chief and major population support. President authorizes to us at least $USD 20 billion from the Defense Department when the nation is threatened by the unarmed army, the weapon is the label of human rights. Democrats support the invader to shatter the country, the so-called humanitarian crisis is a farce, the HUMAN RIGHTS turn HUMAN WRONG.


After the loss of the election in 2016, the US people recognized Democrats exposes the treasonous party, mostly, the Democratic politicians spent all the time for presidential impeachment, actually, the cunning conspiracy cost more than $USD 30 million for the legal terrorist Robert Mueller. Now, the lawmaker terrorists attack the wall and nearly a million government workers, certainly, Democrats use the government workers as the human shield’s tactic to eliminate the wall. Any job in the Democratic country complies the professional and trained, a medical doctor has to know the virus, pathology, and the treatment…unfortunately, Congresswoman Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer don’t know the lawmaker’s function. The illiterate career proved:

-Democrats steal the job of IRS (Internal Revenue Service), they want to investigate the tax-return of President Donald Trump, so the court dismissed the bullshit claim.


-The presidential impeachment: The impeachment must base on the concluded report of Special Counsel, therefore, the fake dossiers have not allowed Robert Mueller concludes. Certainly, the impeachment has never happened even Democrats control the House of Representatives. Moreover, they have not enough 2/3 votes and Senate controlled by Republicans and the supreme court is the last appeal.


The law professors of Harvard University are Laurence Henry Larry Tribe and Lawrence Lessig insult the prestige of the famous university. According to the statistic in 2018, the US has 1.34 million lawyers, annually, there are 34,000 new lawyers join the legal service. The lawyer inflates, the human resources wasted while the country develops from the technology, productivity than legal argument. The US government needs to overhaul the law school, shut down a part of national law school that will help the labor market improves.


The people doubt when the lawyers become the politicians, actually, when a lawyer becomes president, the prime minister, ministers, Representatives, Senators…they easily extort the career for personal interest. In the US, the successful lawyers Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, Michelle Obama, James Comey, Robert Mueller…in Australia has lawyers Julia Gillard, Malcolm Turnbull, Julie Bishop, Juli Banks…all could turn the face.


Senator Chuck Schumer came from Harvard law, now he is the leader of lawmaker terrorist attacks the wall and blackmail nearly a million government workers. Whatever the patriotic wall responds the people and national security, the wall builds to kill Democrats that trashes the left media, all are on the list of the bullshit treason.


The dishonest academics destroy the people trust, nowadays, the people doubt when a professor, a doctor released something, actually they involve politics as the law professors of Harvard are the disgraced liars/.


(*) Notes: the cheat appears everywhere, even the Vietnamese refugee’s community in the US. The Người Việt daily news at Orange County, a time, journalist Vũ Quí Hạo Nhiên released the false poll was major Vietnamese overseas accepted the Red flag of Vietcong, so Người Việt news met the strong reaction of the Vietnamese people, the Yellow flag of three red Stripes is the only symbol of freedom. Nevertheless, Người Việt daily news founded by Mr. Đổ Ngọc Yến (died) who colluded with Vietcong (he had photographs with the high profiles of Vietcong as Prime Minister Nguyễn Tấn Dũng). Despite Vietnamese refugee fled the country after communist took over, but there are many left media (pro-Hanoi) have operated in the refugee community, they propagate for communist with the fake news and fabricated stories. The prominent Vietnamese fake news media are Việt Báo, Calitoday, Người Việt, SBTN…even VOA and RFA (Radio Free Asia), Vietnamese language funded by the US government, they are the fake new firms. Nevertheless, in the shadow, some Buddhist firms as Hoa Sen Library link with Zen Master Thích Nhất Hạnh, he was the undercover activist of Vietcong in the Vietnam War. Mostly, the Buhhdist temples should evade tax, so they are rich without working. Nevertheless, the most Buddhist temples come from Ấn Quang’s system are the den of Vietcong’s overseas and religious migrant./.







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