The kisky economy that threatens China regime


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The war fighting against the global economic terror steps in the crucial battle after China received the Intercontinental Ballistic Tariffs Missile of President Donald Trump. Certainly, China hit back the tariffs on agricultural products but the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit faces the backfire while Chinese people in the mainland do like the US products. Mostly, Chinese people don’t want to eat the native products meet the poison, contamination, and unhygienic process. China’s tariffs imposed into the US agricultural products are like China’s sword stabs Chinese. However, the retaliatory tariffs of China couldn’t work when President Donald Trump subsidies $USD 12 billion for farmers.


The new policy of White House predicted the worst time of China after President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017, the Most Favored Nation’s policy was no longer exists, indeed, Beijing being received the difficulty. On July 23, 2018, in the mainland, Chinese soybean crusher is Shandong Sunrise Group declared bankruptcy and closed 20 factories are due to the price of soybean. The soy bean’s price increased 50 Yuan ($USD 7.40) a tonne. The company owned by billionaire Shao Zhongyi listed 230th richest man as Forbes recorded in 2016, it company’s headquarter located at Rizhao, Eastern Shandong province.


The war fighting against the global economic terror damaged the mainland while the US and Europe and the other foreign companies have to protect the profit after the new economic management of White, actually, President Donald Trump has the different policy with Bill Clinton and Barrack Obama, so the foreign investors in the mainland withdrew from China and Beijing recognized the hard time would come. On the end of 2017, China forced temporarily to shut down up to 40% factories. It is the worst situation of China communist regime. Therefore, Beijing strays the problem to the air pollution, the communist government charged 80,000 factories breached the law to release over dioxide. Why didn’t China interest the air pollution before?. The hidden damages and the true concealment are the professional jobs of the communist regime. Nevertheless, China communist has never cared for the people health, the global hegemony conducts the arms, economic, space race, so the air pollution being threatened the people a long time ago. When the foreign companies left the mainland, the dioxide reduced, but China shut down 40% factories, it is the worst sign of the economy, not the air pollution. Moreover, from 2018, the tariffs imposed and more the US company plus the Europe, Taiwan and the other countries left China, it is due to the low production cost, so China has been engaged the worst situation.


Beijing has applied the old tactic that Vietcong used in the Vietnam war, the talking during fighting is no longer cheating the US. China complained to the World Trade Organization, but it didn’t work, so China wants to negotiate for buying the time. On the end of October President, Donald Trump told the Fox New about the meeting with Xi Jinping next month, he told it is a great deal and the stock market jumped. It means President Donal Trump controls the economic battle, so the countries deeply involved the economy with China that warns the peril if they have not fought the way to exit from China. Therefore, President Donald Trump accepts to talk but the tariffs still impose, that means the deal while the war fighting against the global economic terror continues.


The US holds the upper hand on the economy, currency, the military strength. The US holds the knife’s handle but China embraces the blade in the economic battle, actually, America has the global chain allies while China has the communist’s vestiges are Vietnam, Laos and North Korea, almost, the poor countries in the world. When the communist faces the difficulty, the low tide of revolution so China could deal or promise anything to deceive, it is the one step back to prepare three steps forward’s tactic, it is the cunning character of communist, therefore, the world knew it in the Paris talks in the Vietnam War.


During the economic battle occurs, China could hire the left media launching the propaganda’s campaign. Mostly, any media company analyzes the US tariffs imposed to China that harms the US consumer and China is going to win the war…it is the phony psychological warfare. The left media could claim and lie about the currency Yuan devalued, it is good for China export and selling the low prices. Therefore, the US market and allies have no interest, where will China sell the cheap product? Nevertheless, the cheap product of China must pay high prices for the energy (oil), iron and the other import materials. The cheap prices of China made aggravate the loss of money. The argument of left media couldn’t convince the people.


The risky economy threatens the Red dynasty, actually the throne of Red Emperor Xi Jinping. He recognized the top job is uncertain, so Xi advanced using his rival in the only Congress to approve the life presidency of China’s regime. However, Xi Jinping couldn’t avoid the economic crisis when the worst situation comes from the US, it conducts the massive job loss plus the corruption, the collapse’s lesson will repeat from multiple thousand years, Red Emperor Xi Jinping worries, so he has tried to negotiate with President Donald Trump, but Xi’s tactic is obsolete ./.







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