The investment of China dropped in Australia


Posted on October 11, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



China decreased the investment in Australia that signals the products made in China seemed lost the consumption’s credit. Despite, the supermarket still sell China’s product, but almost, the stock in the warehouse. The product made in China selling into Australia’s market has become the nightmare of the consumer, mostly, the product imported from the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit meet the contamination, poison and actually, the short life products as electrical appliance and the other products upset the user.


Australia is the wonderful place of China favors in natural sources, business, espionage network including cyberspy. Nevertheless, Down Under also the strategic position for global hegemony. From many decades ago, Australian’s government have fallen into the trap of trade ties, free trade agreement, actually, the innocent national leaders and the lacking anti-communist expert politicians with the political donation that helped China cornered the Australian’s economy and the financial sector. China lessened the investment in Australia is like a greedy eater refuses the delicious food, it shows China government has been faced the economic problem, so Beijing has to reduce the investment into the favorite market, it is the abnormal situation.


Recently, the Australian government wakes up after China exposes the global hegemony, the terrestrial rapaciousness threatens the region, including Australia. The illegally artificial islands built into the deputed waters and militarized that currently creates the tension in the region. Nevertheless, China treats the counterparts as the empire to the vassals in the days of yore of monarchy that causes the grave concern about the national security and the independence while Beijing often raises the brazen attitude plus the intimidation that causes of Australia recognizes China menaced and bullied. China exploits the negligent policy and the innocent politicians plus the corruption to control Australia’s economy then the next step transforms Australia to be a vassal or an unofficial colony.


The trade ties and free trade agreement created the opportunity for China corners Australia’s economy and financial sector. The figure for China invested in Australia from 2014 to 2017 was $AUD 40.4 billion, nevertheless, the highest investment in 2016 was $AUD 14.9 billion and starting to drop in 2017 was $AUD 8.9 billion. So from 2017, the investment of China in Australia dropped 40%.


However, under the Labor government, in 2012, Reserve Bank of Australia signed the currency swap with the People’s Bank of China, so the Reserve Bank of Australia stored China’s currency is worth $AUD 40 billion or 200 billion Yuan. The Labor government made the terrible mistake and putting the national economy in risk. Nowadays, the Yuan devalued and Australia dollars plunged under $USD 0.7 and continues to decline while the Yuan is uncertain. The incumbent government and Governor of RBA Philip Lowe may find the way to get out the China currency while China faces the economic disaster.


The war fighting against the global economic terror of China has started by President Donald Trump with the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile has struck over the economy and finance China. The mountain debt of China is up to $USD 30 trillion, the rapacious ambition of one Bely and one road has been engaged the financial trouble. Moreover, the arms, space race cost more woe for China’s economy. The key to China’s products is giant telecommunication company Huawei and ZTE have been kicked out from the US, Australia, India and somewhere else. The domestic problem is the money scattering around the world and the corruption, money laundering of high ranking cadres communist, those cause China decreased the investment in Australia. Despite China favors Australia and aiming to colonize. Therefore, the financial situation hampers the ambition.

China dropped the investment in Australia that is the good news for Australia’s economy and the national security, China is like a sinking boat, everyone must get out or finding a safe float as soon as possible. The world could measure the economic involvement in Australia and the Australia dollar’s valuation then predict the difficulty occurs in China. Nevertheless, the house price in Australia hit the lowest record in 6 years that causes Chinese buyers reduced, Chinese tourist declined. In the mainland, Chinese people didn’t buy the car, Volkswagen lost 11% car sale in September 2018, Jaguar Land Rover shut down a factory after the car sale in China plunged 46% in September 2018. Nevertheless, the car made by China has faced the same situation./.







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