The International Court tosses the biased order to support Iran


Posted on October 4, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



When the politics, the biased stance, and rivals involve the courtroom, the justice turns to garbage, it conducts the judge release the bullshitís court order. The honest lawyer and judge protect the justice and fair, instead, the dishonest lawyer and judge work for the pocket and the other purposes as politics, the individual stance, and rivals, so the dishonest lawyer and judge are like the ROBBERS WITH THE PAPER KNIFE AN WOODEN HAMMER.


No one votes a judge instead, the people elected the president, prime minister. Therefore, in the US, some Democratic judges promoted themselves as the superpower and sitting above the law, they released the court orders opposed the Presidential travel banís order. The Democratic judge ignored the national interest and national security, they acted as the treason. Nobody voted for The International Judges, mostly, the judges come from the expert lawyers then some countries propose to serve in the International Court, so the judges lose the independence, indeed, the International Court represents the justice and fairness. Sometimes, the International Court has the right decision on China illegally occupied the disputed waters and disqualified the ownership of the artificial islands. Therefore, Beijing doesnít comply with the international courtís decision, instead, Beijing shows the brazen attitude.


On October 4, 2018, the biased International Court has released the order to force the US lifts the sanction for Iran. The problem doesnít reflect the international conflict as North Korea threatened the world by the missile launch and the bomb test or China occupied the international waters, therefore, the US sanctions Iran is the conflict between two countries, it is like a gang being sieged by the police, but the court silently received the bribery from the bandit and orders the police must stop the siege and provide the food for a gang. It is impossible and rarely happens because the court must respect the law and order.


The US has the rights to trade, aid or sanctions the other country, it is the free choice and matching the democracy. Actually, Iran is ruling by the inhumane regime, nevertheless, Iran activates the war in the region and linking with the terrorist.


The International Court being cornered by Iranís allies and the judges decided the court order accords the request of Iran, the biased court order doesnít reflect the justice, but the bullshit decision. Moreover, the International Court raises the hypocritic concern about the humanitarian crisis if the US doesnít lift the sanction. Certainly, the International Court biases, the judges stand alongside with the ruthless regime in Teheran, although, all the judges knew Iranís regime has never given up the nuclear program, actually, Iran pursues the human rights violation in its people. Why doesnít the International Court release in order to force Iranís government respects the human rights and comply the International law on a nuclear weapon? Why didnít the International Court force Iran stop the involvement with the terrorís organizations?. On the other hand, in the record, Iran didnít respect the international law as China, Vietnam and the other communist regimes have never compiled the Universal Declaration of Human Rights despite they signed and joined the United Nations. The US also has the rights to withdraw or cut the fund for UN and any biased bodies as the Human Rights Council./.







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