The Intelligence loopholes risk national security


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The national security is the most important issue, it closely relates to the country and its people, the classified must protect strictly, the enemy always wants to access the information by any tactics, including the cyberspy. As the national security concerns that cause Hillary Clinton, former CIA boss John Brennan and the other high profiles of Barrack Obama lost the security clearance. Therefore, the intelligence loopholes and some national leaders ignore the intelligence with the untold reasons are:


- The corruption, when a national leader as president, prime minister of a minister received the money or privileges of the enemy, they could ignore the report of the Intelligence agencies. A political donation is a form of corruption, the enemy could develop the hungry money of the political parties in the elections.


- The national leader is the undercover activist of enemy inserted into the highest level in government as the spy warns” climbing higher and  diving deeper

- The national leader is innocent and lacked experience, they downgrade the national security that creates an opportunity for enemy infiltrators and accesses the classified.


- The national security’s officials corrupt by leaking the classified to the enemy.

-Some presidents and prime ministers point the head of national security agencies, those transform to the tool of leader, so the national security serves for the leaders. If the leaders betray and corrupt, the national security to be sold to the enemy.


In the Vietnam War, the South Vietnam government made a terrible mistake about the national security, so Vietcong infiltrated the super-strategic espionage agencies to the Independence Palace was code A-22, the super-strategic espionage agency was A-26 inserted in parliament house and religions, the super-strategic espionage agent A-54 invaded the headquarter of Lieutenant General Nguyễn Chánh Thi in 7 years.


Nevertheless, since 1961, Lieutenant General Dương Văn Minh who secretly operated for the super-strategic espionage agent code T-4 with the commander was Mr. Vơ Văn Thời with his young brother was Vietcong Colonel Dương Văn Nhựt and General Dương Văn Minh led the coup on November 1, 1963, killed President Ngô Đ́nh Diệm and young brother Ngô Đ́nh Nhu. Nevertheless, in April 1975, once again, General Dương Văn Minh obeyed an order of the super-strategic espionage agency code A-10, so he handled South Vietnam’s government for Vietcong on April 30, 1975. Mostly, the intelligence agencies in South Vietnam realized the spy networks of Vietcong infiltrated from Independence Palace to parliament and army, therefore, when the reports passed to high officials, almost the dossiers waived because of they scared the general behind and Vietcong developed the spy in the government.


The national security of South Vietnam reported Brigadier General Nguyễn Hữu Hạnh was Vietcong’s undercover activist, therefore, the high officials ignored because they feared the ranking army general.


The circumstance of President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu, he ordered to arrest the super-strategic espionage agency A-22’s member was Mr. Huỳnh Văn Trọng who held the presidential national security adviser, after the special security, police force and intelligence agencies held the evidence. Total members of A-22 received the heavy sentences, the felons sent to Côn Sơn’s prison camp, actually,  Mr. Vũ Ngọc Nhạ was sentenced 20 years in prison, but a year after, President Nguyễn Văn Thiệu sent a special plane to bring felon Vũ Ngọc Nhạ to Saigon then Mr, President released to Tây Ninh’s secret base in jungle. After April 30, 1975, Mr. Vũ Ngọc Nhạ was Lieutenant  General of the public security department.


In the US, China’s espionage agent Mr. John Huang illegal fueled the finance for Bill Clinton and Al Gore in the presidential election 1992 and Charlie Trie in 1996. However, CIA, FBI and National Intelligence agency ignored. China deeply intervened the presidential election in the US, therefore, FBI, CIA, National Intelligence agency abandoned while Russia meddled the US election in 2016 based on created dossiers and the cunning conspiracy of Democrats, but Special Counsel with former FBI boss Robert Mueller spent more than $USD 20 million for nothing, the taxpayers wasted for the political game of Democrats. When President Barrack Obama pointed the top adviser was Valerie Jarrett who comes from the hardcore communist family in the US, but President Barrack Obama hampered the investigation of FBI. So after 8 years, the US people to be brainwashed as the communist method. Hillary Clinton sold 20% Uranium to Russia, it beaches the national security, why didn’t FBI and National Intelligence agency waive the investigation?


The bloody lessons warn the intelligence agencies to face the difficulty by the national leaders, the high profiles after their reports ignored and the enemy develop the espionage mission, the damages are unmeasurable.


Nowadays, China communist has exploited the situation of every country, then Beijing could operate the spy networks into the counterparts when the president, prime minister is innocent or corrupted. It is the dangerous loopholes of intelligence being risked when the intelligence agencies just do the job is an investigation and report the incidents. The investigation without action is like a solder has no gun, the fund without money, a kid rejects the lolly and the national security has no power. When the power holds in the hand of the president and prime minister and the related ministers, what does the national security do?


Australian security agencies as ASIO and Federal Police should question Darwin Port leased to China company Landbridge Group in 99 years with $AUD 506 million, it was over the limit of Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB). In Western Australia, the Merredin Airport owned by China communist in 100 years with one dollar for lease and now, China communist’s company Landbridge Group is going to build the resort estimates $AUD 200 million. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has a son in law is Chinese, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has a daughter in law comes from the hardcore communist’s family of China. The NBN related to China, actually the role of former Communication Minister Stephen Conroy and former Finance Minister Penny Wong and Kevin Rudd. Under Malcolm Turnbull’s rule, the NBN rolls out, the Router ordered from China while annually, the Australian government spent a hundred million dollars for fighting the cyberspy, mostly the threat comes from China.


In the UK, the British Intelligence agencies may investigate the reason that former Prime Minister David Cameron permitted China communist’s company build the nuclear power station in Essex, although China’s nuclear-level doubts. The life of people being endangered if the accident occurs.


The country needs to reform the law, it is possible, the government may grant to power to the intelligence agencies like CIA, FBI, ASIO…the agencies could arrest whoever breaks the law actually, the national security to be faced the treason’s charge. Nevertheless, the reports of intelligence handle to the parliament, the president and prime minister have no reason to ignore./.







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