The hidden thug in Hollywood attacks National Interest


Posted on November 1, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



The Democratic movie stars, pop singers and T.V hosts have exploited Hollywood to influence the politics. In the entertainment field, the film producer and television’s programming director distinguish the comedy, drama and also sort out the kind of theme, actually the adult and teenager film recognized for the audience’s component. Unfortunately, the hidden thug in Hollywood has performed the career into the wrong place the wrong audience. Nevertheless, the left Hollywood icons financed, propagated to help Democrats in the elections from the president, congress, senate, states, and local government. The wrong campaign of Hillary Clinton in the presidential election 2016, she replaced the fallen policies and covering the personal scandals by the concert performing in the campaign the rallies. Certainly, the US people didn’t vote for the actors and actresses calling, but the national security, border protection, economy, job, and the other national issues, so Hillary Clinton lost the dream of the first female president.


However, the arrogant’s Hollywood icons promoted themselves as the national figures, indeed, they made the money comes from the people’s support. Nevertheless, the US people vote for president, no one votes for a movie star, a pop singer. The Hollywood icons work for the profit while the president serves for the national interest.


In the US presidential election 2016, the left Hollywood stars and pop singers are Whoopi Goldberg, Lena Dunham, Snoop Dogg, Miley Cyrus, George Lopez, Raven Symone, Amy Schumer, Cher, and the others threatened to leave the US if Donald Trump wins the election. Moreover, some arrogant movie stars are George Clooney, Robert de Niro, even Oprah Winfrey broke the promise to leave the US, she raised the arrogant voice to challenge President Donald Trump in the election of 2020 and she becomes the disgraced female clown, certainly, the shameless icon failed the people’s sympathy. The folly’s icons believed the intimidation could change the people mind then voted for Hillary Clinton if the people didn’t want to lose the” super-persons” in the US. The outcome’s election overturned the stupid icons.


Almost the left Hollywood icons broke a promise, their faces are thick as crocodile’s skin. Nevertheless, they are shameless while appearing the public, the people knew they are bullshit and garbage icons. The US people need President Donald Trump who makes American great again, instead, the country needs not the left movie, pop singer. What did they do for the US? Certainly, they make money from the people but they don’t want people to get a job, border protection, national security, and the other public interests…they want Hillary Clinton and Democrats to control the government and the unemployment rate hit high, the ghost towns appeared, China bullies the US and Beijing will transform America to be an economic vassal.


In the midterm congressional election while the polling day is close, once again, a pop singer Barbra Streisand, 76-year-old threatens to move to Canada again if GOP wins House vote. She exploits the public figure of” a super singer” to influence the politics and also promoting herself a new Album Walls. In the record, Pop singer Barbra Streisand raised the arrogant voice to criticize Candidate Donald Trump in the presidential election campaign 2016. She also promised to leave the US if Donald Trump elected. The US people feel so boring when the hidden thugs in Hollywood have attacked the national interest and opposing against the audience, the people need the national interest than listen to the music, watch a movie./.







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