The Global leftist appalls the hoax climate change


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When someone lost a job, they have to find the others or trying to take back the job. The common social sense promotes the academics are the high class and respect the knowledge with the doctoral degree or professor, actually, the professional capacity contributes to the development of the nation. Besides the academics, there are the scholars, despite the scholars have no doctoral qualification, even they have never graduated from a university, but the scholars are the highest level in the study. Therefore, there is not of all academics carry out the career as they learned and trained in the university. Nevertheless, the dishonest academics distort the career for money and sometimes they have used the label of doctoral degree for politics. The left academics cause the loss of prestige of intellectual line, so some doctors (*) snub the public by releasing the bullshit reports. In the US, Doctor Bandy X Lee from Yale University and 26 doctors come from Havard University released the medical statements of President Donald Trump, they confirmed Donald Trump struck the mental health illness, although, the doctors above have never diagnosed President Donald Trump as the medical assessment. The Dogtors of Yale and Havard University didn’t comply with the media rule, indeed, they based” the medical statement” on the 25th Amendment to impeach President Donald Trump by the bullshit medical reports. Ultimately, Rear Admiral, Doctor Ronny Jackson destroyed and unmasked Dogtor Bandy X Lee of Yale with 26 Dogtors of Havard.


The people have no trust and doubt the academic line after a group’s doctor declared the mobile phone user could be harmed the health, actually, the brain cancer and the other doctors claimed the mobile phone’s users are harmless. There was a group of doctor advised the soybean is good for health, instead, the other doctoral group raised the different outcome (the competition occurs between the soybean milk and dairy milk then the companies hire the doctors to protect the product). The ill-concerned academics ignore the career and knowledge, they serve for money and the other purposes. When an academic has no job that is like the gun without the bullet, the dish has no food or the skull has no brain, a wedding has no bride. The so-called climate change created the wonderful job for the academics who live on the hoax claim of the left political parties are such as Greens Party (Garbage Party), Australia Labor Party, Labor Party in the United Kingdom, the socialist parties in Europe and Democrats in the US. The hoax climate change becomes the shield to cover the fallen politicians and the left political parties.


Climate change has been exploited to make a profit and political purpose. The former Vice President Al Gore is an opportunist, he grabbed the hoax climate change as the good business and won the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. The record marked in 1999, the assets of Al Gore was $USD 6,000, therefore in 2013 his fortune was worth $USD 200 million and in 2017, his fortune is up to $ USD 300 million. The hoax climate change should create the good profit.


Climate change doesn’t cause the industry, car and coal energy. Climate change is the fact but the dishonest academics and the left politicians have driven into the wrong direction. Indeed, the dioxide release comes from the people and all kind of animal, it has happened from multiple billion years ago. When the population increases, the people need more food, so the cattle (beef), lamb, chicken, and the other animal respond to the human being requires. Nevertheless, the culprit of dioxide is the surface of the jungle reduced by the people destroyed, mostly, the climate change’s Dogtors often predict the earth will be hotter. The false reports exaggerate about climate change cheats and appalling the world, it is like a medical doctor attributes cancer come from the common cold. The funny solution proposes the windmill, solar power are such as a medical doctor advises the cancerous patient using the common cold tablet to cure the deadly illness. The key’s climate change is a jungle, so the world needs to plant more tree and reduce the cutting down the tree.


The hoax climate change has activated as the global movement by the academics and the left political parties promote. The fright campaign has been carried out by the left media, they propagate about the sea level increases plus the hoax scientific reports of the Dogtors. The left media and cheat climate change’s scientists used some places being flood by sea level rises and they call the dire warning. Indeed, climate change’s propaganda is just psychological warfare, according to David Charles Leithauser, technical consultant, writer, and inventor at Self-employment, on September 27, 2017, wrote:” I am a little curious about why you picked 2020. That is only 3 years away. Sea level rise is currently about 1/8 inch per year (Climate Change: Global Sea Level), so figure about 3/8. Not much to worry about”.


The left parties strayed the fallen policies on the economy, so they covered the failure by climate change. The famous climate change’s icons are Barrack Obama, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Kevin Rudd, Julia Gillard, Bill Shorten…the United Nations cornered by the rivals and the hoax climate change’s members. Mostly, the rivals have influenced the United Nations promotes the world apply the emission zero in 2050.


After President Donald Trump getting the office, the UN lost the fund from the climate change, Human Rights turn Human Wrong (the Human Rights Council). Actually, the academics of the hoax climate change lost a good job, so they have tried to revive the job. The academics exploit the doctoral degree to release the biased reports about the consequence of climate change to appall the people.


On October 9, 2018, the academics and left parties plus the left media terror have released the warning about the earth will increase 1.5 Celsus degrees in 2030. How come they know? In the passage of time, the so-called scientific reports doubt the people, now they threaten the world again. Nevertheless, the cesspool of human shit is CNN, the lair of media terror’s company propagates climate change causes mental health. Moreover, the left media and some no-brain persons claimed the war in Middle-East come from the climate change.


The scientists of climate change have taken the job of psychics and they become the climate fortune tellers. On the other hand, the hoax climate change recycles the boring theme that doesn’t convince the public by the bullshit reports./.


Notes (*): My word DOGTOR is a rant academic who exploits the doctoral degree to make the profit and political purpose.







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