The Global Economic terror of China has struck the World


Posted on September 20, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Since the US President Richard Nixon visited Beijing in 1972, China communist grabbed an opportunity to join the free market and also has conspired with the global hegemonic strategy. Despite China has remained the editorial regime, the human rights violation, actually, the Bush Law is not suitable the democratic economy while the democratic countries treat fairly, but China communist has never respected the law, even the international law, China ignored the International Court disqualified the ownership at the disputed waters after Philippines succeeded the lawsuit, Australian billionaire James Packer to be robbed $AUD 4.2 billion at Macau Casino Resort. Therefore, the cheat economic pattern” free market is led by socialism” has bluffed the innocent national leaders in Western. Moreover, the negligent policy plus the limited term of the president, the prime minister that helped China recovered the strength after the mainland ruined under Mao Ste Tung’s rule from 1949 to 1976. The development of China came from the stolen technology, exploited the free market and the credible currency as the US dollar. As China ancient strategist Sun Tzu quote:” create something from nothing”, China becomes the Den of thieves, the hub of counterfeit and the global economic terror. The silent terror has struck the world and transforming the counterparts to be the economic vassals then China would use the economic strength the colonize the world. It is the so-called Chinese dream carried out by China communist party.

China made the profit from the loss of Western, therefore, China has never given up the global hegemony on multiple fields as territory, seas, and the economy. Certainly, China couldn’t use the military force to invade the other country as the days of yore, nevertheless, China also has not enough the power, technology, and weapon to confront with the US and allies. But Beijing could apply the economy as the silent strategy to terrorize the world, actually the US and Western countries.


The global economic terror has struck the world more than a half-century ago, but the world didn’t recognize the most threat of China that invaded the country by the trade ties and free trade agreement putting behind the fair trade, so China gently cornered the economy of the counterparts. The global economic terror has attacked the world on:


1-The job: China took the job from Western countries when the companies favored the cheap laborer.


2-The company moved to China: the high tech companies helped China solved the unemployment rate and also the foreign companies leaked the technology and the Intellectual Property. The love profit’s foreign companies contributed the Western’s jobless and also helped China stands up. China stole the technology and made the counterfeit then sold back to Western with the cheap prices, the foreign companies killed themselves after moving the factories to the mainland, so the Western lost the profit.


3-The silent corruption hid under the political donation: the rapacious politicians and hungry finance’s political parties created an opportunity for China accessed the political backstage, the espionage agent disguised under business persons helped China buying the policies that deserved the facilities for the global economic terror. China owned companies like Huawei, ZTE expanded the business and also using the telecommunication for cyberspy.


4-The native economy destroyed by China made: China’s product sells the cheap prices that cause the native companies shut down and the people lost the job.


5- The harmful product of China: China has used the poisonous and contaminated product to harm the health of people, that cost a lot of money from the health department. Actually, the fruit, vegetable, seafood…fear the consumer and cost a lot of money for quarantine, even the pet food is poisonous.

6-The cheap product but poor quality and short life: to be imported from China overwhelmed the Western supermarket, that cause of lost the prestige of the Western business. The consumption disbelieves on the shop selling the China product, so they don’t want to visit, they stores lost a customer. Despite, the China-made couldn’t sell much, but the business has to pay rent and the other spendings for room and storage.


The global economic terror of China has threatened the world, therefore, the left media in Western has tried to demote the war fighting against the economic terror has been launched by President Donald Trump. The most media label the Trade War between the US and China, it is like the extremist labels the war fighting against the terror is the war against the Islamic. Nevertheless, China’s espionage agent could use the money to hire the journalists, reporters and the media companies to distort the US and appall the people while the Den of thieves has been weak after the Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile has struck over the pocket of thug, the left media propagate about the effect of product made in China has to pay more tax then the consumer pays more. Therefore, the tax on China’s product could wake the consumer to buy the Western product when the prices between China made and Western made are not different, but China made is poor quality, poison, and contamination. The left media just propagate the negative facts, therefore, they have not told the public about the danger of China threat. Moreover, the left parties are the comrades of China, they stand alongside with Beijing and left media../.







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