The explosive devices sent to the Democrats icons


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The midterm congressional election is going to poll on November 6, 2018, while the great achievements of President Donald Trump affect the outcome although Democrats try to launch the demagogic tactics as former President Barrack Obama bragged the successes of President Donald Trump come from Obama’s legacy. Certainly, the argument of former President Barrack Obama could convince a newborn baby, but the adult never listens to a man who raised the mouthful slogan” yes we can” in the presidential election 2008.


The most Karl Marx’s followers respect the cheat, lie and deception, someone jokes when a communist and leftist are born, obviously, a midwife sees the mouth. Do not trust what communist and the leftist talk, let’s see what they did.


During both sided are launching the campaign in the midterm Congressional election, suddenly, the migrant caravan with multiple thousand asylum seekers, it is the human wave tactic traveling from Honduras, Guatemala to Mexico, all want to come to the US then the left media and Democrats slam the human rights but it turns Human Wrong, they attack White House about the national security’s concern, Democrats silently support the illegal migrant plus the left media propagate, it is the excellent campaign of Democrats. President Donald Trump orders the US army to prevent the illegal migrant is going to invade the US, therefore, the asylum seekers backed by Democrats, they apply the same tactic of Europe, the human wave shattered Europe.


On October 24, 2018, the suspicious explosive devices sent to former Secretary of State and also presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, former President Barrack Obama and the other high profiles of Democrats are Maxine Waters (California), former CIA boss John Brennan, former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo… and CNN also received the same bomb scare and the office evacuated. The explosive packages’ address from Florida, the sender is Debbie Wasserman Schultz is a former Democratic National Committee from 2011. Nevertheless, the incidents happened just a few days after the left billionaire George Soros got an explosive object, what is going on? President Donald Trump condemns the coward action. While the culprit has not found yet but the left media develops the incidents into the obsolete psychological warfare, they mislead the public and propagate about the targets are Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and the other Democratic icons, all hate President Donald Trump. Actually CNN, the left media repeats President Donald Trump called the fake news. The coward propaganda seems to shift the incidents to Donald Trump while the people are waiting for the investigation. It is the malicious tactic of the left media carried out from the Vietnam War and now the left media terror recycles. The people questions why do the explosive devices occur in the midterm congressional election and it didn’t happen before?


The Democratic icons above are the dead persons walking, actually, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama became the political carcass or the miserable ghosts after the election’s loss in 2016. Despite they are still alive but the reputation is dead in the people mind, so the explosive devices need not use for the disable politicians, the dead persons have no fear of the bomb and anything.


Democrats have the cheating record as the Karl Marx’s pupils. In the Indochina War, the genocide Hồ Chí Minh secretly invited France coming back with the Sainteny Agreement signed on March 6, 1945. Therefore, when the French army just landed Vietnam’s seashore, Hồ Chí Minh appealed the Vietnamese people standing to fight against the French colony for independence. President Barrack Obama did the same, in the formality, he announced the war against the terrorist, instead, President Barrack Obama did as Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden wanted to, so Obama withdrew the US troop from Iraq, it created an opportunity for Islamic State established. Nevertheless, Obama financed $USD 400 million for the terrorist that carried out under the ransom and hostage exchange.


The people have never trusted Hillary Clinton and the most Democratic politicians. Moreover, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama avoided the responsibility of 4 deaths in Benghazi, the hoax Clinton Foundation, actually, 34,000 emails have not indicted. There is just Russia meddled the US election without a clue but Hillary Clinton fabricated the story to impeach President Donald Trump, she hired a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele who made the fake dossiers and Democratic Congress, Senate and the turncoat Republican John McCain to conspire with Robert Mueller who is commander in the tricky investigation.


The explosives packages sent to the left billionaire George Sors then Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and the other high profiles of the Donkey party, it raises the concern of secret agent, the people warn about the propaganda of the left media, they have tried to gain the poll in the midterm election.


   The drama of explosive devices turns comedy, the bomb packages are like the scenes displayed in a movie, a culprit snubs the public. The people doubt the playwright could be an actor or the football team has its umpire. However, the migrant caravan and the explosives devices apply a stratagem of Sun Tzu:” make a sound in the east then strike in the west”. Unfortunately, Democrats couldn’t convince the people when the most favored policies of national security, border protection, economy, and the other international issues are done by President Donald Trump, so the midterm congressional election that worries the Donkey party, it is the enemy of national interest. Democrats campaign but the people decide./.







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