The explosive devices doubt the Democratic relation


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The midterm congressional election’s day is close, the US politics following the happenings while both sides are campaigning. Mostly, the most favored policies could convince the voter, those did by President Donald Trump, instead, Democrats have no policy but the malicious tactics couldn’t absent in the left party.


The migrant Caravan’s human wave’s tactic is among the untold campaign of Democrats, but it failed when the US sends the army to prevent and continuing, the explosive devices sent to at least 12 Democratic high profiles and CNN. Almost, the left media terror’s companies apply the same tactic in the Vietnam War, they launch the propaganda with the explosives devices and attaching the scenes of Donald Trump’s opponents like Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama, John Brennan…actually, CNN to be the fake news. The anti-Trump’s opponent scenes attached the explosive devices that hint the culprit should be a Trump’s supporter. It is the propaganda technic of the left media in the Western, actually in the United States of America. The cunning propaganda couldn’t convince the public when the major population recognized Democrats often put the rivals and personal favorite above the national interest, actually, the famous faces are Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Barrack Obama, John Kerry, and the other high profiles lost the people trust.


The explosive devices to be examined carefully, those are the fake bomb objects. The left media is smart but no intelligence, the biased propaganda is like a disgraced magician couldn’t hide the skill while performing, so everyone could see.


The incidents become the global hottest news, actually, the US security works and finding a culprit as soon as possible. On October 26, 2018, Police and FBI have arrested the suspect is Cesar Altieri Sayoc at Florida. While the investigation is carrying out, therefore, on October 26, 2018, The Washington Post has published a short article of 4 journalists are Matt Zapotosky, Annie Gowen, Sari Horwitz, and Cleve R Wootson Jr


On the Internet and in real life, Cesar Sayoc was not shy about broadcasting his support for Donald Trump and his contempt for those the president might consider enemies.


He plastered stickers across his white van supportive of Trump, alongside images of the president’s critics with red targets…”. It is incredible when the giant media company in the US, it established on December 6, 1877, with the writers approximate 740. Unfortunately, The Washington Post badly downgraded, there is just a short article as a short comment on Facebook but it wrote by 4 journalists. The Washington Post may employ the potential journalist than using the garbage writers, they cause the loss of reader and it conducts the advertising reduces. The hottest news biased and based on the propaganda that proved the left media being rotten the talent and the communication morality has been driven into the political purpose.


The Washington Post, The New York Times, CBS, CNN…the left media in Australia as ABC has lost the people trust. They exploit the communication for propaganda, not the truly media’s signification as the function of the mainstream. The explosive devices to be used for the midterm congressional election, so The Washington Post develops the biased propaganda as Jane Fonda, CNN, The New York Times and the others did in the Vietnam War.


However, the culprit Cesar Altieri Sayoc who has criminal records. According to, Sayoc has a criminal history dating back decades.


  • In 1991 he was charged with third-degree grand theft, a felony. He pleaded guilty that same year and was sentenced to two years of probation.

  • In 1994 his mother sought a domestic violence injunction against him.

  • In 2002, he was charged with making a bomb threat in Dade County, Florida. He was sentenced to one year of probation.

  • In 2004 he was arrested on drug charges. He was accused of possession and sale of steroids, along with possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, tampering with evidence, filing fraudulent tax returns, criminal use of personal ID info and possession or unlawful issue of a driver’s license. He pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 18 months of probation.

  • In 2009, he was charged with operating without a valid license, not having insurance and not having a tag light and was fined after pleading guilty to the misdemeanor charges.

  • In 2013, he was charged with battery and third-degree grand theft, a felony. He pleaded guilty in 2014 and was sentenced to probation.

  • In 2014, he was arrested on a petit theft charge and violation of probation. He was sentenced to 30 days in jail.


Cesar Altieri Sayoc’s personal background, he was a former professional soccer player, former male dancer, male view coordinator, casino entertainment marketing and events promoter…he has worked into multiple places, actually, he is an employee of the marketing specialist with Seminole Hard Rock Casino in Florida. This company owned by the Seminole Tribe and run by the Seminole sovereign empire, its company traditionally ties and has the loyalty with Democrats and they often raised the massively public anti-Trump. Nevertheless, the Seminole Hard Rock Casino supported and financed Democratic candidates.


The left media distorts the news then transforms into propaganda, it is the manner has applied since the Cold War. The explosive devices sent to at least 12 Democratic icons that doubt the public from a first fake bomb sent to the left billionaire George Soros. The people know the reason that the explosive devices rush in the midterm congressional election. The left media as The Washington Post couldn’t snub the people when the biased news couldn’t conceal the truth of the thug of people showing the obsolete conspiracy and the disgraced tactics into the midterm election campaign. There is no one could seal the truth as using the palms to cover to sunlight, certainly, the counteraction is inevitable as a thrower missed out the target, the boomerang hits back. Once again, Democrats learn more the fallen lesson and the left media may advise a French proverb:” It faut tourner sept fois sa langue dans sa bouche avant de parler”. /.







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