The era of Satan Obama versus Santa Donald Trump


Posted on November 16, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles


Democrats and its fan plus the henchmen launched the scary and dirty campaign in the presidential election 2016. Democrats used total high profiles into the crucial campaign were such as incumbent President Barrack Obama plus the first lady Michelle Obama, former President Bill Clinton, former Vice President Al Gore, Vice President Joe Biden… They exhausted the cunning tactics to paint the Republicans candidate Donald Trump who couldn’t be the US president and Hillary Clinton to be appraised as the great futuristic leader, the subjects repeated throughout the White House race, actually, the left media strongly supported by the fake news, fabricated story and the false polls:


-Donald Trump has no political experience while Hillary Clinton held two term’s first lady, it means she knew the job in White House. Nevertheless, Hillary Clinton was the senior Senator and held Secretary of State of the first term of President Barrack Obama.

-Donald Trump doesn’t fit the commander in chief

-Donald Trump will create the war if he elected, actually, the nuclear war appalls the people

-Donald Trump evaded the tax, but Democrats couldn’t provide any evidence

-If Donald Trump becomes the US president, the economy will collapse and the jobless will hit the hight record, the stock market will crash.


Almost, the propaganda machine of the left media maximized the psychological warfare plus the false polls enhanced the victorious believing of Hillary Clinton. The self- trust fed up Democrats and Hillary Clinton to the last day of the campaign. The most left media absolutely believed Hillary Clinton will be the first US female president of United States of America. Newsweek printed 125,000 copies of Madam President Hillary Clinton at the front page and intended to sell at least $USA 13. They believed to make a million dollars from the victory of Hillary Clinton.


Unfortunately, November 8, 2016 night that totally collapsed the strong believing of Democrats, the left media, the fan, and the henchmen crashed. From this historic night, Democrats realized” Donald Trump goes high and Hillary goes low”. Therefore, Hillary Clinton hid the potential loss of the last dream in her book” What Happened”, she didn’t confess the truth but trying to retake White House by the impeachment. She hired a former British Intelligence agent Christopher Steele to created the fake dossiers and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein pointed former FBI boss Robert Mueller with the high profiles of Democrats as Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer plus the turncoat Republican John McCain have abused President Donald Trump and terrorized White House, attacked the government since January 20, 2017. The cunning conspiracy spent at least $USD 20 million of the taxpayers for the Special Counsel.


    During the presidential campaign was occurring, the left media was attempting the suicide by their own poison’s formula is 3 F=3 Frauds=False poll+Fake news+Fabricated stories. From November 8, 2016, the people granted the Death Certificate’s credit for the left media and after then, President Donald Trump officially granted the Death Certificate of fake news. Nowadays, the left media is the media ghost despite the body remained, they are the dead body talking.


There was within two years, all the fear campaign of Democrats overturned, the US economic growth, the stock market increased, Dow Jones escaped from the dead index of Obama was 17,000. Therefore, under President Donald Trump, Dow Jones reached above 25,000 and sometimes approached 26,000 and 27,000. The leader of North Korea is Kim Jong Un who volunteered to stop the missile launch and the nuclear bomb test, the Korea Peninsula eased the tension since the end of Korea War 1953. The jobless hit the lowest record since 1969, the fair tariffs forced China must respect the fair trade and stops stealing the Intellectual properties, the Islamic State has to land to stay, almost they hide in the mountain…The most domestic problems left by Obama to be solved, President Donald Trump’s era is the SANTA time of the worker and company, the tax cut helps everyone improve the living standard. The foreign policy restored the prestige of the US after 8 years of Barrack Obama who made” yes we can” when the enemy snubbed and allies lost the trust, the US people and the allies suffered the terrible situation of SATAN’s era made by President Barrack Obama. The country totally thrives, President Donald Trump made the promises and kept the commitments that make America great again. Even in White House, President Donald Trump saved the taxpayers in the spending.


According to the annual budget of White House reported the employee’s situation, there are 377 servants work in the most famous place of the world. The US names the top government’s place by the White House, it means no one owned, the White House belongs to the nation and people, so the President who wins the contract to lease White House in 4 years, if the White House carer did a good job, the people will offer the other  4 years and no more.


The US history recorded the rare president had more two terms, except the urgent situation as President Franklin D. Roosevelt. Therefore, the first black President Barrack Obama wanted to spread the third term, the malicious conspiracy failed after the violence attempted unsuccessfully before his second term expired.


The US people have enough and enough to lose the national interest and the country shattered by Barrack Obama with his Donkey’s Head Party in 8 years. Despite Barrack Obama left the office since January 20, 2017, but he still earned the pension and office, all paid by the taxpayers while the incumbent President Donald Trump denies the annual salary is $USD 400,000, nevertheless, he donated all the salary for the military cemetery. President Donald Trump takes care of the people and he doesn’t forget the fallen soldiers in the cemetery. The left media and Democrats don’t want to know, see and publicize the patriotic heart of a man who vows to make America great again.


The numerous White House’s servant of President Donald Trump reduced 140 compares with the mouthful speech President Barrack Obama. Under the era of President Barrack Obama, the annual budget of White House was $USD 60.9 million, therefore, President Donald Trump is $USd 38.8 million. The US President” yes we can” who made the US worst off ever, he and his family enjoyed the luxury vacations cost the taxpayers $USD 100 million, actually, every time President Barrack Obama played golf, it cost $USD 2.7 million. Certainly, the unthroned Empress Michelle Obama used more than 44 servants to take care of her body, the personal care of First Lady Michelle Obama equaled a military platoon while the first lady of incumbent White House Melania Trump just employed 5 people. First lady Melania Trump spends low, but Michelle Obama spent high”. During President Barrack Obama ruling the White House, the left media often praised the beautiful body of the first black lady in White House, it is a manner meets a saying” the cat applauds its long tail” while the most people have no idea.


The patriotic President Donald Trump completed the major promises within 2 years. The Donkey’s Party and its fan hate the great achievements, they currently attack President Donald Trump and the US government as the domestic thugs terrorize the national interest.


The most Democratic Presidents are such as Bill Clinton who sold the national interest to China after illegally received the finance for China’s espionage agent John Huang in the election 1992 and Charlie Tries in the election 1996. Nevertheless, the victim of natural disaster in Haiti accused President Bill Clinton of the missing $USD 2 billion of Haiti’s earthquake relief fund. His wife is Hillary Clinton who exploited the Secretary of State to collect the money for the Clinton Foundation, she pinched the pocket of the oil moguls in the Middle East and also the poor countries as Bangladesh couldn’t escape the hand of Hillary Clinton, she sold 20% Uranium to Russia. Therefore, Democrats used the fabricated dossiers to investigate Russia meddled the US election in 2016. All the wrongdoings of the Democratic high profiles have concealed completely by the left media and the Donkey’s Head Party fan as the instinct of the cat hides the shit after defecating. Nowadays, the internet killed the lie and cheat have no room in the communication, so the concealments are vain. The most Presidents respected White House, therefore, there was only President Barrack Obama changed the White House to Rainbow color and now its original color returned. Despite President Barrack Obama is gone, but the US people and history have never faded the SATAN’s era of Obama who destroyed the US from A to Z. Although, the left media and Democrats plus its fan to terrorize the government, the economic growth, the jobless hit the lowest record from 1969…the US people are happy the SANTA’s era of the patriotic President Donald Trump who makes America great again. The achievement and patriotic heart need not the propaganda, but the people recognize and support../.







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