The Economic success of Donald Trump wins the vote


Posted on September 11, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles, Uncategorized



The mid-term Congressional election comes close, whatever, Democrats have tried the control the Congress. Therefore, the malicious tactics have been attempted by Robert Mueller, the left media terror is The New York Times, actually, the political carcass or the political fetch Barrack Obama worsen the campaign.


Once again, Democrats make the critical mistake when former President Barrack Obama joins the campaign, his face represents for deep debt, the ghost towns, the factories shut down, the enemy snubbed, Islamic State founded, the ransom paid $USD 400 million of the taxpayers for terrorist, he flagged the well-known terror organization Hezbollah running the Cocain syndicate and money laundering in South America. After leaving White House for nearly two years, now former president Barrack Obama has the asset’s net worth is $USD 40 million, where is the money come from? Nevertheless, every time the face of Barrack Obama appears to the public, the people remember he and family enjoyed $USD 100 million of the taxpayers for vacation and every time he played golf that cost $USD 2.7 million. As common sense, when a felon appears in the public as a rapist, child sex abuse, robber…the people and victims wake up the bad memories, so the appearance of Barrack Obama could aggravate the loss of Democrats in the mid-term of the Congressional election. In the presidential election of 2016, the public appearance of Barrack Obama and his wife Michelle Obama was among the loss of Hillary Clinton, so at this time, Democrats have not learned yet the lesson and they ignore the major population dislike Barrack Obama, actually, he had the record pushing the US people to the food stamp.


Almost, the attack of the heavyweights of Democrats plus the left media is useless. Moreover, the big mouth former President Barrack Obama is the major population dislikes his face, certainly, he couldn’t change the situation when President Donald Trump makes America great again, the economic growth, border protection, national security and the success of international issues as North Korea, Syria, Middle-East that convince the voters to believe on President Donald Trump and Republic than the mouthful attack of former President Barrack Obama.


The great success of economy secure the people support, the unemployment rate dropped into the lowest record in history, the worker and companies are happy the tax cut, the debt of Obama reduced. It is the answer for Democrats and Barrack Obama who made the US debt was $USD 10.6 trillion within 8 years, President Barrack Obama who raised the mouthful motto” yes we can” increased the debt to nearly $USD 20 trillion.


- Under the SATAN’s era of Barrack Obama, the worker was waiting for the Food stamp.


- Under the era of SANTA Donald Trump, the job is waiting for the jobless.

Democrats exhausted the malicious tactics, they have no way to exit the quagmire, instead, the demagogic policy is just the rhetoric, actually, the garbage and bullshit speech of Barrack Obama makes more harm than winning the ballot. No one likes a man who made the jobless, debt and lie, moreover, former President Barrack Obama’s personality has been covered the scandals.


The mid-term of the Congressional election will reflect the people’s opinion. Certainly, the great successes of President Donald Trump will defeat the cheat and lie of Democrats. The best outcome secures the success. It is the strong message sending the Donkey Party, the formula 3 D=Demagogy+Destruction-Deception to be unmasked./.







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