The den of global economic terror confronts the peril


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After Mao Tse Tung occupied the mainland in 1949, China communist party has imposed the dictatorial regime into a billion Chinese people. The bloodshed applied under the label of revolution, the genocide regime killed more than 65,000,000 people and enslaved a billion people.


China communist built on violence, the inhumane regime based on propaganda plus terrorization to its compatriot. Actually, China communist developed the country on the stolen technology of the enemy, they have no shame to call the capitalist but existence the regime by the enemy facilities. The ugly economic pattern” free market is led by socialism” that the untold confession the failure of Karl Marx and Maoist’s economic theory, therefore, China communist prides the stolen technology, it is the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit. The rapacious ambition of China communist exposed after they got the stolen technology and making a profit on the dishonest tactics while the Western lost the profit. The strength of China comes from the Western as a saying” borrowing a pig head to cook soup”.


China has carried out the global hegemony more than a half-century, the global economic terror’s strategy has applied by the economic and financial army, the silent army has struck the world including the Western. The innocent national leaders plus the negligent policies helped China gently invaded the economy, controlled the finance and later, Beijing will command the politics, the counterpart will become the economic vassal or the unofficial colony.


President Donald Trump activates the wars against the global thugs are extremist, economic terror and the left media terror in the democratic countries. Actually, the global economic terror has carried out by China, this rogue regime was the perpetrator since the Cold War and nowadays, China is the cause of the global threat, certainly, the peace has never come if in the mainland still remains the communist regime.


The Intercontinental Ballistic TARIFFS Missile of President Donald Trump has launched over China’s economy, the potential damages are inevitable. The most economic strength of China comes from the stolen technology, free market, foreign currencies as the US dollars and the export sector is the vital existence of China. In the past of time, the economy boomed, China used more than 120 million people to respond the demand in the export sector, nevertheless, China had the biggest migrant of 250 million peasants moved from the countryside to the cities. Now, China has to solve the massive jobless, actually, the export sector declined while the foreign factories leaving the mainland to void the loss of profit and the product made in China burden the new tariffs in the US. Nevertheless, Chinese people have not trusted the native product including the agricultural product, so they accept to buy the Western product although paying more.


There is just a year in the office of President Donald Trump, the new tariffs imposed into China products that affect the mainland, the rogue regime is waiting for the disaster coming. The signal of China declined exposes on seven important Ports of China such as: Shanghai, Qing Dao, Tianjin, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Ningbo are waiting for the closing down. It is due to declining the quantity of export and import goods reduced that worries China communist regime. Nevertheless, the worker at those ports lost the job and added more the unemployment rate. In a quarter of the end of the year 2018, China GDP slows 6.5% while the Yuan devalued and falling into the uncertain status.


On October 18, 2018, the US has withdrawn from the Universal Postal Union (UPU) founded in 1874 from the Treaty of Berlin, it becomes the body of the United Nations. However, the UPU deserved the favor for China and unfairly treated America. China sender just pays 5 cents/ parcel weighed under 1lbs while the US sender pays $USD 16.75. It is fair and reasonable, but China will lose the priority plus the profit. Probably, the Chinese tycoon of giant company Alibaba is Mr. Jack Ma who predicted the worst situation would come, so on early September 2018, he declared to step down and will work in the charity.


Chinese people live in the mainland have been suffered the hardship by the jobless without social benefit’s income support from the government. The wealthy families have tried to escape the communist paradise by migrating and moving the assets to the counter-revolutionary countries. Moreover, the panic also affects the middle class, they are moving the money and finding the way to migrate overseas. The reason causes Chinese companies to rush to buy the offshore lands in Malaysia but Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamed rejected the Garden Pacific View’s project estimates $USD 100 billion, Australia is going to accept the plan of Darwin Hotel costs more than $AUD 200 million and somewhere else. Chinese wealthy families prepare safe places when the communist regime collapsed, the high profiles will be the first component leave China and the low ranking cadres will face the anger of the people. The most important component in China is the middle class, they panic to move the money and finding out somewhere overseas to live when the mainland is no longer for safety, the rotten communist paradise shatters. The numerous people want to buy offshore properties facing the complication. On October, suddenly in China, on August, 17 luxury real estate agents shut down, so many people don’t know about the deposit to purchase the properties while Chinese citizens live overseas trying to extend the visa or possible, the residential status in the capitalist countries is the vital demand. China communist built the regime on violence as Boris Yeltsin quoted” the communism was just an idea, just pie in the sky” and” you can build a throne with bayonets but it’s difficult to sit on it”. China’s situation aggravates while the economy and finance have been faced the peril. Nevertheless, the rapacious ambition is one belt and one road showing the disaster. Moreover, China communist scattered the money worldwide while China becomes the deep debt estimates up to $USD 30 trillion. The massive jobless is inevitable, the finance being trouble and economy disabled plus the corruption, those reasons will cause the collapse of the Red dynasty. The common circumstance will repeat in thousand years of  China’s history./.








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