The Democratic fan become crazy and funny


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It is very hard to believe in the US, there are the Democratic supporters have shown the crazy action plus the disgraced comedy. Democrats transformed its stupid supporters to the Donkey head and they follow the instruction as French saying” le mouton de Panurge”. The stupid supporters open widely into multiple social components including the stupid academics with 27 Doctors turned Dogtors from Havard and Yale University, they committed suicide the medical career and doctoral degree by releasing the bullshit medical statements about President Donald Trump struck by the mental health illness, despite they have never diagnosed President Donald Trump. The medical assessments of 27 Dogters didn’t base on the medical rule, but the 25 Amendment to impeach President Donald Trump.


Since the presidential election campaign, there were the left movie stars, pop singers and T.V hosts vowed to leave the US if Donald Trump wins the election. Even President Barrack Obama vowed to move the family to Canada if candidate Donald Trump wins the election. Certainly, the Democratic fan and President Barrack Obama absolutely believed Hillary Clinton would be the first US female president, they absolutely based on the fabricated polls of the left media. Almost, the polls showed Hillary Clinton led Donald Trump at least 4 points, some media confirmed 12 points. The threat went too far, Democratic media released the news about 20 % public servant would give up the government job if Donald Trump elected.


The left media gave Democrats and its supporters the strong narcotic, sometimes, the false polls could help Democrats to conduct the undecided voters, but the rigged election covered under the opinion polls didn’t work in the presidential election 2016. Unfortunately, after November 8, 2016, the wonderful dream of Hillary Clinton, Democrats and its fan turned the nightmare, all the believing collapsed. Therefore, almost, the movie stars, pop singers plus former President Barrack Obama and his family broke the honored promise, they didn’t leave the US after President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017. The broken promise’s persons have no shame, their faces are thick as the crocodile’s skin, actually, former President Barrack Obama who didn’t keep the promise, instead, Obama has” yes we can” telling a lie on the left media and attacking President Donald Trump on the national security, economy, and the other national interests that make American great again. Former President Barrack Obama becomes the ill ghost in the politics, he talks bullshit about the great achievement of President Donald Trump comes from the so-called Obama’s legacy.


The Democratic fan becomes crazy, some young male supporters threatened to cut the penis and young female supports vowed to cut vagina if President Donald Trump builds the wall. Therefore, there was no one cut the penis and vagina, the funny threat created the bad jokes. It is the disgraced sitcom that causes the people laughing. Some Donkey’s Head Party’s supporters smashed Donald Trump’s star at Hollywood, the police arrested and they would be faced the criminal charge, certainly, Hillary Clinton and Democrats stay away and help nothing when the supporters being faced the problem.


The body harm’s threat didn’t convince and interest the public, therefore, the US people and the world have the fun. Nevertheless, every time a broken promise’s person as former President Barrack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, Barbra Streisand and the other appears the public, the people disdain the bullshit faces, the garbage persons.


However, besides the Donkey’s Head Party persons crazily support, the Democratic concerned persons wake up, they recognize Democrats destroy the national interest and unleashing border for illegal migrant, so during the midterm Congressional election’s campaign, on the end of October 2018, the Wake Away’s movement gathered a thousands of Democratic supporters rallied into the capital cities, actually, the stronghold of Democrats are like Washington D.C, New York…the movement has the icons as actor and hair stylist Brandon Straka. President Donald Trump twittered on October 27, 2018:” Walk away from the Democrat Party movement marches today in D.C. Congratulations to Brandon Straka for starting something very special.”. Therefore, the most left media in the US including the offshore left media in Australia are ABC, Channel Seven Channel Ten…concealed the bad news for Democrats, instead, they released the rallies of Democrats.


Nowadays, the Donkey’s Head Party goes low that conflicts s speech of Michelle Obama raised in the election 2016” we go high, they go low”. It is rare impact occurs in the Democratic history with thousand Democratic supporters rallies to walk away from its party, so Democrats are going to trash with Karl Marx’s evil theory./.








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