The Democratic Congress just attack Donald Trump


Posted on December 18, 2018 Hoa Truong Posted in Published Articles



Everywhere on the planet, the left party or the pupil of Karl Marx has the same tactics into the politics. Mostly, the left party reflects the hidden communist party into the democratic country, so the left party is just a faction as the communist party. The communist parties in China, the Soviet-Union, Vietnam, Cuba, and the others work for the party, not serve for the country, people and national interest.


The left parties in the democratic countries put the party and individual’s interest above the nation. Therefore, in the formality, the most left party applies the demagogic policies, the mouthful promises could cheat the innocent people including the young component to vote for them. On the other hand, the left parties are the fake democracy, the national interest is nothing, but the party is a priority. The left parties in the US, the UK, Australia, France, and the others are the same, the common formula is 3D=Demagogy+Deception+Destruction


Mostly, the left parties have deceived the people by the inappropriate policies are:


-The hoax climate change: it is the essential label of the left parties to cover the failed policies on the economy, national interest and also making the profit for their comrade China to sell the cheap solar power’s panels. The climate change has studied from the 18th century, but Democratic President Bill Clinton developed to curb the Western’s productivity and China could close the gap. The left parties have strayed the climate change comes from the car, coal, and industry, indeed, the surface of the jungle lost that cause the earth warmer, actually, the human being and animal released more dioxide. In France, President Emmanuel Macron applies the hoax climate change by the fuel tax hike, the French people stand up to protect. In Australia, boxing Kangaroo opposition leader Bill Shorten had no policy but he cheats the people about the climate change as among the key policies in the next federal election will be held next year (2019)


-Same-Sex Marriage becomes the key policy of the left party, the politicians ignore the country, they deserve the most time for homosexuality in parliament. The same-sex marriage legislation occupied the debate’s time in parliament. In Australia, Labor Party activated the same-sex-marriage legalization from many decades, eventually, Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull helped Labor accomplished the job in 2017, the postal survey cost the taxpayers $AUS 122 million. (Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull was the Labor’s undercover activist, he infiltrates Liberals and devastated its party)


The human rights are the main policy, everywhere, the left parties support the asylum seeker, not refugee as the definition of United Nations. Actually, when the left party rules the government, the negligent immigration’s policy and the border protection unleashed, it creates an opportunity for the terrorists, felons, gangs and drug syndicates legally invade under the title of HUMAN RIGHTS that turned HUMAN WRONG. The taxpayers and national security are threatened, but the asylum seeker, the people smuggle earned the profit, actually, the left parties gain more ballot from the asylum seekers after the government granted the citizenship. Europe shattered by the asylum seeker, Australia has faced the problem of Nauru’s detainees, the US confronts the illegal migrant left over by President Barrack Obama and nowadays, Democrats urge and support the migrant caravan for the ballot, not the US national interest.

The United States of America has the left party is Democrats, the US people vote for the representatives in Congress and Senate for national services, border protection, national security, economic growth, the job, and the other national issues plus the public interest.


Unfortunately, the most Democratic Congress and Senate didn’t take care about the people and country, instead, they have used the most of the time for presidential impeachment.  In the past two years hence President Donald Trump inaugurated on January 20, 2017, Democrats wasted the money of the taxpayers for their salary for nothing.


The essential services of Democratic politicians just opposed any presidential orders as travel ban, the border protection policy, the repeal Obamacare, the wall, the illegal migrant…The Donkey’s Head Party got lost the function of the representatives and Senators, actually, Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer always behave with the hostility to White House, nevertheless, they consider President Donald Trump as the enemy, although the US people elected and Constitution consented.


The vanguard of Democrats is Special Counsel, it combined the malicious conspiracy between Democrats and former FBI director Robert Mueller plus the help of Deputy Attorney General Rod Jay Rosenstein. Democrats always support and remain the Special Counsel, it is the legal monstrosity, the national budget wasted more than $USA 30 million in one and haft years. The cheat investigation of Russia meddled the US election in 2016 is just the dirty political game of Democrats, Robert Mueller, actually, the Congress and Senate strongly back Robert Mueller who has carried out the terrorization aiming to President Donald Trump, family, and Administration. Mr. Robert Muller acts as the legal terrorist, he currently attacks the national interest and commander in chief Donald Trump with the legal weapon.


During President Donald Trump is confronting the offshore enemies as Islamic State, the global economy terror comes from the Den of thieves and the hub of counterfeit and busy into the domestic issues, the economic development. Therefore, the legal terrorist Robert Mueller often stabs in back Mr. President with the wick hunt’s investigation of President, family, and everyone worked in the election campaign like the short term campaign manager Paul Manafort, former lawyer Michael Cohen…


After the midterm election’s outcome, despite Democrats controls the Congress but they have not enough the numerous representative to impeach President Donald Trump with the fake dossiers. Nevertheless, Republicans control the Senate, it is the most important body of the US government to point the ministers, even the Supreme Court’s Justice. The presidential impeachment is impossible, so the Democratic leader in Congress is Nancy Pelosi changes the course targets on Donald Trump’s tax return. It is the job of IRS, not the lawmakers, leader Nancy Pelosi applies the wrong place. Moreover, the tax return of Donald Trump cleared in the presidential debate with Hillary Clinton in 2016, what does Nancy Pelosi serve for?


The other Democratic representative Adam Schiff requires the Justice Department changes the policy to indict the sitting president as Special Counsel targets. The Democratic lawmaker doesn’t know his job, the Justice Department applies the law released from the Congress and Senate. Before, the lawyer of pornstar Stormy Daniels is Michael Avenatti made the people laugh when he bragged to take President Donald Trump to a court for the false accusation and defamatory case of Stormy Daniels. The illiterate law of Stormy Daniels lawyer applied the bush law and Sharia law to beat his ex-wife and he faces the criminal charge.


Mr. Rudy Giuliani is the senior lawyer now he is an attorney of President Donald Trump said:” They (The Special Counsel’s Office) acknowledge the fact that they can’t indict us” and he confirmed:” They know they don’t have that power”. The last two years in the Congress and Senate, the most Democratic politicians just did the job to impeach President Donald Trump. The US people disappoint the left party, now Democrats appear the real face of the hidden communist party in the United States of America. During President Donald Trump makes America great again, but the Democratic Congress has tried to bring down the commander in chief and impeach a man sacrifices the wealthy life of a billionaire, who volunteers to serve the country without salary./.







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